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Surprise a wedding.

Pleasant surprises are valuable at any time, but most often remember them during the holidays.Why not attend to this question on the wedding day?It is certainly not an apartment in the city center and not on the car class "lux": more affordable, original and spiritual things can also greatly elevate mood and to remember.

original surprises for the wedding of friends

most simple, but not always easily feasible surprises for the wedding of friends, in advance are considered prepared skits, dances and songs.You can even order your favorite singer or group of newlyweds, and maybe a dance troupe.However, not everyone can realize such an option in life, and often want to be given a surprise not over particular evening, but remained good memory for many years.

Surprise Wedding

If someone of his close friends was well aware of the origin and development of relations between the spouses, they can create an entire book devoted to this story.Originality is not required to write long texts, transforming someone else's life

story in the volume: to do an album with more extended commentaries.In addition to photos of him pasted movie tickets and concerts, dried flowers, maybe a string of correspondences.Adds date, key phrases, thoughts.I wanted to leave half of the album-book empty, explaining that there will continue the story, because the wedding does not put a point on it.This reminder will warm the hearts of the newlyweds for a long time, and would become interesting for their children.

A simpler version of this set of memories - computer.You can create a video about the relationship of bride and groom, especially if the stock is not only photos, but also video clips.In the end you can add a variety of video greetings from friends who for some reason were not able to come to the celebration.Particularly valuable in this presentation will be a nostalgic childhood photos, if young friends with school time.

interesting idea can be called drawing a family tree.Jobs, of course, a long, because it is desirable to mention not only the young parents, but grandparents, and below it is desirable to leave a space for those who will strengthen even more the family - for the future of children.Such a gift can prepare those who are familiar with the family spouses.

How extensive pedigree do - you decide: the main thing interesting issue available information, pick up a beautiful frame, best of all, the glass, and the words on how tightly intertwined 2 families together, present the product on the bride and groom.If no friends because of family ties is not aware, can make such a surprise and young parents.

Surprise Wedding

How to surprise her husband on the wedding?

Make a nice surprise for the wedding her husband a little more complicated: few men from childhood dreams of fairy tales and wants him to devote a poem.Therefore, literary options often fall off, and it remains to reflect on the more mundane ideas.However, this is not an unsolvable task.Men also love pleasant surprises, and are able to show their sentiment.Repellent same when choosing a gift from nature to be the wife: whether it is a practical man, seeing no point in the details "for the soul", creative, looking for inspiration in everything, or romantic, which he even performed a song from the second half will be happy.

If a man is active, likes sports and likes to spend a weekend in the countryside or in sports, a lot of options.For example, if the city will be a major sporting event - a serious competition, you can buy tickets for two.Firstly, he would like to your attention to his passion, and, secondly, it will flatter your desire to join and share with him that day.Of course, except in some cases when a man prefers to attend competitions in male company.

In the case where the husband is not loaded schedule so that the holiday home - everything that he wants, is to give him a subscription to the sports complex.A man was seriously engaged in sports like the opportunity to take a few lessons from the famous and powerful trenera.Pomimo this, you can simply update his inventory: buy roller skates, bicycle, boxing gloves and other. Elements that can participate in the wedding ceremony, for example, as a means ofbride kidnapping.

Surprise Wedding

creative person is always nice attention to his work, so the day of the wedding, you can do it yourself or order a book with his poems, or even burn a CD with songs.Moreover, any of them you can perform at the ceremony, of course, saying a few words about the author and the feelings that you feel when you hear a song or music ee.Ego may even be the basis for the pair dance in front of guests.In addition, the design will be a wonderful surprise banquet hall as an art gallery where the exhibits will be photographs or paintings, written by her husband.And if the creative man has a sense of humor can make a caricature of any of his photos, or even create his portrait from a variety of epithets describing his dignity.

Many men appreciate gifts practical: it can be a long-coveted gadget - from watches to the navigator in the car;addition to the wardrobe - cuff links, tie or scarf;and even a set of tools related to his work or passion - from the pool cue to punch.Business man will enjoy exquisite fountain pens that you can sign the registry office, thus making like the habitual Stationery significant for both, and cherished.

And that any such gift was a surprise and caused a storm of emotions, should reflect on how best to present it on the day of the wedding.The most successful is not considered a ceremonial exchange of parcels and the use of a gift in a skit or contest.

Surprise Wedding Anniversary: ​​examples

Wedding anniversary, especially if the time since the marriage was not so much, too, deserves pleasant surprises, not limited to a simple romantic dinner.For example, calico wedding (1 year) is characterized by feelings as the day of the beginning of the novel, and it is important to show that nothing has changed.Many couples even repeat the scenario of his wedding, thereby saying that for them it was like yesterday.Because anniversary surprises are inherently similar to those that are prepared on the day of the wedding.

Surprise Wedding

In particular, why her husband did not make a bachelor again, but without his knowledge?Suffice it to design a situation in which it will go immediately to his friends, and then it will be waiting assembled company, barbecues, sauna and spiritual gatherings.However, it is recommended to do without extremes - do not cry into the phone, claiming his abduction: to joke with such things can only be sure of the correct response of the spouse.But the simple but urgent need to help someone from friends or even a romantic dinner lime organization in the country, while his wife will be there instead of waiting faithful companions, work with smaller effects.And, of course, make sure that this evening at the spouse does not seriously busy: business negotiations or other matters.

options Romantic wedding anniversary surprises are not tied to a certain time of life in marriage.For example, order a trip in a balloon, which by its route can even repeat the movement of a wedding convoy and end comic registration ceremony outdoors.No less interesting may be the sudden abduction of a legitimate wife from work (pre-agreed with the authorities), and shipping it to a country house or a favorite restaurant, which has already prepared a holiday with close to your family people.

If you want a secluded holiday in this day, you can use the classic story: dinner on the roof with the launch paper lanterns, erotic dance training, repeated the proposal to seal their union by marriage, replacing their wedding rings.In addition, you can make a small gift from the material that represents a specific anniversary of marriage.So, a few years will be typed whole collection of cute little things, the occurrence of which will be an annual tradition of your family.In addition, each spouse can create a small slideshow or video on the past year, after which it will be interesting to look at the events through the eyes of its halves.

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But most importantly, thinking of a surprise to the wedding, do not pay attention to his grandiosity or related financial expenses, and the feelings that want to invest and to express.Even a short poem dedicated to a loved one, will give a lot more minutes and warm emotions, rather than expensive and long-desired thing.

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