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Scenes for the wedding.

day dedicated to the wedding of an important and solemn, responsible and stressful.But it is a place a broad smile and laughter, good jokes, humor and originality.All this is easily translated into scenes, which may be included in the scenario of redemption, and congratulations from friends and relatives.

Scenes at the wedding: the video and tips on creating

Of course, the easiest solution is to find ideas in print and online publications: you simply have to learn a role, and remember cues to find the acting talent.But some would like to do something a maximum individual not previously shown, it is worth first understand what principles are composed of miniature wedding, what topics can be taken, and that can ruin the mood of the newlyweds.

Firstly, its focus on all scenes can be divided into 2 groups: it is deployed congratulations and humorous miniatures, which are designed to defuse the situation and change the degree of the official mood for a laid-back.The latter, of course, dominated by th

e curious situation in which you can draw parallels with the wedding, but they should be very careful.

example, playing history with the loss of the ring at the reception, it is important to be sure that no bride or groom is not inclined to attach importance to superstition.Otherwise, instead of the usual fear in the eyes of the newlyweds can read anything you want, up to the panic, and subsequently grievances to play out their friends, because it will be perceived as a bad sign.

Scenes, congratulations, too, can make a humorous, and you can, on the contrary, it is romantic.They are also permitted to enter into a part of the bride price and groom tests.Especially popular in the latter category temptation various attempts by the "Hollywood", "beautiful princess" and so forth. Charming girls.These checks may take place and the bride, and, even after the marriage, during the banquet.

Despite the fact that this comic action should not resort to such schemes, if anyone particularly jealous of the young and painfully reacts even to the very idea of ​​seduction from the side.Even if the wedding will give no mind mood culprits celebrations it will still be spoiled.

Scenes from the wedding of friends: miniature light

Scenes for the wedding

most interesting musical scenes from friends, as they simultaneously perform the functions of the entertainment program.In particular, the bridesmaids can prepare a dance that will perform, being dressed in rags and gray wigs.You can deliberately make awkward movements depict sore backs and joints.During the dance the girl close to the guests and ask to reward them for their efforts.

Without waiting for admiration in the eyes of the guests, dancing goes back to the center of the hall, and there is a transformation: the rags fall off, back "cured", bridesmaids perform an energetic and seductive room, then again offered to pay them for their performance.This time they have to break the bank, after which the money collected and presented gifts to the bride in unison, saying that they gave her a dowry.

For the next scenes need 2-3 people, of which the young man is the same age as the bride.Characters enter the hall flushed like a long running, being late, then stop in front of the gathering.The eldest of the group and talked about what they had come to woo the bride (referred to her by name), to which the response is that women with the same name are many: they all rise from their seats and come forward.

«matchmakers" turning to a young man who had brought with them to whom it is he is feeling, after which the young man refers to the bride."Matchmakers" are starting to paint the potential advantages of the groom, talk about that, as agreed, he built a house, the money saved up, started the bird of happiness, arrived on a white horse, and ordered his intended wedding tiara.Like, as once promised.The bride, of course, does not understand, says that promise was given, and the guests echoed her that she was now married, a union sealed by God / registrar.Upset potential suitor chides Woman variability of feelings, after which he chooses vending bridesmaid, hands her the very wedding tiara, wished happiness to young and announced that their wedding would be more luxurious than today.

Dr.Easy thumbnail already employs 5-7 people, half of them - women.All participants of the scenes transform into Roma who come on holiday with songs and dances.Young girls are beginning to surround the groom, trying to please him, and the old gypsy woman seizes the attention of the bride, of the offering to tell fortunes.

frowning, he not is wanting to tell what he saw, but still dares to speak, describing the complexity of family life 1-2 years (the period of grindings, getting used to each other's habits, etc.).And then he offers, "it is too late," renounce marriage.The bride, of course, refuses, assuring a fortune teller that it is not afraid of such a prospect.Seeing the force of her feelings gypsy continues to study the lines on the hand of the bride, and then says that when tests are complete, the life of the newlyweds is nothing to spoil, and they will live in perfect harmony for many years.Then the fortune teller gives to the young, and paying tribute to the resilience of the groom, not seduce young gypsies, and sits down at the table, if the betrothed invited.

Congratulations to the wedding: funny skits for testing young

Scenes for the wedding

Comic check spouses feelings - the most popular topic for scenes-congratulations.For example, the version with the Arab sheik, played out after the implementation of the registration allows you to check both newlyweds, and then give them presents.

scene looks as follows: in a restaurant, or another room shot for a banquet, a guest enters, richly dressed, behind which are a concubine (4-5 girls).Approaching the young Sheikh ceremonious bows, says long ceremonial greetings and compliments the bride.That, of course, return thanks, she offers to go to the table and treat yourself.Guest said that he had brought a gift - his concubines who want to delight their eyes invited dance.And, continuing to pour sweet words to the bride, she offers to join the girls.

If she agrees, the dance should be admired by Sheikh her grace and plastics, as well as the offer to become his 45th wife in the harem, his gem.If you do not wish to dance, guest pays tribute to her modesty, as offering "join the ranks" of his many wives.Disclaimer bride Sheikh sees in his own way and switch attention to the groom: "Give me a woman" - he admonishes - "gifts for that any of his concubine: Select all the beautiful and mysterious, and brighten the day and night."

you certainly expect the refusal on the part of the groom, then the guest admired loyalty and strong feelings of young, tells "servants" make the hall chests with gifts for newlyweds "for their unbreakable love for each other", and also congratulatesmarriage.

for the bride price is perfect scene with stubborn ATM.Prepared by high volume and a cardboard box, took out the groom to the chest.On the wall is drawn window ATM slot is a little wider than a credit card, so that through it you can give money.Inside the box is taken some of the groomsmen, taking direct part in the scene.ATM is installed on the site where the test will take place on the way to the bride.A friend of the groom must be all the money that will be given for the redemption.

Scenes for the wedding

Bridesmaids, blocking the entrance, begin their bids for a pass.Bridegroom need to obtain funds to calculate, but the ATM refuses to extradite them, for each paper money demanding to dance, jump, find the ring in a handful of rice, inflate the balloon, heart, etc.Assignments are given to the groom until he attains the required amount, and the girl will not agree to let him to the betrothed.

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a plan humorous sketches for the wedding, remember that there is a fine line between good humor and the fact that the mood begins to change for the worse.Try not to delay the presentation, especially if it involves a challenge.Otherwise, the fun will give way to laughter stretched irazdrazheniyu that the risk to spoil the whole holiday.

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