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How to write a resume to get a good job?

Why it happens that someone is sending a resume in dozens of companies, and do not get an answer, but someone sending her only a few firms, instantly receive an invitation for an interview?Of course, you can consider that this is a common luck.But, of course, not the case.And knowing how to write a resume for a job, to talk about their strengths and attract future employer.

How to write a resume for a job: a sample

When resume writing, most importantly, to comply with strict rules.

How to write a resume to get a good job?

  1. Literacy.It is essential that ready-to-send resume no grammatical errors, typos and youth slang.This is one of the most important aspects of drawing up the correct option.It is worth remembering that in the case of a document in a large number of errors, it simply will not read anything else and do not pay any attention.To obtain a prestigious place resume should be written correctly and check before sending a few times;
  2. corresponding to the desired job.No matter what kind of job you wish to receive, it is important
    to be clear on what exactly want to do in a particular company.This is also necessary to write a resume.It is not necessary to specify too much, as this will only confuse the employer and may cause unnecessary questions.For example, an accountant does not necessarily write about the training course on interior design or cooking;
  3. summary should have a reasonable amount.Half of the page - it's too little, 4 pages for many.The ideal option would be a summary of 1-2 the village, but no more.The best thing is to try to take only one page, but not always possible.There are times that it is necessary to obtain the desired position of a volume to describe their own achievements in their careers and have experience.Do not try to express their professionalism only a couple of terse words.
  4. be best to resume in Worde.In this case it is necessary to optimize the space used - for example, to use the table.The font should not be too big, but not small.Performs footers and optimal field for the document.Due observance of simple recommendations can be reduced two-page summary to the first page;
  5. Simple and clear structure.It is important to perform the correct structuring of information about his professional experience and myself.Of course, today there is no single form, but it is the most common.The most important thing to use a ready-made templates, and not try to create something new and original, that does not always produce the desired effect.

How to write a resume to get a good job?

most often uses the following two structures resume writing:

1st variant resume

  1. name and contact information, is not too much personal information.
  2. objective, expected salary level, but it is not mandatory information (in some cases can be useful).
  3. experience in this field.
  4. uneducated.
  5. Availability of skills.
  6. more information.

2nd version resume

First comes the "cap" and skills:

  1. name and all contact information, personal information.
  2. The goal and expected salary level (this is optional).
  3. Availability of skills in this area.
  4. with experience.
  5. Availability education.
  6. more information.

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How to write a resume for a job?

In order to better understand all the rules and intricacies of drawing up a successful resume is worth a closer look at each item.

How to write a resume to get a good job?

  • In the first paragraph, on a mandatory basis should be specified last name, first name and patronymic of the applicant, as well as e-mail, phone (preferably mobile and stationary).Nonresident is necessary to specify further and city of residence.The remaining data is optional.It is not recommended to write the address to the index, as it will be enough of the city.You should not indicate the date of birth is better to specify the age.In some firms may need to marital status and presence of children.
  • In the 2nd paragraph solely on their own will identify goals and desired salary.These data are not required, as you can tell in a personal meeting with the head of the interview.It is enough to briefly describe their purpose.Also in the interview is to discuss and wages, as it will directly depend on to take responsibility.
  • In the 3rd paragraph should definitely specify the experience of the last 5-7 let.V properly written resume given experience must be in chronological order, thus necessarily taken into account, and the last place of employment.More details should tell about the duties, which were carried out at the same place.
  • In the 4th paragraph should mention the work of the existing Education (information should be presented briefly).Students or graduates should describe the success of the coursework, diplomas, work experience.It is important to remember that this information should correspond to the vacancy.
  • The fifth paragraph is necessary to specify the availability of professional skills.This section should be all the skills that match the job.It is best not to mention such trivial things as responsibility, a high level of performance, commitment, learning, leadership qualities, commitment to career development, stress, etc.Most applicants indicate this information, but you need to be like everyone else and stand out from the crowd.It is best to talk in more detail about it with the head during a private meeting at the interview.
  • The second paragraph should be specified more information.There may be all that was not included in the previous section, but it is important when considering candidates for the position.At this point, note the personal qualities, interests, achievements, etc. Details that may be of interest to the employer and the job match.

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course, write a proper resume is not an easy task, but it is doable.Just write a good pattern can not happen, but enough to write a few options and choose a more suitable.Only if the resume will make a positive impression on the employer, will be hoping for an interview.It is important to remember that before sending, it is necessary to resume several times to check for grammar mistakes, you can give a friend to read it and learn from the opinions, it may be worth something to remove or add.

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