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colored hair has long been no surprise, and in the twenty-first century, it is a usual thing that sometimes you can not tell whether the natural color of the hair of women or painted.All use hair dye for different purposes: someone wants to paint the gray hair, someone wants to change the image, but someone should just give your hair a new fresher hue.But gradually, she notices that her hair quality deteriorates seriously, someone is going after the first staining, and someone after a while and then the question arises, how to find a paint that does not harm your hair, more precisely what is the best hair color?

Types of paints resistance

order to determine what is true for the stability of the paint you need, decide what you want the color intensity.

  • instability hair dye - very weak and gentle and painting is painted only the upper surface of the hair, and with every wash washed out of the paint.This type of paint is not suitable for those who want to dye your hair for 3 or more colors,
    lighten your hair and paint the gray hair.But it also has its advantages, it can be used to give your hair a different shade for some cases, and those who are afraid to experiment with resistant paint.Unstable paint starts washed off after the first times a week and a half will wash off, depending on how often you wash your hair.
  • semiproof paint is not so easily washed off, as the staining pigment gets into the inner layers of the hair.Its composition can find substances such as ammonia and various oxidizing agents, but not to be afraid of these ingredients in the composition, since they are in very small quantities that will not cause harm to your hair.With semiproof paint can quickly and easily change their image and thus the hair is the same state as before painting.Usually this starts to paint washed off after washing the twentieth, that is held for a long time, of course, if you do not wash your hair every day.Semiproof paint can paint and gray hair, then try to trim a shade closest to your natural color.

  • Resistant hair dye - everything is clear from the title, the paint contains potent substances that strongly eats into the structure of hair and does not wash off even after a long time.Penetrating the hair pigments break down along with the main color of important fats and nutrients that are responsible for the beauty of hair, which is why after dyeing hair often looks dry and brittle.But if you overdo it with paint, you can get instead of their luxurious hair sad spectacle, like a parched loofah.This is due to the fact that the resistant paint contains large amounts of oxidants, and ammonia, and only strong and thick hair can withstand such aggressive effect on the hair.

particularly spoils hair lightening treatment-resistant paint. At any lightening paint contains large amounts of harmful substances that destroy the hair structure.So the girl who actively lightens her hair and repaint them with dark tones on light should always use firming masks and balms.

And here the question arises, which of these types is the best hair color?Each is good in its own way, the most harmless - it is certainly unstable, but especially for a long time with the paint does not pass, but the proof is not washed away from the hair, and you can wash your hair without fear many times.But then do not be surprised that the condition of your hair is already not the same as before.

How to choose the best hair color?

  • Select brand paint from well-known companies, do not skimp on your hair, since it is unknown how your hair will react to the paint manufacturer unknown.The most popular and beloved women of paint at the moment are - Garnier, Loreal, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Londa and Estel.Also recently, the cases of counterfeiting of the company for quality, so buy paint only reputable cosmetic stores, and not on the market or in a strange online store.
  • If you buy a particular paint company for the first time, then read reviews of it - it will help you make the right choice.Along with the paint immediately purchase protection and reducing agents as well as the means to buy and preserve the brightness of colors.
  • Very often destructive effect on our hair has not only paint, but also hard tap water, so choose such hair products, which would soften the effect of water or neutralize chlorine.

  • Very often women themselves acquire high-quality paint, but the color is obtained in the end, is not this or look ridiculous. Why is it, and how to determine the color of the best hair dye? Choosing a paint at the store, ask the sales assistant to show you the whole palette of colors.The palette begins with the brightest colors and each color can be carefully considered in the light of day, to attach to your hair.It is important to pay attention to the look of the hair in bright sunlight, they do not acquire a slightly different shade.
  • When choosing colors, consider your color type, so the girls with a cold type of appearance should follow ashen hues, but red-haired ladies ashen shade of paint should be avoided, as this paint can give your hair a greenish tint.
  • It is best if you will make the procedure of coloring within its range of colors, as a sharp change of hair color is not only harmful to the hair, but it can look a little strange and not in harmony with your image.Sometimes it happens that natural blondes go dark colors and vice versa.Check whether you or that you can paint color, try on a wig the color you want.

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Today, fashion dictates more natural and should think twice before radically painted their hair, so the best hair color - is one that only accentuate your natural color or change it to 1-2 tones.

February 13, 2014 15:02
Yes paints really good enough... More precisely that even with good hair dyes (organic, natural, bezamiachnye harmless for pregnant women, etc.), most customers expect some fabulous results.Usually, the best natural dyes Biologie (biolodzhie), Aveda (Aveda), Natulique (natyulik), Kydra (cedar) give your hair not only minimal injury, but the dignity and minimal chemical (silicone artificial smoothness and shine) The beauty of expensive high-quality organic dye thatthat no such transition between visits to the salon, natural depth of the roots with constant use of good color, accumulates natural luster, even the ability to grow long hair, clarified, there is a healthy and natural hair density is not necessary to treat and expensive masks and lamination, etc.And then people first pevoy procedure kills the hair and then restores)) Not zheleyte money on a classic painting, so you do not spend money on treatment and killing time in the internet looking for the best reviews of resignation.Choose the right organic exclusive lines.
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