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How to answer questions during the interview?

Questions asked during the interview, can be very diverse, sometimes even tricky.However, if to prepare for a meeting with the prospective employer, to examine options for questions and answers, the probability to be trapped is greatly reduced.

How to tell about yourself during the interview?

If you were asked to tell about yourself during the interview, first of all clarify the issue.Ask specify.What exactly care of your companion?What areas of your life?It is possible that there will be enough only listing your professional biography: when, where, and who learned, what specialties have, were there additional training courses, where they worked?

But there is another option: the employer may be interested in your specific achievements.Have part in student's conferences?Have awards and diplomas for the training?What particularly useful to a previous job?

If your interlocutor does not want to specify the issue, tell as much as possible about his merits in the work, achievements and as little

as possible about the individual. prospective employer is not interested in what color the interior you like the most and where you prefer to relax.

Another option interesting answer to this question - answer with a single, brief but succinct proposal.For example: "I IT-specialist, trained in a certain university, and to develop some completely new computer programs have brought good returns to the past to the employer."

How to tell the interview about their shortcomings?

talk about their shortcomings are not so simple.It is clear that, as with any other person, you have them.But we have to teach them so that they do not spoil the overall impression of you.

best answer - neutral, where you talk about the shortcomings , which in no way relate to your business and work .Or are shortcomings in dispute.For example, you can say that you are too demanding of himself and others, so maybe you work a little longer on a task, double-checking the possible defects.

How to answer why did you leave your previous job?

No way, never spoke ill of any of your previous principalities, nor about your colleagues.Even if your previous employer - the main competitor of the employer's future.If you allow the uncomplimentary remarks about the previous leader, your companion can think about what you can tolerate statements about him in his absence.A negative reviews of past colleagues can push on the idea that you do not live well in a team.

best possible answers to this question - to refer to inconvenient schedule at the previous location, the lack of career opportunities, routine workplace, geographical remoteness.

If a previous job you got fired, come up with a believable legend advance so as not to get lost on the spot.

how to answer questions about desired salary during the interview?

If the prospective employer to ask you this question, and when he wants to hear a specific figure, you can call the sum, which is slightly (by 10-15 percent) over your previous salary.If you feel that you deserve more, call a large sum, but not more than 30% of your previous salary.

Do not call the sum, using the preposition "from" and "to."Be sure the employer will choose the number that "on."Therefore call a specific number.

How to answer the question of how long you are going to work?

course, do not specify a specific time (unless it is a fixed-term contract) year, two, five.After all, you can not, in fact, be assured that it is so much here and work.Therefore it is best to answer that first of all you need to look inside the company, to meet with all employees understand whether you are interested in the company.And if you realize that you all like it, and you're interested, your cooperation is bound to be long.

how to answer questions about their achievements during the interview?

achieving If you have, it's just wonderful!Just list them.If the special achievements of your shoulders is not observed, you can tell that you have improved your level in anything, they have mastered something new, take part in competitions. Do not hesitate to praise myself! you think that the fact that you have established in the office of peace and tranquility is negligible?It is in vain!Be sure to inform the other party.

How to answer the question of how you carry the load?

Most likely, you are prepared for what you are processing.No need to immediately declare that you are ready for any load.Better ask, is it possible recycling, how often they happen and how to pay. Depending on the responses received, answer the question.

How to answer the question about what you know about the company?

course, is unfortunate mistake, if you really do not know anything about that company, who came to get a job.The employer will think that you are not interested in the company as a whole, you'll come to work only for the paycheck.Even so, your interlocutor know it is not necessarily.So do not be lazy, get advance the Internet for information about the company, who invited you for an interview. minimum objective - to see the company's website to have at least a general impression.

How to answer the question of why you want to work in the company?

In answering this question, it is best to say that the company has many years in the market, it is stable, and that's what attracts you most.In addition, it is useful to say that you are interested in precisely this area of ​​activity.If the declaration, to which you responded to was a detailed position description, you can say that you are satisfied with the proposed position, salary level, the location of the office duties.

how to answer questions about your goals for the near future?

In fact, the employer did not care about what you want, where you want to relax, and what kind of car to buy.He is interested, if you have a purpose at all, whether they are formulated. Moreover, we should not talk about personal goals.Speak only about what relates directly to jobs and careers - learn a new language, to learn a new program, and so on. D.

Now that you thoroughly prepared to meet with the prospective employer , you can confidently answer all the questions.And in the article How to successfully pass an interview ?, you can read more about that, how to prepare for the interview.

Good luck job!

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