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Strollers: reviews.

Strollers - a special kind of wheelchair that has no top-cradle and hammock.On the acquisition of such a model parents think, when the child begins to sit down (usually it happens in the 7 - 8 months) .If you are the owner of the universal prams or transformer, there is need for this purchase.To select the best baby strollers turn to reviews, as well as helpful advice of experts.

How to choose a stroller?

To begin with you should pay attention to the cross-country and amortization.These settings can be recognized by the wheels: the larger the diameter, the higher the permeability of the stroller.Wheels material is not much effect on the characteristics of the terrain.Choose a model with optional swivel wheels - they will make them more maneuverable.

As for the number of wheels, consider for what purpose you are going to use a wheelchair.The active people who travel frequently tricycles ideal model.Four-wheel strollers are more stable and comfortable in the city.

Strollers: reviews

Do not forget about the comfort

of the child.Note the back seat - for the proper formation of the spine, it should be rigid and foldable to a horizontal state.That is why the carriage-cane is more preferable for older children.Look at the folding mechanism: the more positions back, the easier will rebenku.Vazhno that you have the opportunity to quietly and easily converted back to a horizontal position when the baby falls asleep suddenly while walking.

If you choose a pushchair for the autumn-winter season, pay attention to the length and width of the bed.When a child is warmly dressed, he should be spacious, comfortable and convenient.It is advisable to stay a little space for blankets.

Make the bumper - it is better if it is removable.So you will be easier to put the kid.Bumper will not allow a child accidentally fall out of the stroller, besides it will be convenient for him to stay.For safety stroller must have seat belts - this is especially true for wheelchairs, canes, since they are less deep and have a bumper and crumbs need something fiksirovat.Ubedites the reliability of the castle, the child should not be able to unfasten his own.

Pay attention to the stability of the carriage: the easier it is, the less stable it is, the harder - more stable.Another one important option when choosing - a wheel lock.Make sure you can block them, if necessary, quickly and the first leg.

Well, if the stroller will have a raincoat - it will protect the baby from dozhdya.Ubedites he dressed quickly and easily, and the baby at the same time has a good chance to obzora.Posmotrite hood: deep well will be able to protect your child from both the wind and the sunand from prying eyes.

Strollers: reviews

If you are going to use the stroller in the winter, be sure to buy a model with a cape on legs.When buying buggies note zaschitu.Udobno side when the selected model will be provided for insulation, which can be removed in summer.

Many parents are looking for options with a reversible handle, which will provide an opportunity to carry the baby to the mother and the face of the mother.But such convenience is not at all strollers, and if they are, will have to pay more money.

By way of folding strollers are divided into books and canes.The cane is more compact and light, but it can not stand upright without additional support.When choosing a stroller is better to give preference to models which easily skladyvayutsya.Vazhno also to protection against sudden standing folding stroller otherwise unsafe for the baby.

Strollers Winter: reviews

  1. Alice: We bought a baby stroller company Zippy Tuttis.I liked very much: comfortable, not heavy, safe, and most importantly - warm.It used to take a child in the dead of winter, so he did not even frozen.Great stroller for the winter.
  2. Xenia: We had a three-wheeled stroller Chicco 3 in 1 (walk, carrying to a car and cradle).Very convenient, it does not need to buy everything separately - great budget savings.I was very pleased with the acquisition: easy to fold, lightweight, comfortable and warm.The child does not freeze in winter.
  3. Christina: buy Emmaljunga Scooter - both in winter and in summer it rolled.Wheelchair liked, then give friends - they also loved it.However, the model is quite expensive, but if the financial issue is not basic, feel free to take this company.

buggies: consumer reviews

Strollers: reviews

  1. Natalia: Recently bought buggies Carmella.It is quite comfortable, not expensive, robust and practical.The main thing is the child-friendly.Only, this stroller was not reversing handle, as well as the acquisition satisfied.
  2. Daria: Excellent stroller-cane for the summer - Ecobaby Tropic.She was reclining backrest that comes in handy when the baby gets tired and falls asleep.In addition, it weighs just 6 kg, just great - no need to forgive her husband to raise and lower it.
  3. Alain: Bought a stroller Maclaren Techno XT.I fell in love with her right away, but after the operation revealed a sufficient number of drawbacks.The child crawled from under the bumper and seat hung on the crotch straps.In addition, he managed to shove his feet in the wheel at full speed.Wheels strongly rumble and quickly handle shabby.However, it has good cushioning, deep hood and raincover included. "

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Choosing a stroller - a responsible job, as the requirements for it are very strict, especially when buying a stroller for kids who are just beginning to sit up unaided.Before you give preference to one or another model, read the reviews and the market, and only then go shopping.It is advisable to test the stroller in the store, to identify deficiencies and convenience.Special approach requires stroller for a newborn baby, buying it is based not only on ratings but also on professional advice.

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