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How to stop being nervous about nothing ?Will meditation , breathing exercises and self-confidence !

Many diseases are directly related to the nervous system.It happens that the more one worries, the stronger played migraines, abdominal cramps and spazmy.Kak say, all diseases of the nerves.In this situation, we can only stop worrying about trifles, and learn how to quickly calm down.

How to stop being nervous about nothing?

condition of nervousness, crawl - all a reaction to the way out of the comfort zone.Especially such a state is enhanced during the official meetings, public speaking before an audience.It occurs when personal problems and experiences in this regard.Neurasthenia is a psychological and physiological aspects of the appearance of the individual.We begin to feel fear when the situation in which we are, it seems dangerous.For example, kogdane want to look ridiculous in front of others.An important factor plays indoor installation.Red cheeks, ears and lips burning, sweating place on the body, frequent fidgeting and doubt - these are just a small part of what makes us nervous.It conclude

d that the nervous process, not a program built into our nature.It formed the habit of responding to so embarrassing situation for you.It appears decrease in mental activity, difficult sosredotachivaemost.The danger is that because of the accumulation of hard fatigue may occur running chronic disease.In this situation, it becomes difficult to notice the really important moments in life.But you can get rid of the nervousness by working on his personality and attitude.

How to stop being nervous about nothing?

How quickly calm your nerves?

  • itemized events that cause tremors.For example, if you yelled at in public transport (as often happens).Consider whether it is of global significance for your life?To soothe
  • can present itself with water - the ocean, with millions of transparent glowing fish.It will help to relax and forget about the problems briefly.Such exercises are good for those who just embarked on the treatment of fear.There
  • physiological breathing exercises.Inhale for 4, think 1.2, exhale, think of 1.2 - in a period of not breathing.Repeat this several times.Breathe diaphragm.Do not let any other thoughts.

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How to stop nervous and start to live?

determine for themselves the signs of experiences.For example, you are at a coffee shop around a lot of people.You scared.A cup of coffee in his hands trembling, his back became hunched, gaze directed downward, and not on that gorgeous man sitting opposite.But you have a secret, when you get home, all right.You can drink tea with the Queen's carriage.The reason is simple.Going out into the street, a man prone to panic attacks, completely loses the sense of concentration.I would like to throw in all haste and hide at home.His head pounding mallets mandrazhnogo such state.The advice is simple - start to train at home.Right in the morning to the mirror, look at yourself and say the following lines:

  • I am strong, brave, agile as a panther.I am confident, their capabilities, talents.I do not sobyus with thoughts if I will interrupt.I know what I want.I will achieve this goal.I am beautiful, smart.I'm not nervous.I've got everything is fine in life.

How to stop being nervous about nothing?

sure to repeat it several times in the morning.Imagine yourself on stage igrayte.Dr.psychological trick:

  • Think bright unusual make-up, wear unusual clothes.Let it be a daring style.The rings - earrings, scarlet lipstick, torn shirt.Disheveled hair, smoky make ice.For confidence and deal with fears you are required to transform!Seeing himself as a friend, do not claim straight away that this is all strange.You will see the additional energy.Maybe you are looking for a new image.You do not know yourself until the end, otherwise there would not be worried because of what.The idea is to see themselves from a different side.Suddenly, it will be your real inner meaning?Perhaps these images are not for the street, but you will shine and enthusiasm in the eyes, a step will be smoother, chin up, shoulders straighten.You can also do a photo shoot and hang pictures on the walls.As a reminder.

What happens if a formal event has passed, and you started to blame yourself?You think you look silly.You do not say so, and so didJust calm down.The meeting - the past.Nothing can not be changed.Do not worry - it's done is not changed.Perform breathing exercises when he got home.Lie down on the mat, stretch, breathe quietly, imagine the huge waterfall.The water has always been considered a source of purification and appeasement.Take a dip in the waterfall, meditate, enter the trance state.Enough to start 15 minutes.Useful to watch humorous programs.Laughter reduces the response to stressful situations and helps you relax.

important longer walk in the fresh air, meditate, exercise, take vitamins useful, not just sitting at the computer.In order to get rid of the neurosis, you need to reduce your intake of caffeine, try to quit, put in order thoughts and set a goal.When there is a desire to achieve something, then all the attention will focus on this, causing the intelligence to develop.

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