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How to wean a child from a bottle?

Age baby from birth to 2 years of age is the most difficult for him and for his parents.It was at this period is a lot of new adult cases.In particular, the gradual transfer of the child from breastfeeding to the simple food that comes through a stage of using bottles and teats.This raises many questions: how to teach and to wean the baby from a bottle, and when it should be done?

How to teach a child to the bottle?

most pressing question to accustom the baby to the bottle for those parents who have long engaged in breastfeeding, but for some reason decided to reduce it to "no" or at least less likely to engage in a natural nursing.At this process may take a while, so if there are any time limits in advance, try to start changing the way of feeding your child.

How to wean a child from a bottle?

Firstly, it is important to trust the kid who will do it.So teach him to be a bottle or other parents. Loved ones.Do not trust such a thing occasionally babysitter, etc.Can a mother to do this - a moot point, as the odor from her breast mil

k, and got used to it the child will instinctively reach for the chest, ignoring hands him a bottle.The result is that you can simply do not achieve the desired result.Some experts believe that, on the contrary, the flavor of breast milk the baby is able to enter into error, and the process of habituation to the bottle will flow faster.Therefore it encouraged to try one and another circuit.

A good option is considered to be laid-back "dialogue" with the baby bottle held in the form of games.Let the baby twirls it in his hands, trying to take by mouth.This all contributes to its addiction to the subject, thus make him drink from it will be much easier, because the bottle stops be something unknown to the infant.But it is important to keep his interest in the subject of feeding.If the child does not wish at this point to take up the bottle, it is showing in every way (dodges, curves), is not worth it to force.

Cases when the baby after 1-2 sips throws a bottle, but still hungry, which is reflected in his lament and demand breast-feed.There may be several reasons for that, and part of them is simple enough to eliminate: in particular, by varying the temperature of milk poured into the bottle.Although considered to be the optimal room temperature, your baby may be a lover of hot milk or, on the contrary, he needs even more to cool the food.But try to do it smoothly, imperfect body as the baby is not ready for the critical values ​​of temperature conditions: too cold or too hot milk would adversely affect the child's digestion.

important point - the rigidity of the nipple placed over the bottle.It is also selected carefully.It is likely that you have to try a lot of modifications before it is found suitable for your child.And if the child continues to ignore the bottle, you can try to accustom him to the drinking spout with a flat nose and narrow or even full, but the plastic cup.Probably during his bottle is absolutely not necessary.

Why and when to wean the child from the bottle?

Many mothers try to paint the life of her baby on the calendar, and so do all the activities in the period.So, they calculate when you first give the baby a pacifier and a bottle when to stop breastfeeding when to begin to take away the bottle.How reasonable efforts to act on these general terms - is unknown, because every child is an individual, which is not always adjusted to any border.However, every woman would agree that the use of bottle feeding baby 3 hletnego already unreasonable.When do you start to give it up?

How to wean a child from a bottle?

Scientists believe that the best is when the child turns 1 year.If you stretch the period of feeding the baby from a bottle, it is believed that the risk of gaining excess weight for him would be higher.This is due to the fact that as they grow older the child appears not only physical hunger, but also emotional, which is also muted bottle.Hence, the number of children coming into the body food enters the bar required.However, there is a lot depends on the baby's daily activity: its prevalence over the period of rest will not be overweight.And much more harm is done feeding the wrong food after the period of the bottle.

But al. Factor that scientists explain the need to wean the child from the bottle at the age of 1 year, seems more reasonable.This decrease in the ability to perceive the baby food other than milk, if it is up to 1.5-2 years will eat only liquid transmitted through the nipple.Furthermore, prolonged preparation of food through the bottle provokes weakening teeth, leading to their destruction.The dispute over the initial term may be long, but every mother must understand that when the child reaches 1.5 years it needs to be sure to wean from the bottle.How much earlier specified period should attend to this matter: you decide.The best benchmark would be a simple weakening of attention to this subject a baby.

How to wean a child from the bottle: advising

  • There are several stages of weaning the baby from a bottle of which is considered to be the most difficult night.Many mothers have noted that the child was not able to wake up from hunger, but because of a nervous tension that persists after being hit in the mouth teats.Thus, it becomes no longer able to receive food as a kind of sedative thus born psychological dependence.And that it is trying to overcome the majority of parents.
  • Some psychologists suggest not to put pressure on the baby and give him an opportunity to grow out of the bottle, but do not always happen quickly.Often, the children stopped to pull the nipple into his mouth at the age of 5 years, which entails a lot of problems.
  • easiest way to make a child forget a bottle, take it quietly during the period when the baby was watching her, and then to respond to possible questions that the more she will not return to the house.Softer argument can serve as a fictional tale that the bottle went to the kids who need it or stole Baba Yaga.Or maybe a fairy decided it was time to say goodbye to a child a bottle and his new "friend" will be others. Toy that she was "sent" to replace him?These steps are considered to be quite dramatic, because it does not give the child the possibility to prepare and smoothly overcome the step at which the bottle is still an emotional need.
  • can resort to drawing parallels with the adults and children that the child unconsciously trying to emulate.The easiest way to do this with home: dad, sister, etc.For example, buy a plastic cup and drink of the same color are together with your child.But it is important to make sure that no one in the house, too, tried to take a bottle of water, juice or soda in hand.Children easily adopt similar eating habits, resulting in the process of weaning from the bottle badly delayed.

How to wean a child from a pacifier?

How to wean a child from a bottle?

pacifier is often a more complex problem than the bottle.Its presence in a child is often a psychological dependence, to part with that easily is extremely difficult.So here are the same fundamental techniques that were offered during the weaning baby from a bottle, not suitable.While one of them can take note when combined with others.In case your child is inclined in a fit of emotional outburst throw everything around him, the nipple may also fly out of his hands.After such an incident, it is desirable to throw and explain to the kid that he himself get rid of it.So, it was not necessary to him, and that the purchase of a pacifier should stop.

Since the nipple - a psychological element, it needs to be replaced, which can become the attention of parents.At night, it is a simple rocking and lullabies, and the day is in the moments when the baby begins to look for pacifier, start to read him a story, involve drawing, cartoon, etc.When a child is distracted by extraneous things, he switches from his desire to take a pacifier in her mouth.And over time, the periods between these points will become longer until attempts to draw something in the baby's mouth will not disappear completely.

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Despite the fact that there are certain periods in which the costs to prepare the child to be weaned from the bottle or pacifier, psychologists remind us that not desirable to do it at times associated with the stress of moving to a divorce.All emotional outbursts at home kids feel sharper than adults, and for them a new blow to the nervous system becomes too heavy.

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