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Meditation before bed

In the dream, a person spends one third of the day.He needs to recuperate, relieve fatigue, regeneration and rejuvenation.But the modern pace of life often deprives a person of the possibility of normal and sleep soundly.A huge portion of the world's population suffers from insomnia in one form or another.

To cope with insomnia, there are several methods, each of which has its own good.Among them stands out meditation.Conduct it can be at any time of the day, but meditation before bedtime can provide a full and healthy holiday , giving the opportunity to wake up full of energy and good mood.

Meditation before bed

benefits of meditation before bedtime

  • meditation classes allow people to easily evaluate their own situation.If you have problems, they quickly find the optimal way to address them.Thanks to her, the person gets the opportunity to escape from everyday problems and concentrate on the essentials.
  • meditation before going to sleep and relieve from negative stress , accumulated per day, clears the mind, lets
    get a good sleep, instead of sorting through again what happened today.
  • It allows you to use self-hypnosis to set yourself in a positive way, remove the tension, get rid of painful and intrusive thoughts, relax all the muscles of the body, calm the breath and fall asleep quickly.This practice before bedtime helps to improve blood circulation and nourish all cells of the body with plenty of oxygen, excrete harmful remnants of life.
  • itself is meditation - a meditation, self-absorbed in their inner world, the process of self-discovery, when you're trying to understand what happened to your soul during this time, as it affected the events occurred.Understanding yourself allows you to calm down and feel that everything is under control, you are safe, quiet and pacified.
  • The secret benefits of meditation is that person learns a new way to look at ourselves and the surrounding reality .To accept and perceive it more flexible and deeper.See in small secrets of the universe and the role that is intended only to him.

Meditation before bed

  • Exemption from all superficial and imposed on the environment will be calmer and eliminates the fatigue caused by stress, emotions.This will return healthy sleep.

technique of meditation before bedtime

  • technique of meditation is the contemplation of any selected object, which in itself is not important.Here, the most important is the continuous attention concentrated on one object at a wake.
  • to master the technique of meditation before going to sleep, you can use the indoor and outdoor facilities.Very well, if they are directly related to your mind or body.This will bring back the extra energy.
  • to meditation before bedtime went as well as possible, it is necessary to provide for the carrying out of the most comfortable conditions.Sitting posture is perfect, but this is when the body can perfectly relax.During meditation, the eyes should be closed or half-closed.The room should be quiet, dark and should be on a night lamp that creates a twilight.Breathing should be rhythmic, deeply and slowly, after breathing should be natural and not distracting.
  • Do not worry if at first arise unpleasant sensation of loneliness, it will soon pass.By the time of meditation should be performed no more than 20 minutes.Thanks to her, soon there will amazing feeling of lightness and harmony with the environment.All problems will recede and disappear, simply because it will be possible to look at them from the other side and understand how it all for a fabulous little world that surrounds all every day.

Meditation before bed

  • not need to spend too much effort in meditation before bedtime.Here, the important thing is to listen to yourself, to the fact that it does not cause discomfort and fatigue. present meditation is associated with relaxation, not with effort or anguish and the need to hold out for some time.Too long meditation before bedtime is also undesirable because it can cause fatigue - both physical and energy.
  • At the time of meditation, it is important not to focus on a thought, and allow them to simply disappear, seeing them as something very normal and just trying to contemplate, not to deepen and develop them.Even the idea that it is time to finish with meditation should not be a call to action, even if it is also slowly disappear, like all the others.
  • Do not worry, if memory float some unpleasant events, they should be let go, they are not related to you.Such an attitude to any emerging desires and thoughts will allow to develop such valuable qualities as awareness of restraint.Even in everyday life, it will not take hasty and rash decisions, and learn to act without too much fuss, sustain, efficiently and safely.
  • To make it easier to meditate, it is better to include an easy relaxing music , nature sounds, babbling brook.Also, meditation can be done is not sitting, and lying in bed already.Focus on something pleasant and let him go, just contemplating.When the desire to go to sleep, do not deny yourself this, meditation is over and it's time to relax.

Meditation before bed,

itself is meditation - is the ability to control their emotions.If you want to choose some kind of exercise program, then immediately give up on standing postures or sharp bends.Meditation before bed - a complete relaxation and cleansing of any thoughts.It is not necessary to hold it as a spiritual practice.It is necessary for a full and healthy sleep, why should not last longer than 20 minutes or cause discomfort and tension.

Meditation before bed will give you the opportunity to get up every morning full of energy and desire to do

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