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How to visualize the desired reality?

talk about effective visualization techniques and the most common mistakes people make in the process of visualization.

slide or glide over reality

In the American TV show Sliders group of four "slides" between dimensions, spending each episode in an alternate version of the planet.Other TV shows, which uses the same principle, Quantum Leap, a person spends each episode in a new body in another place and time.

Using these principles of visualization, imagine that you are the hero of the show, which "glides" through the dimensions desired in the new reality and the new image that you are now a.You already live there.Reality exists in different dimensions, and you are now themselves on personal experiences make sure that these measurements are real.

Describing the new person, you want to be and look at the world through his or her eyes. What time did you wake up in the morning?Who is sleeping next to you?Where Are You?How are you feeling?What do you eat for breakfast?What do you do in the morning?

In the evenings?

Visualization desired

You have to imagine that you are already there.You have to reach a state that allows it to feel natural and familiar.In the end, it's your reality, is not it?You have already got used to it.

first, you may find that you are in someone else's world and environment.You need to experiment a bit there to get used to the new reality.It is important to overcome the barrier of rejection and shift the focus of his consciousness with the perception of reality as the real from the imaginary.Well helps to master the technique of sliding film Being John Malkovich.

Ideally, to imagine their future should be as easy as remembering the past. on the machine you have to think of all your day and your feelings and sensations in relation to some of its events.And remember that emotional memories are much stronger than the memory of the events themselves. emotional experience and perception of events - is the force that raises the past to life in the present, but it is the force that will help make your future real.

Partial rendering

One of the most common mistakes made by people in the process of visualization - a partial visualization of certain aspects of the new life, rather than to present a complete picture of the new reality.These individual episodes may well not be part of your desired reality.

For example, you can visualize a large sum of money on the table in my room, or the process of counting them as a way to achieve financial prosperity.It is a common mistake.Millionaires do not keep large amounts of cash at home and the more I do not count them yourself.It's more like a habit for a person who has never had that kind of money.

Partial rendering brings partial results .With it, you can draw only a portion of the desired and for a short while.You can visit this world, but you can not live there long.To declare your desire, you need to have access to a full package of all the events and feelings that you want to experience in your new reality.And the best way to do so - clearly imagine what You want really.

complete visualization

you already understood that one should not engage in a partial rendering of some aspects of your life in the new reality, like to have more money, and need to imagine a complete picture of the desired reality in which you want to be, as much as possibledetail.

Using the technique of complete visualization can visualize one area of ​​your life at some point, because for some people it is difficult to visualize all aspects of life - finances, career, health, relationships, habits, spiritual practice immediately.Therefore it is possible to focus first on one area, then another and so on, stopping at all areas of your life in a desired reality.

Visualization of a new reality

  • areas such as career and money, can be visualized together, because they are often interrelated, the money comes through work.In this case, it would be a mistake to simply the flow of money out of nowhere, out of the air like a miracle.It is impossible, and you know it, and treat it as a miracle, not as a reality.
  • The same is true of the visualization of the new partner.When you just visualize yourself the ideal partner who came and loved you a partial visualization.And it is not working.Imagine that you visualize the woman of his dreams, attributing to her the qualities that she should have to like you.She's the one you really want to and are able to love.But whether it is ready to fall in love with you in reality?The new reality - this is what should be the real life, it's not a fantasy.And if you think your reality too good to be true, then so be it!What can you offer this ideal woman?Perhaps it is your ideal partner, but you also have to be her ideal partner.Will you be able to maintain a relationship with a woman?Will she be able to settle for less?And you stand it?
  • As a rule, as a result of a partial, incomplete visualization is it that you would like the people that you do not attract all.And then your destiny - or settle for short-term and unstable relationships with those who are not quite like you and those whom you do not like or be alone.
  • Such questions reveal a discrepancy of a man who visualizes a new world with life in this world .When you visualize your new reality, you have to visualize yourself as a part of this new reality, as a person that can attract and enjoy all of these desired things.This means that You must continue to work on themselves and on their growth and development.
  • The same applies to money and career.Think about what kind of person you need to be to attract and enjoy all the abundance that you so want to have a new reality.What amount of money for you is great?And if you can have it and dispose of the money, or seep through your fingers like water?

when you are rendering the new desired reality, do so in full, presenting a complete picture of the new world.In your visualization should be harmony between what you draw and what attracts you.Very often, people here do typical mistakes - trying to attract the flow of money without creating new values ​​or love relationship, not being themselves loving and attractive partner.

Law of Attraction works quickly and effectively when there is harmony in the intent.In the opposite case, the results may be minimal or even negative.

Record your visualization

to consolidate the results of visualization, it is necessary to sit down and write the whole picture of your new world and a new life is so detailed and clear as possible.For this purpose, you can use the board to visualize pictures and images of the desired objects.

For example, if you want to attract into your life a new partner, try to paper to describe in detail all of its quality. detailed description of your new reality on paper helps you see this as a real reality, it helps to believe in it. And when a new reality becomes real, people in this reality, too, are real and not imaginary archetypes.Real people have a height and weight, they may be left-handed, to be unshaven, they wear certain clothes.And they have a unique personality.

And if you happen to slip into a new reality, be sure to notice all these details.All this will be in front of you.Do it in front of him.Create a reality in your mind. Clarity creates trust, which generates strong and stable vibration.

and regularly practice these techniques of visualization in their current life. The more you engage in visualization, the sharper and clearer the picture will be your desired peace , which ultimately will create a new emotional state that you wish to have.

Based on the article by Steve Pavlina

Original article: How to Visualize Your New Reality

Prepared by: Natalia Yakovleva

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