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Beautiful statuses about mum.

every day are becoming increasingly popular beautiful statuses about my mother, which you can place on their pages on social networks.The diversity of the options easy to choose the words that will reflect your real attitude to the very native to you man.

Updates about my mother: a compilation of statements with the meaning

Beautiful statuses about mum.

  • «Indeed adults become not when he had a desire to do everything in spite of my mother, and at the moment when he begins to realize that she wasrights. "
  • «The biggest mountain in the world - this is when your mother begins to cry, and you are not able to something to help her and you can not comfort."
  • «In the world there is only one person that sincerely happy when you feel good and you could succeed - this is your mother.And that it will sincerely mourn when you feel sad. "
  • «mother - the only person in the world who is willing to act on any of their own child and the only one able to replace it all.But no one will be able to replace it, even if it tried hard. "
  • «The heart of a woman who gave birth to their child grows and is ready to create miracles for the sake of her baby."
  • «Mom, thank you for having given birth to and nourished me, and for all that has given me, for your care, tenderness and love."
  • «Do not be angry at my mother and tell her hurtful words, even in the heat of an argument.It's one accidentally thrown word capable not just hurt and beat the mother's loving heart. "
  • «Mother - is the one who deserves the sincere love."
  • «hard to live without my mother and everything starts to seem gray and dull.There is not a man of his native and beloved than my mother. "
  • «No one can so well understand their own child as a mother."

Updates about my mother: nice words about the loved one

Beautiful statuses about mum.

  • «mother's heart you need to put a very large and beautiful monument."
  • «Take care of the mother's heart, because no one else would you so much and truly love."
  • «Sometimes my mother is very annoying constant moralizing, so grow up, you begin to constantly postponed a meeting with her and find it more interesting to do.However, because in a moment my mother can not be in our lives, and nothing will be impossible to correct already.You can not rewind time back.Therefore, you should always take care of my mother and give back not care less. "
  • «My mother is leaning male guest is coming soon, and flailing cup promises only happiness.It's because my mom really wants to be happy, and her hospitality makes us believe in omens whole family. "
  • «Sometimes it seems that the mother did not simply can not and does not want to understand what feelings in my heart.But this is not so, because the soul of the mother and child is much closer than it might seem. "
  • «In my life a lot of friends, maybe a few men, and sometimes stepfathers.But my mother - one single and for all. "
  • «Maternal love can work miracles - it is absolutely unique and all-forgiving, becoming similar to the eighth, the unknown wonder of the world."
  • «mother's love knows no change.Mom - it's the only man who with all his heart and soul devoted to her child. "
  • «The most difficult job - to be a mother, because she does not know, and even minute weekend respite.My mother always worries, with worry not only about their problems, but also the works of friends, relatives. "
  • «Smile mother - this is the main purpose of life."
  • «Mother heart becomes an inexhaustible source of miracles."
  • «Mom alone can replace all, but no one else can replace it."
  • «mother - this is the most grateful person in the whole world who loves his child as he is and not try to change it.It is able to forgive all the faults and mistakes only because he is in this world. "

Updates about my mother: sad phrase

Beautiful statuses about mum.

  • «Outside, the rain, and I listen to love songs, and I'm sad.And so you want to appear on the street sun, hear the voice of a native mother and forget how to be hurt. "
  • «Guys can get away or fall in love with close friends.And to cope with the pain and grief can help just one person, who will provide an opportunity to speak out and cry - this is your mother. "
  • «Do not weep at my mother, because she is much more painful tears of her child."
  • «Sometimes the inscriptions are so bored in social networks," Do you like my mother, then click the class. "If you really love your mother, just Come out of your computer and help her. "
  • «It is very sad and hard to see your mother cry and realize that nothing can help her grief."
  • «hard to live without my mother, everything starts to seem gray and colorless.After all, my mother is the best and loyal friend, ready to support in the most difficult moment, and you will never reproach bylymi errors and misconduct. "
  • «Among the cruel and selfish people, you begin to understand how important for you people my mother."
  • «the world could be so much better if everyone suddenly began to behave as if they are now watching my mother."

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Love to Mom difficult to express in words.It is a feeling that lives in every human heart.But sometimes, to find the right phrase, you can open the world at least some of its faces.In any case, your mom will be very pleased if you mention about his love for her page on the social network.Especially if you live far away from each other.