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How to work with the chakras: the method tsvetomeditatsii

Activate the work of the chakras - energy centers - and to harmonize the different areas of your life will tsvetomeditatsiya.It will strengthen the body, to get rid of diseases, cleansed of negative energy, maintaining performance.For its practitioners turn on quiet music, relax, take a comfortable position, close your eyes and visualize and prepare to recite affirmations (you can optionally use audiovariant text).

Meditation on Red

Meditation Muladhara disclosure is performed to attract stability and material prosperity, improve the work of the kidneys, the liver, the body's activation, stimulation of the circulatory system .Imagine a red ball of fire.Stretch out your hands, take it in your hand and feel its life-giving force.Feel how the body is filled with warmth, which warms every cell of the body, giving her the healing life force.You are filled with confidence, belief in the correctness of his actions, cleaned of all unnecessary.Soak up the energy of red.Stay for some time in the sea of

​​energy ball, and then thanked him for the strength he has given you.Say calm confident voice: "I'm getting the support of the universe.I attracted people and the events that lead to happiness and well-being.I find it easy to achieve success.I deserve the best! ".

Meditation orange

Revitalization Svadhishthana applied for problems in relationships with people, stiffness in the expression of emotions, a creative crisis, as well as diseases of the pancreas, respiratory system, spleen .Imagine orange.His warm energy brings a feeling of lightness, freedom, courage.Light orange, penetrating into the body, restores your organs, strengthens the nervous and immune systems.You are separated from the fear and the complexes and dissolved in this stream of light.For you, nothing is impossible.You feel happy about life and delight.Say: "I live in harmony with the world, under his protection.I'm working on the event and attracts success.I am free to express their feelings.I deserve to be happy, loved and thriving! ".

Meditation on yellow

Manipur Working with beneficial effects on leadership development and faith in their own strength, strengthens the nerves, improves the functioning of the brain, gall bladder, lymphatic system .Visualize yellow, a golden ray.Feel how it gets inside you, energizes freedom and harmony.It makes you kinder, gentler, more tolerant people.You are filled with a sense of optimism and joy.You feel how the universe gives you wealth and prosperity.Say to yourself, "My life - a bright and cheerful, and I enjoy it!Abundance and prosperity flow into my life.I'm filled with energy of joy. "

Meditation on Green

Disclosure heart center helps to learn to give and receive love, to care, improving health, has a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland.Imagine a bright green color.You walk into the old forest, smell the leaves feel soft grass under our feet and fills a deep sense of peace.Green penetrates inside the body, fills his healing energy, regenerating life-giving health and youth.Thank him for his warmth and peace.Say, "I love myself, and this beautiful world.My life is full of tenderness, warmth, charity care.I loved.Inside me is beating strong and good heart. "

Meditation on blue

Balancing work Visuddhi helps in difficulties with self-expression and communication, treats diseases of the throat, ligaments, lips .Visualize a blue light, the color of pure spring sky.You merge with it.Every cell in your body saturate blue light.You feel as enhanced intuition, and you see a hidden, secret, tayascheesya in sky-blue radiance.You know the world, you feel your connection with him and finds some of his strength.You are full of energy of freedom, confidence and power.Say to yourself, "I am strong.I am the mistress of my life.With love and gratitude, I allow my life to provide all necessary.I can solve any problem.Around me there is always a healing atmosphere of health, energy and joy. "

Meditation on blue

Meditation reveals Ajna and beneficial effects on the thyroid, respiratory and blood circulation helps rapid healing of wounds .Imagine a deep blue color.You're sitting on the beach: quiet splashing waves, gentle breeze blowing, screaming gulls away.Before you open the infinite water surface, and you feel the greatness of life.You breathe deeply and inhale the energy of blue, merging with its flow.In you is born the desire to know the truth and the attainment of harmony with the world.Disappear fear and tension.You absorb the energy of light forces, which confer wisdom, wisdom, knowledge of the Universe.Say: "I am well.In front of me I opened many opportunities.I am one with life and accept it with love wisdom. "

Meditation on purple

Revitalization Sahasrara helps in understanding the spiritual path communicates with the higher powers, eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, inflammatory processes in the body .Imagine a soft purple color.Immerse yourself in its glow and feel peace of mind, strength, confidence and peacefulness.You merge with the universe and feel responsible for this world.Vivifying warmth spreads throughout the body and brings a burst of energy, a sense of the universal power of generosity and purity.Say to yourself: "I'm enjoying every moment of life.I am free.I love the whole world.I'm safe.Everything that's going on right and has its own meaning.I am one with the divine source. "

in a state of harmony

Stay for a while in a relaxed state.Enjoy the peace and thank yourself for the work done.Try to remember this feeling of purity, harmony, freedom and think back to it on occasion.Practice tsvetomeditatsiyu 2-3 times a week, and you will see how the energy of different colors miraculous cures your body and your soul.

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