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Diet ladder: reviews and results.

Diet ladder - one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose weight.Thanks to the easy portability, diversity and short-term, this diet was to the liking of many girls.If you believe the reviews, in 5 days you can lose up to 8 kg and save this result for a long time.The name of the diet is not accidental: each day has its own name and corresponds to the 1st stage.

Diet ladder: menu

Diet ladder: reviews and results

  1. 1 day - cleaning.On this day you must drink 6 tablets of activated charcoal 1 liter of clean drinking water without gas, eat 1 kg of ripe apples.
  2. Day 2 - recovery.You can afford 600 g fat-free yogurt, drink 1 liter of low-fat yogurt and 1 liter of clean drinking water without gas.
  3. Day 3 - energy.It is necessary to eat 300 grams of raisins and 2 tablespoonshoney and drink 2 liters of compote of dried fruits.
  4. 4 -Building day.In your menu that day should enter 500 grams of meat turkey or chicken with herbs.You can boil, bake or put out the meat.Do not forget about 1 liter of water without gas.
  5. Day 5 - burning.You can eat 200 grams of porridge in the salted water without sugar and oil, 1 kg of any fruit and vegetables in their raw form and drink 1 liter of clean drinking water without gas.

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ladder - step diet: the essence and principles

diet consists of 5 days - steps that have distinctive features.Ladder easily transfer psychologically, t. To. Each stage not only closer to the desired mark on the scale, but also to solve certain problems in the body.You can draw a ladder on a piece of paper, stick it on the fridge and every day to celebrate it their achievements and plans.

Unlike others. Diets, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can repeat the ladder once again.In spite of this, too frequent repetition is not recommended, otherwise you can ruin your stomach.Diet can not during an exacerbation of chronic diseases during pregnancy and lactation.

days must necessarily follow each other in a strictly specified sequence, they can not be interchanged or combined with one another.Any deviation from the system, start the diet from the beginning.

Ladder is a strict low-calorie diet, so you need to eat 5 - 7 times a day.Thanks to abundant drink, your intestines will be cleaned, and the body is saturated by fraud.

Diet ladder: reviews and results

  • first day is the most important in the diet.It not only cleanses the stomach and intestines from toxins, toxins, salts and other heavy. Decay products, but also prepares the body for the next stages.Choosing apples that day is not accidental.They contain natural fiber, which absorbs toxins, pectin - displays body fat, pesticides and so on. Noxious substances.To cleanse even need to drink 1 tablet of activated charcoal every 2 hours.
  • 2nd day restores the intestinal microflora, improves digestion, normalizes metabolism.
  • The third day there is replenishment of glucose in the body, which is necessary for the further disintegration of fat cells.Thanks to this day avoids slowing weight loss or weight-loss process to a complete stop.
  • 4th day replenishes the body necessary for the life of the protein, which is the building blocks of bones, cells and normal blood formation.You will be able to prevent a critical loss of muscle mass and provide the necessary supply of glycogen.
  • The fifth day takes place the greatest weight loss, which is achieved by products with dietary fiber and fiber.Moreover, fibers and fiber cleans the gastro-intestinal tract of toxins, toxins and noxious salts.

To save the results achieved after the release of the ladder type diet is not more than 2 new products per day without exceeding the volume of food consumed.

During a diet, it is desirable to take vitamin and mineral complexes.

Diet ladder: Results

According to reviews, the weight on this diet goes in stages.On average, you lose 1 - 1.5 kg per day.On the last day you can lose up to 3 kg (depending on the characteristics of the organism).After completion of the diet observed decrease cravings for sweets and starchy foods, which is beneficial to the figure.

General diet results in ladder depending on the initial weight of from 5 to 8 kilograms lost.If at the end of weight loss was still overweight, but the process was postponed easily, it is possible repetition of the diet.

Diet ladder: reviews

Diet ladder: reviews and results

  • Natalia: Fairly effective diet.For her, I did not feel hunger.With it, I lost 6 kg for 5 days.
  • Alexander: Easy and simple diet.The result was not long in coming.For 5 days I lost 5.5 kg, left waist and hips.True, after the return to the usual diet for me, I gained 2.5 kg.I repeated as long as not achieve the desired result for me.
  • Angelina: She sat on a diet all the rules, but the result did not wait.For 5 days of torment, I barely dropped 1 kg.It can not Ladder came to my body?

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Diet ladder - it is an effective method of weight loss, which can achieve good results in a short period of time.Thanks to a balanced diet, your body will not feel hunger and lack of nutrients.The main thing is to comply with all the rules on the ladder, do not change the location of the day and drink plenty of fluids.Before starting the diet should consult a doctor for advice.