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Awesome Diet: What is it?

have awesome diet name can be interpreted in several ways: it reflects all the results, and not only positive.Surely its creation proved to be the hands of a girl who wishes to quickly get rid of excess weight.After the promised outcome - not less than 8 kg to 14 days.Can I use this technique without fear of harm to health?

Awesome Diet: fundamental aspects

First and foremost, you need to take into account - it is a huge list of contraindications to fucking diet, which must comply exactly.This technique is really hard is dangerous for the body, so if you want to try it, it is important to ensure there are no risks.

Awesome Diet

addition, any diet is not designed for pregnant and lactating women, fucking diet and should not be used in any field of cardiac diseases, kidney and liver.Ulcers, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases are also a contraindication to this weight loss system.Any chronic illness until hypertension is able worsen during fucking diet.

front of her, be sure to go through the prepa

ratory period at least 1-2 days.Over this period, caloric intake decreases, it remains only vegetables with fruit and low-fat fish cooked in water porridge.Such a move will simply defer further meager menu.

Awesome diet for 14 days: menu

  • 1 day .Brew-quality green tea.Sugar will not allow him, but if you want, you can take honey - 1 tsp1 Art.Allow, and lemon slice.Restrictions on the amount of alcohol consumed per day of tea there.
  • Day 2 .It is proposed to use 1% fat yogurt, but no more than 1 liter.If the taste of this drink is too unpleasant, it is not forbidden to replace it with natural yoghurt.Of course, sugar and other additives are not allowed.
  • 3 day .Held on mineral water without gas.Drink it can only 1.5 liters.
  • 4 day .Again, mineral water, but here it does not clearly specify the amount.In addition, the apple is eaten savory.It is best to bake it or simply grind.
  • 5 day .You can drink milk.Fat better retain within 2.5% volume - 1 liter.
  • 6 day .Repeat the start fucking diet - green tea, lemon and honey.
  • 7 day .Week ends with a repetition of days in milk.
  • 8 day .You can eat unsweetened apple.They are allowed only 3 pc., Size is not selected the largest.Eat raw or roasted advised.You can sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • 9 day .L 1 can drink yogurt with low fat content.
  • 10 day .Eats two large cucumber, from which you can make a salad, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice.Salt is added.
  • 11 day .You can drink high-quality green tea, slightly sweetened with honey.
  • 12 day .Again, use milk with low percentage of fat (of 1 liter).
  • 13 day. can eat apples, better acid (2x).
  • 14 day .The final step would be awesome diet mineral water in any quantity.

Awesome Diet: What is it?

awesome diet for 14 days: reviews and recommendations of doctors

course, by qualified physicians had positive feedback about the system is so tight you can not expect to lose weight.Not a registered dietitian will advise it, because it is a direct path to poor health.But if there is an urgent need to use a technique, doctors offer a few tips.

Since diet very poor, not only in terms of nutritional value, but also on a number of nutrients required for a period of weight loss buy pharmacy vitamins.Better if it will be a full-fledged complex.

not excluded disruption to the metabolism that can lead to the return of weight.For this reason, doctors recommend to organize a competent way, similar to the one administered after fasting.After an awesome diet in its essence, is similar to it.Output will last just as much as the very method of weight loss.In this case two weeks.And during this period calorie foods and dishes should rise very slowly.For the whole period there remains a need for small portions, refuse to eat before going to bed.

1-3 days to base the diet is low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and yogurt.As well as plant food, but no roughage.For example, pumpkin and zucchini, of which is mashed after cooking.The same is done with sour varieties of apples.By the end of 3 days is allowed to cook a little soft porridge on the water: it can be congee or porridge made of thin flakes.

With 4 days entered eggs (1 pc. Per day), vegetable broths, and others. Fruits and vegetables: carrots, cabbage, persimmon.With 7 days, you can add sour cream and butter, cheese.Here begins to use salt.

meat is advisable not to include in the menu to the end of the exit, or to put it in the diet for 12-14 days, and by the lightest version: chicken fillet, lean veal.It certainly is boiled and crushed.The amount of servings - 100 g In addition to being a way out of the fucking diet will allow the body to adapt to the roughage, it is also to consolidate the results.

Diet awesome: reviews and slimming results

Awesome Diet: reviews

reviews fucking try out a diet largely negative.Excess weight, of course, go active.The girls with a little overweight after 3-4 days disappeared 1.5-2 kg.Although after this "plummet" to slow down, and by the end of 7 days in total amounted to only 4 kg.This is a good outcome for short-term method.But you managed to lose 8 kg in 14 days as promised by the creators of the unknown.And all because almost no one fully reached.

The awesome reviews on diet women unanimously agreed that the system is too rigid.In liquids nice to spend fasting days, but not weeks.At 5 days, according to one of hudevshih appeared uncontrollable hunger.Lose concentration, greatly reduce performance.

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All of this suggests that the awesome diet - not the most secure method.And yet, no woman finds it unacceptable to take 1-3 days from the general scheme and clean the body.After that generally performs soft output, which lasted 3-4 days, too.I lose, of course, not 8 kg, but went 1-2.In addition, there is the effect of detoxification.

If you've decided that without fucking diet can not do, be sure to find out whether you have a chronic illness.Try to do it minimally acceptable for a period not to forget about the right way and taking vitamins.Only in this way will be able to lose weight on a rigid method, without harming health.

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