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How to make a thin waist?

onset of the holiday season is marked by the question, familiar to every woman: how to reduce waist in a week?Often so much time left before the long-awaited vacation and a trip to the sea, but sometimes brings physical form.

So how to achieve results?Get thin waist, can be achieved by targeted training, and regular and permanent!"Magic" methods, which guarantee fast results and do not need to do anything - are ineffective.

How to make a thin waist?

shaped waist, size plays a role not only heredity and the type of shape and overweight.But, despite all these factors, a couple of extra centimeters still possible to remove.

How to reduce waist size: proper nutrition

On the way to the perfect waistline there are several steps that need to go in order to achieve long-term results.First of all you need to drastically change the diet and nutrition in general.

To remove the extra inches around the waist, you need to not only cut calories, but also to go further.Exclude or, conversely, to include in the diet of those products,

which will help in achieving the goal.Meals must in any case be a full and varied.

menu should be present zhiry.Oni come in several types, pay attention to the monounsaturated, which are contained in foods such as avocados, nuts.

the list of banned food should get crackers, cookies, muffins, and any products made from dough.By the way, these products also affect the teeth and often the cause of tooth decay.

The diet should include foods that contain large amounts of fiber.These include apples, oats, cherries and so forth.

How to reduce waist size: exercise

How to make a thin waist?

To achieve the full result can not do without the load on the muscles.Fitness trainers are advised to give the burden not only to the press, and on the whole body.

options training, special exercises very much.For example, the method can be used as a Pilates exercise with its famous "100".Correct and consistent implementation of this exercise gives a great result.

  1. The starting point is the emphasis lying on his back.There are three degrees of difficulty of this exercise, it is best to start with a degree - "beginner."To do this, raise the legs at an angle of 90 degrees and, blades tearing off the floor, begin to swing sideways outstretched arms.Due to the raised legs and body, load is the abdominal muscles and press.But through the work of the hands, tighten obliques.Number 100 is a multiple hand movements, hence the name.Gradually, after a week, you can increase the degree of difficulty and move to the middle load conditions, this leg should be at an angle of 60 - 70 degrees.The most sophisticated level when the legs are at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. a great workout for the oblique abdominal muscles can be called a rotation.You can do the exercises with auxiliary facilities, such as a hoop, hula-hoop.One need only 10 minutes a day to twist hula-hoop and just a month will be noticeable result is not only at the waist and hips.
  3. Carrying out exercises, for example, you can use the weighting - Dumbbell.But it is better to give preference to low weight, important relief, not the volume.

tempo training should be increased gradually.Do not think that doing a weekly rate of 1 times, quicker results appear.

How to reduce waist in Photoshop?

picture is somewhat different from real life.In order to have a perfect figure and thin waist in the photo are not necessarily exhaust yourself diets and workouts in the gym.One need only take advantage of the special program, and the result is ready!If done efficiently, even the most pretentious expert will not be able to suspect the adjustment.

How to make a thin waist?

If the ownership of the program Photoshop is poor, it is not necessary to set challenges.Start with small changes, otherwise you can lose a significant effect of realism.And if there is a purpose beneficial to show a figure that initially it should be in an advantageous light.

  • In order to reduce the waist, you must use a filter - "plastic".This feature can be found in the general menu "Filter".In an open set of features, there are tools and settings.In order to adjust the shape necessary to use only the "deformation" and "wrinkling".
  • With "Warp" can gradually change the shape of the image by sliding the highlighted area in the necessary, if not violated the integrity of the image.Using this action, reminiscent of the movement of the brush - you need to choose the desired diameter and start drawing.
  • «Wrinkling" operates differently, though, and has among its various parameters of the brush diameter.Within its activities, iean area that is covered by brush, image shrinks towards the center, around the entire circumference.
  • In order to achieve the desired result initially using "Warp" is necessary to create the desired contour - outline the waist.After using the "wrinkling" of the need to pull the waist silhouette edges to the center.It is through "wrinkling" can make clothes realism, after distortion.
  • operate the tool "plastic" in any case inevitable distortion of the surrounding area photo.To avoid this, you can use a special tool freezing.Or, after you edit the image, and waist in particular to rebuild the background.

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no limit to perfection, but it should strive.In achieving these goals important to avoid fanaticism and not focus on the waist glamorous beauty standards.It is worth remembering about the realities of the human anatomy and proportions in general.Even notorious benchmark 90 - 60 - 90, is not the figures, namely the difference between the breasts, waist and hips.Ideal proportions may be at higher rates.

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