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How to remove belly fat after giving birth?

Motherhood - it is fun, but after pregnancy should be a recovery period when the body returns to normal after carrying a baby.The main problem is a noticeable belly, which is hard to remove.This is often the subject of unnecessary stress and feelings for a young mother.So how do you bring back the old form again and make a flat tummy?

abdomen after childbirth: especially the female body

According to many women who get results and make a flat stomach can only total weight loss.But like kgs leave, but the figure does not become perfect - all the tummy is not going away.What to do?

When losing weight you need to take into account the features of the female body.Even at the optimal weight, adipose tissue may be distributed correctly and evenly.Even thin women can have very decent tummies.Therefore, in order to achieve the ideal form, it is important to weight ratio and body weight, namely the quantity of body fat.

How to remove belly fat after giving birth?

to women's health can be considered quite normal figures in 23 - 24% fat, of this am

ount 10 - 12% accumulates in the chest, inner thighs.But the trained athletes are only 10 - 15% fat.

Over beremennostiiz of hormonal changes, increased body fat.This is necessary in order to protect the fetus from the negative effects of the environment.For these reasons, the fat layer is formed in the abdomen.And after the birth of crumbs, the muscles gradually returning to normal, but the oil can stay.

How to remove belly fat after giving birth: when to start?

So what to do in order to reduce the percentage of body fat and at the same time increase the strength and tone the abdominal muscles.In achieving this goal can not be avoided only by means of weight loss, a comprehensive approach - proper diet, exercise, drinking regime and so forth.

Many women after giving birth, even at discharge from the hospital, they want to look at 100% and have a flattummy.But do not hurry.In order to not cause damage to their health, it is worth the wait.

after natural childbirth, exercise is possible only after 1,5 - 2 months.If the delivery was carried out by Caesarean section, it is possible to practice sports only after 2 - 2.5 months, not before.

If you ignore this limitation, the adverse effects do not take long to wait.The most probable and can rather be attributed - divergence of joints that can be imposed for cesarean section or at break, increased intra-abdominal pressure and prolapse of the vaginal walls.For these reasons, you should not hurry with physical exertion.

Individual attention, various kinds of diets.

women who adhere to breastfeeding, they are generally contraindicated.It can be assumed only dietary restrictions, but no more.Abandoning some products, much less eating the, mother harms not only itself, but also the body kid who just does not get the required amount of nutrients.Under dietary restrictions meant the rejection of high-calorie foods - sweets, fatty and fried.

How to remove belly sagged after childbirth: the exercise

How to remove belly fat after giving birth?

The work on a need to train not only a certain group of muscles and the entire body.It is better to buy a subscription to the gym and engage individually with an instructor.But at home, these exercises are quite feasible.

objective: to achieve a flat stomach, so the emphasis is on the muscles of the abdominal wall.Done properly, if it acts quite a bit, but the abdomen remains flat.But if the muscles are weak, then the stomach will bulge and sag.

to improve the tone, you can do the exercises, which are divided into 4 types:

  1. load on the lower press - footwork, when the body is stationary.Legs must be lowered and raised, bend, straighten.You can also perform a circular, cross traffic.
  2. body work at fixed legs - lifting, lowering, turning and so on. These movements can be strengthened by the upper press.
  3. Jobs torso and legs - in this case, the training included the majority of the abdominal muscles.
  4. twisted or cross footwork and the body, in this case, working the obliques.

Before starting any exercise, you need to warm up.Classes should be gradual, do not overwork.

Sports halls can offer a wide range of classes and sections that will help to improve the figures.One of the most popular methods is fitness, Pilates and shaping course.

The most important purpose of improving the shaping recognized figures with the help of exercises.He took all the best from aerobics and athletic gymnastics.Shaping - a tool body sculptor.

How to remove belly fat after giving birth?

For a young mother, of course, has its pluses and minuses in such training.On the one hand, to engage in exercises will help your figure and go to the goal.But with the other. Hand, a small child, and some circumstances may affect the regularity of attendance.

How to remove belly fat after giving birth: reviews

  • Exploring the women's forums and personal opinions of mothers of newborns, you can come to one conclusion - the work on its own figure can not be complete without dietary restrictions.It's worth repeating - lactating women, all diets are contraindicated!
  • But no where not to go, have to give up night snacking and baking.In the post-natal diet refers only to limit the food and maintaining the principle of a healthy diet.
  • The first step is to try to eat at the same time.Best of all fractional increase meals 5 - 6 times a day.At the same time reducing the portions.
  • Of particular note is the salt in the diet of women.Most nutritionists recommend eating salt in a bowl rather than under her cooking.In this case, its use is reduced.
  • most important thing - do not bite, even the fruit was not a full meal.

Losing belly fat after giving birth: Video

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If all the recommendations in a couple of months you will see results.During this time, the abdominal muscles will get stronger and be able to hold the abdominal wall.In addition to a flat stomach, slim waist and return.But to achieve the results do not relax - they do not last forever!It is important to continue studies to consolidate the achieved effect.

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