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How thin Julia Nachalova?

Show business has always dictates its own laws for each participant system.Unfortunately, gone are the days when it was clear voice is a guarantee that the singer become famous and popular.In our time it requires a beautiful "decoration" to match the voice of the scenic image of the performer and his dancers, backing vocals.Julia Nachalova tried many recipes for weight loss, before selecting the most appropriate for your body.

First of all, according to Julia, it is important to understand the needs of the organism, its features.Based on the famous diets, through trial and error, determined by an individual program for each person.You can always depart from a few staple foods and see whether the changes at the same weight and volume of the body.

How thin Julia Nachalova?

experiments with food for weight loss.Tips from Julia Nachalova

For maximum effect, select the number of "unloading" days a week, when food is taken only lettuce. To improve the taste, lettuce can sprinkle with lemon juice or lime juice, season with a sm

all amount of olive oil.For a change, allowed the use of grated cheese (eg Parmesan).Because liquid should drink sufficient quantity of purified water per day (2.5 L) and pineapple juice (1 L).

During pregnancy, Julia Nachalova, like most women gain extra weight, which did not leave after the birth.Television cameras have the ability to "add" a few kilos during the shoot.It is quite an ordinary person might look a little plumper.What can we say about full-bodied person ... So in addition to his "unloading" days the singer has decided to exclude from the daily diet sweet, flour, bananas, potatoes, sodas.If possible, try to eat Julia steamed or cooked dishes, occasionally - baked in the oven.The diet has added a lot of fresh vegetables and rich in fiber.Principles of separate food round out the basic rules of food intake.

Julia Nachalova thin, paying much attention to the sport!

How thin Julia Nachalova?

Dieting strengthened visiting singer gyms, swimming pools and hiking.Not just to lose weight, says Nachalova.It is necessary to maintain muscle, follow the elasticity of the skin, the body has become beautiful shape.To consolidate the results can not rest on our laurels and continue to work on them.

more nerve shocks can turn a beautiful harmony in a terrible thinness.It should quieter relate to life's troubles, protect the nerves.When Julia was going through a divorce Nachalova Dmitry Latanskim, then it began to look not the best way.Friends sympathized tormented singer with an agreed weight of 43 kg with his height of 165 cm. Obsessive thoughts about weight loss led to the depletion of Julia and habit to eat only apples and lettuce.After the beginning of the problems with the kidneys, she reviewed her style food, listened to the needs of the body, ceased to torment yourself and developed the basic principles of healthy eating.How thin Julia Nachalova rapidly recovered and if desired "correct" figure.After receiving an acceptable weight 54 kg, she stopped there and decided to maintain the optimal ratio of all the parameters of your body.

can say that the result of diet Julia Nachalova generally depends not only on the selectivity of food consumed, but also on the active exercise with a positive attitude.Thanks to its slimming singer continued a successful career, and again began to appear on the covers of glossy magazines.

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