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Kornelia Mango thin: it achieve this?

Cornelia Mango - a former member of the musical project "Star Factory 7", now a popular singer.She always distinguished cheerful disposition and character clockwork.However, the problem of excess weight from that will not go away.Fortunately, with the right techniques and diets almost any shape can be put in order, and that made Cornelius.Today, many women want to know the secret of her weight loss.

Kornelia Mango before and after

Kornelia Mango thin Kornelia Mango thin

Cornelia was born in 1986 in Astrakhan.Extraordinary and remarkable appearance of the singer owes his parents.In her veins flows a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, African and Tatar blood.Mother Cornelia - Tatar, and his father - the Portuguese, so her whole life passed between the two cities: Astrakhan and Lisbon.

on "Star Factory" Woman seriously interested in jazz vocals.She sings in the style of soul and R'n'B, performing in clubs and concert halls.In all its endeavors, Cornelius seeks to achieve maximum success, so do not throw started midway.

Since childhood, Cornelia had serious problems with being overweight, but she never worried about it.She always took itself for what it is.Cornelia never limit yourself to food, t. To. Love to eat.The singer did not hesitate to show themselves and their talents across the country, pokorivzriteley his vocal.

But singing was not enough for the girl, because she still loves to dance.When her physique to do it was not easy.That's when Cornelius came to the conclusion that it is time to take on yourself and lose weight.So she turned to the famous vrachuMihailu Ginzburg, who was for her the right diet.

In total, the singer managed to lose 20 kg, which is evident in the photographs.Currently, Cornelia looks very harmonious: it is not thin, but not complete.She appetizing forms and fine figure.

Kornelia Mango: Diet

Kornelia Mango thin Kornelia Mango thin

  • Slimming star of "American Idol" has used a diet low in fat, composed for her by Michael Ginsburg.It is said that Cornelia had even master a steamer, which helped her to cook healthy meals with minimal fat.In Cornelia Mango diet there are several basic principles that must be followed unquestioningly.
  • necessary to limit fat intake to 20 grams per day.Their amount in the products may be calculated by a special table.
  • included in the diet no longer starchy vegetables, which include: lettuce, dill, parsley, sorrel, green part of celery, asparagus, artichokes core, turnips, arugula, bamboo shoots, okra, spinach, cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage (white cabbagebroccoli, Brussels sprouts), onions (onions, leeks, chives, onions bearish, green onions), bell peppers, green beans and peas, tsukkini.Krome, it is important to eat foods rich in protein.These include lean meat (chicken, turkey), pollock, hake, ling, seafood, low-fat dairy products.
  • At breakfast should drink a special cocktail "Doctor Slim" - a protein-carbohydrate drink to replace one of the meals.To reduce the number of calories you need to drink 1 tbsp.cocktail "Doctor Slim" before dinner.
  • When hungry between meals, snacking can be a low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt or porridge on the water.
  • In exceptional cases, you can afford a piece of marshmallow, marshmallows, jelly or some dried fruit.
  • Prerequisite diet - avoiding harmful products.You can not eat refined, contain extra carbohydrates and fats products, and fried, smoked, salty, fat, flour and fast food.
  • dieting, you should drink plenty of fluids, do not have at least 2 PVOs sleep, maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • During the diet, Cornelia heavily involved in sports.Because of the excess weight at the beginning of weight loss, the singer could not deal with at the gym and run, therefore limited water aerobics and dance.If you believe the words of Cornelia, the load in the water - it's a great way to combine sport and fun.It is also known that the singer did not miss the opportunity to skate, which also contributes to weight loss.

Kornelia Mango thin: Photo

Kornelia Mango thin Kornelia Mango thin

Kornelia Mango thin Kornelia Mango thin

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Cornelius believes that no one diet will not help if you do not believe and do not love yourself.You should now have an incentive that will inspire the exploits to help, not to be broken during the diet and make exercise even during the holidays.Without losing weight will be a real incentive to torture and torment, you will only be torturing your body, but will not achieve the desired results.Take on arming Cornelia Mango diet to lose weight, become slim and attractive.