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Diet Elena Malysheva

Elena Malysheva - leading television program "Health", a renowned expert in the field of dietetics.Her diet was recognized by men and women, not only in Russia but also in the world.To her advice heeded not only ordinary viewers, but the stars of show business.

Elena Malysheva tells how to effectively lose weight without harm to health and the future remain permanently in getting great shape.She is faced with the problem of excess weight, so all stages of weight loss took place itself, refusing favorite foods.Elena sure the fat man not only looks unattractive, but also attracts the whole "bouquet" of disease: this disease of the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system, as well as cancer, diabetes and others.

Diet Elena Malysheva

Since Elena Malysheva is a great doctor, the main rule - do not harm the body !Therefore, one of the rules of diet Elena Malysheva - no hunger strikes and drastic weight loss!She advises on the day to drop about 500 mg of fat.

She says: "Yes, oddly enough.Starvation only to moti

vate the body to that with the beginning of food intake will accept it accumulate - so to speak, on a rainy day, when it will again begin to starve.Therefore, if you decide to fight obesity, you need all the time to feed the body, so he relaxed and did not hoarding.It is possible so: three main meals and two between them.It is necessary to chew there.We need your body to say: "I feed you, please eat."

Diet Elena Malysheva - a system of power in which it pays great attention to calorie (per day no more 1200kalory), quality and composition of selected products.She advises carefully study the composition, appearance and shelf life of products.The main cause harm to the body - spoiled and also containing contaminants (colorants, preservatives) products.

Elena Malysheva believes that people dependent on food products that we see in stores, filed with the calculation of the fact that we bought as much as possible.

This project Elena Malysheva will help you understand what we eat.

diet Elena Malysheva

«In the morning I take oatmeal and pour boiling water over it.It was filled, and not cook.There you can rub an apple, add some berries.You can eat in the morning more low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.This breakfast at 8 am.The next main meal - in 12 hours.For lunch necessarily need protein - meat or fish with any greens.For dinner, eat well some salad vegetables.You can wash it down with low-fat yogurt.You can eat an egg.Dinner to be held no later than seven in the evening.Between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, in the middle, so that the left and right were two hours you can eat two apples, two mandarin and other fruit. "

Diet Elena Malysheva

Remove the fat from the meat.

Many people can not imagine their life without meat, so Elena Malysheva gives some tips on how to reduce the proportion of fat in it.

few recommendations:

Use a spoon.When frying meat or pour oil on the eye, and cut a piece of butter you like.Use the measuring spoon, you can control and reduce the consumption of fat!

  1. Fish, bloom, turkey.Cut a piece of meat from your skin and all visible will become a dietary!
  2. Avoid frying .Cook food for a couple or bake in the oven!
  3. Forget fast food .If you dine out, buy the best fruit or nuts, you satisfy your hunger and not harm the figure.

So diet from Elena Malysheva using simple rules will help you not only lose weight but also to purify and heal the body.


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