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Diet Dikulja.

Almost all the known world are focused on the diet, to move the arrow to the left on the scale.But techniques, the use of which may even kgs add it does not take away the right to life.Only it will be the "correct" muscle weight.For one of such systems include Dikulja protein diet for weight loss, which has much in common with sports, "drying" of the body.

French diet for Dikulja: key principles techniques

Diet Dikulja

In most cases, food restriction, diets exhibited next to hardly allow to perform everyday activities such as walking and light motor activity during the work or school day.The system has already become a famous doctor, in contrast, will operate for the most part only when you connect physical activity, and, the nature of power and bulk.

where the main task appears not to bring the figure to the fragile state, and the substitution of fat mass muscle, whereby, as mentioned, the weight may increase.But this body will still look much more attractive than at a low weight, but with a predominance

of fat mass.

essence of this technique is based on a complete revision of the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.The latter category either negated or included in the diet in a minimum volume.The main role will play the first part of the three, the share of which increased.The total caloric intake will decrease the required 15-20%.

Thus begins to unfold the following scheme: protein intake will be used to build muscle tissue and the body, which is nowhere to get energy, will begin to process already accumulated "strategic stocks" in the form of fat.In addition, the processing of the protein need more energy than the same process for carbohydrates.And exercise provide increase in the deficit of calories and develop muscle.

But before you do a diet Dikulja their way of life in the coming week should see a doctor.Despite the fact that the procedure is not included in the category of a starvation diet, it is noticeable clear imbalance by cutting the proportion of carbohydrates.Increasing the amount of protein foods a strain on the pancreas and others. Digestive organs.

It's not scary at a healthy body, but not desirable for serious gastrointestinal diseases.In addition, experts advise not to resort to any protein patterns, including diet Dikulja, during the warmer months.The heat creates an additional burden on all the internal system.

Diet Dikulja: dietary recommendations

said earlier that this technique has a lot in common with the classic sports "drying".This is particularly evident on the menu, which is, however, somewhat softer short of sports nutrition.And yet, it should be used with extreme caution, and to stretch the duration of the diet Dikulja not worth it.

But that is peculiar to the human diet with increased exercise, fasting is not necessary.Calorie menus actually decent.

red marker, you can cross out any sources of "empty" carbohydrates.This is all kinds of fast food, all foods containing sugar - confectionery, sweets.Although the diet is not forbidden to use Dikulja cereal group, Quick-cooking cereals are not included here.In addition to this are processed cereals, depriving them of valuable substances, there are cases of adding flavorings, various flavor enhancers, and all of that sugar.As to the bread, then its appearance on the table is permissible only in very rare cases.

Diet Dikulja

main products are asked to bring to the table while Dikulja diet is meat and fish, whose fat content is not critical.From the standpoint of reducing the burden for the pancreas and liver, of course, better to choose a meatless varieties.And for reasons of weight reduction dwell on it makes no sense.All the more so if the fat content of meat can still be a negative point, the fat content of the fish - not.

are important in the diet, and eggs not ogranichivayuschiesyakurinymi.Physicians are advised to use in food and quail, though they have a higher energy value.But you must keep in mind that more than 3-4 pieces.per night is best not to drink.

Along with them is a dairy group that are equally useful and cheese, and curd, and other of its elements.Again, their fat is not critical.The main factor - natural, especially true for yogurt.The correct product contains no "chemistry" and has at least 107 CFU per 1 g of the product.

Dikulja slimming diet menu, and cocktail recipe

Be based diet is animal and vegetable sources of protein, as well as a certain proportion of vegetables.A mandatory element is considered and a protein shake, created a special recipe.It includes 100 ml cream, which accounted for 2 tablespoonshoney and jams, as well as 500 grams of cottage cheese with 0% fat and eggs raw in the amount of 2 pieces.Mix all ingredients in a blender, and a portion of such a kind of food is used first in the morning, and then to exercise for 60-90 minutes.

Thus, daily meal plan may look like this:

an empty stomach drinks a protein shake.

  • first breakfast is a cup of herbal tea, it is advised to boil 2 eggs.If necessary, it connects to the couple toasting of bread grain.
  • serves lunch, a salad of cucumber and celery.You can replace a large unsweetened apple.
  • For dinner a piece of boiled beef and beef broth rather weak.It is best to cook without salt, but with a bow.You can take 1-2 tomato.
  • Snack represented a portion of cottage cheese with herbs.If there are evening training session, it is replaced by a cocktail.
  • best fish supper, which can be baked, and can be sent to the beef, and make it a steam meatballs.To fish suitable boiled beans.
  • also in the diet is not forbidden presence of cheese, meat, poultry, seafood.The main task - to make the mostly protein diet, this element held between 70% and 80% of the plate.The remaining 20-30% in the majority goes for vegetables.

Dikulja Diet slimming protein: a view from the

Diet Dikulja

include all aspects of diet Dikulja should be noted that it is suitable not only for the active physical activity, when an adjustment ratio of muscle and fat mass.Such a system is used in the case of a temporary stay in a supine position, when necessary to prevent muscle atrophy.However, since a technique to operate without movement will not be performed simultaneously with the restorative elements to all muscle groups.

Though the technique developed by a physician, and initially it was aimed at people who wanted to restore the musculoskeletal system, to avoid the disadvantages it could not.And the main, of course, lies in the imbalance occurs due to a shift towards protein foods.

Such products, especially animal pancreas given load.In addition, the abuse of a protein without its fair share of carbohydrates after a long period comes ketoacidosis.You also can not forget about the negative impact on the kidneys.So everyone who wants to try the diet Dikulja urged to first of all consult with your doctor.

however, and there are many advantages.For example, food satiety.No risk to fall in a hungry fainting.And, most importantly, fitness during this correction system is not prohibited.Therefore, in his comments, women often say that diet Dikulja transferred very easily.And the only one having difficulty - the lack of fruit (other than apples) and sweet.

Speaking of sweet and sugar.It is because of the deficit, such a system will not work during active periods of stress, as the increased risk of developing a hypoglycemic reaction.And with the usual lack of glucose in the diet Dikulja can occasionally pamper yourself with natural marmalade, which was made on the basis of fruit juice.But such relief should be the exception rather than the constant ritual.

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Before you try a diet Dikulja on itself, carefully examine all its aspects, and consult your physician.While this technique brings less harm to health than hard monodiets, call it hard to completely secure.It acts not as a possible way of life, but as a strategic necessity in the period to bring the body in good physical shape.

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