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Pagano diet.

skin condition depends on the health of the body.Pagano diet - it is a special way of life that allows you to cope with skin diseases like psoriasis.The author of the diet is an American physician John Pagano, who developed a method specifically for people suffering from skin diseases.

Pagano diet psoriasis: Highlights

When the intestines are badly copes with its main task, toxins begin to poison the blood system.If your body is also weakened lungs and kidneys, the skin takes on the excretory function.In this case and develop dermatological diseases such as psoriasis.The main reasons for the poor performance of the intestine Pagano seen in the use of alcohol, caffeine, antibiotics, carbohydrates, hormones and harmful products.

Pagano diet

By following this diet, you:

  1. Clean your body;
  2. improve the health and condition of the skin.

In the early days of the diet aims at cleansing the body of toxins.This will help you enemas and colon hydrotherapy.The latter procedure should be performed only in medical i

nstitutions, not in beauty salons.

diet can start with the 3-day grape, citrus or apple diet, as well as a 5-day multifruit diet.Each of them must be accompanied by a daily enema.Furthermore, each morning, take 3 hours. L.olive oil.It is considered a natural laxative that is perfectly cleanses the intestines.

second phase of the diet is aimed at preventing access to the body of toxins.To do this you need to drink every day following beverages:

  • At least 6 glasses of pure water;
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice, dissolved in 1 tbsp.water.To drink, you can add a spoonful of honey.This will enhance the effect;
  • Fresh grape, pear, pineapple, orange and grapefruit juice;
  • Vegetable juices of parsley, beets, celery or carrots.Be sure to add in onion juice drink;
  • Herbal tea of ​​chamomile, safflower, slippery elm bark;
  • Stewed fruit.

Pagano diet

Pagano diet completely bans during bowel cleansing drink coffee, alcohol, soda and tomato juice.

During dieting you need to eat food that helps cleanse the intestines and support the acid-base balance of the blood.These products include:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits.Especially useful to eat figs, raisins, apricots, plums, peaches and apples.
  • products containing vitamin C. These include brewer's yeast, soy milk, rye bread, chicken, almonds, honey, turnips, broccoli, barley, wheat germ, oats, egg yolks, beets, etc.
  • Eat chicken, fish and mutton at least 4 times a week.
  • yogurts, yogurt, white cheese, yogurt and milk must be at least 30 percent of the daily diet.
  • Kashi water and bran from wheat, oats, buckwheat and wheat.
  • wholemeal bread wholemeal rye.

completely excluded from the diet:

  • spicy, fried and smoked foods;
  • confectionery and bakery products, as well as white bread;
  • milkshakes, ice cream and whipped cream;
  • Sugar and sugar products;
  • Sweets, chips, burgers, pizza, etc.

During the diet recommended to visit the baths, saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and a beautician.In addition, Pagano anticipated increase in physical activity, restriction of the stresses and surges, as well as the regulation of the body's self-purification.

Besides psoriasis diet will lead to cleanse the skin from acne, blackheads, excessive fat and other cosmetic problems.

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Diet Pagano: table

Product Types



Fruits and berries

apricots figs

grapes kiwi

peaches bananas melon

prune plum

blueberries cranberries currants

strawberry strawberries


Cabbage (all varieties)

carrots cucumbers beets

pumpkin squash

onion garlic string beans


Sometimes you can : bean


tomatoes eggplant pepper

cereals and flour products


grain bread
bran oatmeal


buckwheat barley bran

whole wheat corn meal and grits
brown and wild rice
pasta from durum wheat

white bread baked with white flour yeast pastries


white rice pasta made with white flour


mackerel, sardines

whitefish salmon trout

in baked or boiled for at least 4 times a week

any fish, fried in butter, or smoked salmon caviar

mussels squid

shrimp crabs

Meat and poultry

lamb without fat, boiled or baked - not more than 1-2 times a week

any bird boiled or baked form


beef veal

duck goose

poultry, fried in butter
poultry sausages
sausages, sausages


any eggs boiled not more than 2-3 times a week

fried eggs


all milk and milk products with reduced fat or fat-free:

milk yogurt cheese

unsalted cheese

dairy products with highfat ice cream


olive sunflower rapeseed
butter with low fat

butter with a high-fat margarine

coconut oil



any candy containing sugar and its derivatives


decoction of: watermelon seeds



alcohol brew coffee

tomato juice

Diet Pagano: reviews

  • Olga: I have a problem skin (acne, inflammation, acne, etc.).This diet is a salvation for me.2 years Practicing the power of Pagano and feel great.Posada her all family.
  • Irina psoriasis ill since childhood.For the first time I heard about a diet from a friend, and then bought a book by John Pagano "Treatment of psoriasis.The natural way. "I sit on a diet for a month, the results are there.The most difficult thing - to hold the first month, and then you get used to.
  • Marina restrictions, of course, strict, but the beauty demands victims.Although there are diets where almost nothing is impossible, and here and juices, and fruits, and meat.Food quite full.
  • Daria From Psoriasis affects more than 10 years.My body was almost completely covered by these terrible spots.I have tried almost everything from medicinal ointments to folk remedies.I start looking for information on the Internet and found this diet.After 3 months, I was just surprised.The spots began to lighten, and some have disappeared!

Diet Pagano - efficient and democratic.It allows you not only to get rid of skin diseases, but also to lose weight.To skin is completely managed to upgrade, to respect the Pagano need at least 4 weeks.The first results will appear after 2 weeks, but not worth the stop.Unlike conventional diets, it can become your permanent diet.

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