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Fasting on water: results and reviews

Fasting on the water involves a complete rejection of any products.It is allowed only to drink water, and best of all, if it is filtered or distilled.Use this to achieve different effects - health improvement and weight loss.Terms of fasting can be different and depends on them as visible and lasting results will be.

day fasting on water

day fasting on the water, as the name implies, it involves giving food a day.Duration of treatment should be at least 24 hours, and better if it is to reach 36 hours.

Fasting for one day, of course, it is less effective than long-term, but it is also good for the body.For complete recovery a good one-day waiver of food once a week.

prove if every week to arrange a one-day fasting, then go right out of it, the effect occurs, as in the long-term medical starvation. After six months - a year (depending on the original condition of the body) you will significantly improve your health.

Fasting on water: results and reviews

benefits of fasting is highly appreciated and doctors.There have been many exp

eriments that have proven therapeutic effect of this method.

to organize a one-day hunger strike if one once a week throughout the year, significantly improved body composition . Fatigue internal organs removed, cured many diseases. Empirically found that one day of fasting rejuvenates the body for 3 months! also stimulates metabolism, rejuvenates the body, slows down the aging process.

During fasting during the day the body is cleansed of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.Man feels optimistic, improves the ability to be creative.For example, John Lennon occasionally practiced a one-day hunger.

Once the hunger strike is a habit, you will not get sick, especially with colds. As a one-day fasting correctly to get maximum effect from it?

  • Firstly, the day before the hunger strike is required to give up all meat products and alcohol.It does not eat after 6 o'clock in the evening, and it is absolutely necessary to do an enema in order to avoid possible poisoning of the body decay products and toxins.
  • A day to drink 2 to 4 liters of water.Drink when you want, and then when you feel hungry.This should be done frequently, in small portions.
  • During fasting can be dizziness, weakness, nausea, headache, unpleasant odor from the mouth and tongue coating, worse mood.But we should not be frightened by the evening, these feelings are likely to be held fully come unprecedented feeling of lightness and energy.
  • After a day of fasting have passed, you must correctly exit.It is not necessary to eat the next day after the procedure, eggs, meat and dairy products.Prefer fresh vegetables and fruit, juices, boiled or steamed vegetables.In no case do not overeat!Drink plenty of water.For breakfast is best to eat a salad of shredded cabbage and shredded carrots.Ideal would be if you eat it without any refueling.
  • No way, within 2 days after the one-day fasting, do not eat any foods containing acid.It is harmful to the gastrointestinal tract.

Fasting on water: 7 days

hunger strike on the water for a week is more complicated than a day.Before you try this method, perform several times one day and three-day fasting.

For maximum effect, the procedure should be carried out her 4-5 times a year.

In no case do not overdo it with physical activity.Get plenty of rest, walk.Strong hunger can be felt in the first and second days of fasting, then this feeling will weaken.

Fasting water: 7 days

Do not forget to do an enema in the evening, before the start of a week of fasting on water.

Such fasting is best done during the holidays , as you will be difficult to work with at this time.

The day before the seven-day fasting completely excluded from their diet eggs, milk, meat, cheese, cheese products, flour and fat.It is best to eat during the day and fresh fruit, fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables.

water you can drink in any quantity, but it is important that it has been treated.

When the seven-day waiver of food come to an end, is necessary to properly get out of it.On the first day only to drink fresh juices.The next 2-3 days eat grated fresh vegetables and fruits.Then, add to the diet of bread, legumes and nuts.After one week, you can return to the usual diet.

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Fasting on the water: 21 days

hunger strike for 3 weeks, should be carried out only when your body is already accustomed to thoroughly one-day fasting and fasted for seven days.21 days - the maximum duration of the procedure.It can be completed earlier.This should be done in case if you are tormented by hunger, there were dreams about food, with no use of an enema stool and fur missing.

During the 21-day fasting should completely give up alcohol, tobacco and coffee.In no event should not take any medication.Or set them aside for later reception or start fasting only when the rate of drug administration is finished.

walks, but in moderation.Remember that you are now too little power, so forget about high physical activity, sports.

sleep should not be less than 8 hours in a well ventilated room and moisturized.

The day before the fast in the evening, skip the dinner.Make an enema of 2 liters of warm water.In the morning take a laxative (50 g of magnesium sulfate is dissolved in 1 tbsp. Of warm boiled water).

Once the hunger strike came to an end, the next day can be used diluted freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.Distilled water to dilute it at a ratio of 1: 2.For once you can drink 200-300 ml of diluted juice, drink small sips need.Per day of not more than 1 liter of finished beverage!With each passing day increases the concentration of the juice, after a while start to have grated fruits and vegetables, then go for whole fresh fruits and vegetables.Week 2, you can switch to a normal diet.

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Fasting on water: the results

Those who spent fasting on all the rules, note the following results of the procedure.

  1. complete or partial recovery of the body, internal organs work better, there is a cure for many diseases.
  2. Cleared overweight.There
  3. complete cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and others. Harmful substances.
  4. Prolonged fasting becomes noticeable rejuvenation of the body for a few years!
  5. on the body and the eyes disappears completely mesh of small vessels.
  6. Smell becomes extremely thin.
  7. completely ceases night snoring.
  8. Disappears flatulence.
  9. Fully restored structure of hair and nails.

Fasting on water: reviews

Fasting on water: reviews

  • Anna: It was a superficial gastritis, gastric cardia failure.In addition, set "lazy stomach" food for a long time to digest, I felt the gravity constant.Another was a pain in the right upper quadrant, tormented diarrhea.He fasted for 14 days.Constantly felt weak, tired all the time has been sluggish, mood changes frequently felt heaviness in the region of the gallbladder.Exit from starvation on watermelon, peach, carrot, beet and fruit and vegetable juices.Gastrointestinal tract began to work well, there is no more feeling of heaviness.
  • Olga: During fasting pus coming out on the water where possible - from the nose, ears, throat, skin pores, eye corners.It hurt everyone, especially the throat, cough tortured.There was an increase in temperature, there was a very bad breath, the whole tongue coated coating.From the unpleasant smell of sweat had nowhere to go.But, as a result, I was completely otitis, sinuses cleared, nails and hair noticeably strengthened.The skin condition improved, well, as a bonus - lost 10 kg!
  • Inessa: Fast 21 days.I lost 7 kg.It was very hard to get out of starvation!At this time, I gained more weight than it was, but tried very hard to limit yourself to the amount of food.The hair began to fall out, nails exfoliate.The complexion became gray.Fasting on water never will!
  • Faith: For 20 years I was starving for two days a week.Today, I have a wonderful figure and tightened skin.By eating'm absolutely calm, I do not overeat.I heal your body and get rid of many serious diseases.

Despite the fact that a lot of information starvation, not start a hunger strike without consulting a specialist .Take tests to have an idea of ​​the current state of your body.At the end of fasting hand over analyzes again to evaluate the result.In addition, the specialist will recommend an optimal duration of the procedure, amount to an individual schedule of fasting and exit.With the right approach, you can count on excellent results from starvation in the water!

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