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Mediterranean diet: the recipes for quick weight loss

As each weight loss system is on the ear, flashing everywhere with their enticing promises, it suffers from almost every girl dreams of harmony.The number of such procedures and entered the Mediterranean diet.Often it is called one of the safest.

Mediterranean diet: features

Many weight loss systems are built on a single algorithm.While they make up the lists of acceptable and unacceptable products.Only a few methods have distinctive features.With regard to the Mediterranean diet, the basis of it is a pyramid.

All authorized products combined into one scheme where there is a clear gradation of the frequency of their use.Those that are located on the top, should not fall on the table more than once a week.Basis is required to be present in your diet every day.Anything in between, depending on its proximity to the bottom or top of the frequency ranges.But this is not the only feature of the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet

and unusual way to create meals: are rarely allowed to heat treatment, if it does not

apply to meat and fish, pasta or cereals.The rest of the preferred raw food and heated food.Everything is cooked for 1 day.Iesecondary treatment is not assumed.

menu necessarily present the same name serves cuisine recipes that can be found in abundance.Moreover, olive oil and one - daily guests at the table.The same is true of spices, acting as natural antioxidants.Of these desirable rosemary and basil, it does not cause a feeling of thirst.They do not contribute to getting overly spicy or tangy taste.

Mediterranean diet: the composition of the diet

According to the pyramid proposed by the creators of the system, in daily use should be cereal and flour products (no buns and cakes!), As well as fruits and vegetables, olive oil, nuts and a variety of beangroup.

  • Ratio carbohydrates in this procedure is significant (60%).They are selected with minimal glycemic index.Pasta and cereals are used every day, but picked up the easiest of options.The same applies to bread, biscuits.Flour for them should be the highest grade of wheat and crude.Well, if with the addition of oat or rye, with cereals.Particular emphasis in the diet is on bulgur and couscous.If they are difficult to obtain, it is quite suitable replacement as buckwheat, lentils and millet.
  • Vegetables and fruits need to buy those that are peculiar to the Mediterranean cuisine.But this does not mean that the usual apples and oranges are less valuable.Here the focus is not so much a particular type of product as its seasonality.The board should fall mainly natural food.If the bulk of the vegetables and fruits from the garden will be - it will only increase the efficiency of the system.
  • mentioned earlier nuts with olives - these are the 30% fat, which should also be on the menu.Olive oil is also included therein, but since it is not always available for reasons of its high cost, it is not forbidden to replace other types.Any refined oil up to the sunflower.
  • protein group represented by meat and fish, should take no more than 10% of the plate.Meatless species have the right to submit to a table up to 5 times a week, red meat - no more than 2 times in 7 days.Pork should be replaced by beef and chicken.From fish consumed 4 times a week, you can select the trout and sardines, as well as the white halibut.There should be no herring and salmon.But seafood included in any menu.

Mediterranean diet: Menu Hard

meal plan for a day in the method does not exist, but the general principles for its development know recommended.In particular, the ease first breakfast.Often, it is represented by a pair of pieces of bread and a small serving of fruit.They have no inhibitions, so here are valid even bananas.Or any cooked cereal.

Brunch already denser.There are features of Mediterranean cuisine: seafood, olive oil.The same characteristic dinner, but replace fish meat (more often - lean) or vegetable proteins (legumes).For garnish desirable vegetables, olive oil and again.If you want a more compact version of the dinner, add the pasta from durum wheat or rice.

The Mediterranean diet

Dinner protein, too.Often the fish, but without oil.It includes light vegetables.Maybe Milk Group, which, in principle, a little Mediterranean cuisine.The focus is on yogurt, cheese and natural cheese varieties of plain yogurt.For dinner, you can connect a 125, but this is the maximum daily volume.

As for themselves portions that are specified clearly enough.Meat at a time - up to 150 t., The fish in the same amount.The eggs, if necessary, in total for the week should not exceed 3-4 units.The fruit can be eaten per day to 3 servings of dairy groups and elements - up to 200 ml.yogurt and 30 g.cheese.Daily calorie - 1000-1200 kcal.

Mediterranean diet: recipes

As mentioned, the vast majority of the products to the table in the diet are served raw.Therefore, the bulk of the recipes - a variety of salads and meat dishes.Fish often cooked on the grill, or else with vegetables baked in the oven.

Breakfasts can be much more interesting than just oatmeal or bread with a slice of cheese.For example, based on cottage cheese and cucumber pulp, taken in equal proportions (80-100 g.) Make a kind of cream.To this was added a little bit of greenery and garlic, and the mixture was spread on whole grain bread.

lovers of exotic flavors, not knowing what to create with cheese and nuts, may use the following idea: papaya washed, cut the flesh of it is mixed with curd cheese (70 gr.) And a handful of cashews.All these need to fill fruit.Eat can loaves.

as snack very good variety of fruit, fruit and milk mixture.Carrot juice blends with artichokes in a ratio of 3: 1.Here it is necessary to add 1 tspolive oil, honey and lemon juice.Or beat blender yogurt with a banana and a pinch of cinnamon.

Lunch can be represented stew of eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini.Complementing perform onions and seasonings.Connoisseurs of unusual flavors like yogurt sauce with paprika.If necessary, give greater satiety skewers baked chicken, pre-marinated in lemon juice.

Among the different recipes of salads can be identified as follows: 4-5 Shinko and washed radishes, tomatoes and bell peppers cut stalk leeks and pickled cucumber crushed.For the filling taken olives, wine vinegar and olive oil.

Mediterranean diet: reviews and results

The Mediterranean diet

The main result of this technique most health professionals are called not only to the elimination of excess weight, but also the purification of the liver, strengthen the vascular walls.Such a positive effect on the entire body is achieved by a balanced diet, a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and plant food.Furthermore, since the products are tested almost no heat treatment, they are able to preserve the useful properties and bring them into full.

Negative reviews on a system there is little, which is quite logical.Cuts a particularly important component of the diet is not performed, the calorie sufficient so as not to cause acute hunger and maintain vitality.The only thing that might seem complicated - a significant reduction in the amount of simple carbohydrates and avoiding frying.

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technique should adhere to the principles, if not for life, then for a considerable period.Because weight loss is soft, 1-2 kg a week will not be closed.But the result is entrenched for a long time.

is difficult to come up with a reasonable diet, rather than Mediterranean, although it has competitors.Nevertheless, other things being equal, you should definitely explore it.Perhaps it will become your guide on the path to harmony.This system will help to develop the right eating habits, never to return to the terrible figures.

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