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Fasting 14 days results

14 day fasting has become one of the busiest on the forums on weight loss and healthy lifestyle.Many people think this way a correct and effective in the fight against excess weight and use this technique when conventional diets do not help.

14 day fasting: preparation

beginning is better to start with one day of discharge, eventually increasing to 14 days fasting.Pay attention to how your health is changing with increasing period of fasting.During the period of refusal of food intake can worsen chronic diseases.With such a problem often faced by people who are not pre-cleared body or stuck in between the usual regimen of food.

Fasting 14 days results for proper cleansing process is characterized by improved mood and well-being, heightened attention, olfactory, tactile perception, a sense of ease and comfort.Fasting 14 days should be based on individual constitution and age, biological rhythms.

So overweight people during purification may feel a burst of energy and strength.This is due to excretion of excess fluid

.Suffering completeness, it is recommended to visit the extra dry steam.Lean people preferably several times a day to take a hot bath, drink plenty of hot water, otherwise the cleansing process will slow down, there may be weakness.People with a normal physique to enhance the effect of wet steam useful visit.

Fasting 14 days should take place in a calm atmosphere.Try to get plenty of rest, sleep at least 8 hours a day.Useful leisurely walk in the fresh air for a short stay in the sun.During cleansing the body of toxins can be weakened.Do not worry, it's natural state.The main thing is to keep being under control!During fasting, you can exercise in the event that if you feel a surge of strength and vigor.If you feel even the slightest discomfort or weakness, give up all loads.

Fasting 14 days: how to start?

  1. great importance is the beginning of the 14 days fasting.On the eve of refuse solid food, especially in the afternoon.The best option - a couple of days to cleanse diet easy to stick excluding fatty, fried, smoked, sweet.It makes sense to pre-clean the intestines.You can make use of an enema or a mild laxative.
  2. For some time prior to the 14 day hunger strike need to change normal meal.Include in the diet of raw plant foods.They help the body to replenish essential vitamins and minerals.Fasting requires special moral training: for some time
  3. you have to give up not only from the traditional food, but also from the usual way of life.After this period, try to stick to a light diet.Try not to break in the first few days, becausehunger will be quite noticeable.
  4. Try to drink while refusing food as much as possible water.It helps to eliminate toxins, lipolysis, reduces appetite.

exit from fasting 14 days

exit from fasting 14 days is no less important.Sharp restructuring of the diet may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations.The main task - to establish the correct operation of the digestive tract.Errors at the exit of fasting can be dangerous for your health!

In the first days, preferably eat plant food.This will allow the body to continue the recovery process independent of protein synthesis, which is useful in order that we get from food.

Output from fasting 14 days

correct way of fasting will help to fix the result, give the body the installation for further purification.

important to eliminate from the diet in the next 3 months:

  • Sol,
  • Sugar exception - the natural sweetness (honey, dates, raisins, figs),
  • animal fats,
  • Mushrooms,

Protein Productslimit (be harmful to the kidneys).The safest way out of starvation 14 days is considered to be on a diet juices.On the first day drink vegetable or fruit juice, diluted with water (1: 1), every two hours, gradually increasing the concentration.After 2-3 days, include in the diet of low-fat vegetable soups, salads, and fruit.Later, you can turn on the menu yogurt and cereals.From animal protein better time to give up, preferring legumes, seeds, nuts.

Do not worry if after fasting notice an increase in body weight.This is due to reduction of adipose tissue and muscle growth, which has a higher density, it weighs heavier than fat.

Fasting 14 days: reviews

  • Mary: A friend of my mother for 14 days fasting lost 8 kg.Since then, she is hungry only to maintain weight!I also decided to refer to this method of losing weight.During drank only water with honey.During the 10 days I lost 7 kg.Periodically he had a weakness, dizzy.A lot of time spent in bed.Withstood the whole period of fasting.Result - 11 kg for 14 days.
  • Victoria: The first time I decided to take such a diet a year ago.Starving 8 days on the water.Preparatory procedures are not carried out.Quickly joined the hunger, also came out, immediately begin to eat normally.Lost 6 kg back in a couple of days!The second time I was already prepared, read a lot of literature.At this time I starved 14 days and get rid of 9 kg.I noticed a surge of strength and energy in the first days of the hunger strike.I walked a few hours every day, want to move.At the end of the two-week cleaning I felt tired, but tolerable.Significantly changed the taste buds could tell the difference in the taste of water.Out of starvation spent on the juices, then added vegetables, gradually returning to normal life.
  • Andrew: I recently tried fasting for 14 days.The first 48 hours, the mood was excellent, went to the gym.It feels like dumbbells and barbells are lighter.At the end of training the forces remained on the track.The result was to hold only 65 hours.I am sure that it is a good idea to begin with.For two days managed to lose 2.5 kg.I will try again.I liked it!
  • Inga: I sometimes use this diet to cleanse.The last time withstood 10 days, although the hoped for 14. The most difficult thing for me, increased appetite, and breakdowns that are difficult to contain.Over the last hunger strike managed to lose 12 kg.The state of health is excellent, taste buds have become aggravated.I never thought that water could be so delicious!

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14 day fasting - a difficult test for the organism.To sustain it, improve health and feel better, you must strictly adhere to the rules.Pay special attention to the early days of purification and exit.Proper fasting will make you lose weight, feel the lightness and a burst of energy!