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Diet 6 petals

risk their health for the sake of a beautiful figure will no longer have, new Swedish diet 6 petals universal weight loss .Slimming system combines several day mono-diet.The food is not boring, because every day is a new diet, weight goes, the mood is excellent.

Diet 6 petals

Diet Anna Johansson joined a few dietary guidelines.

Diet 6 petals

  1. separate food;
  2. alternation of protein and carbohydrate days;
  3. monodiet.

6 petals - six days and the seventh dietary fasting day on the water.Separate food accelerates metobolizm.When you have the whole day eating only cheese , body expects diversity, but does not get it, and begins to spend already accumulated substances and calories.When diet 6 petals body does not have time to fully spend all the vitamins and minerals, and therefore diet is safe for health.

In a typical mono-diet after 3 days of monotonous food body goes into power saving mode, and the weight ceases to fall.Diet 6 petals makes the body to get used to one product , because the weight is evenly

reduced during the period of weight loss.

Pros diet 6 petals

  1. No depression and breakdowns;
  2. 3 - 4 kg per week - the result of diet, 6 petals;
  3. permitted salt seasoning.

Diet 6 petals: pros

most important thing - do not break the sequence of mono-diet, otherwise, do not expect a positive result, as will change the sequence of the protein-carbohydrate.

Diet petals 6: menu

first day on the fish , water and green tea.Fish diet day 6 petals allows even canned, but it is better to prefer boiled cod or pollack.Half a kilo of fish are divided into 4 meals.You can eat fish, drink, fish broth.If you grind the fish into the broth and add the greens, you get a delicious soup.For variety you can have not only fish, but also squids, mussels and other seafood.Legkousvaemye fish proteins help the body to prepare for a six-day diet.

Diet petals 6: Menu Diet petals 6: Menu

second day on vegetables .The vegetable diet day 6 petals cook vegetable soup, eat fresh vegetables, drink vegetable juices.Do not forget about greenery and liquid.On this day, the body compensate for a deficiency of vitamins . Fiber heavily digested by the body, it actively spends calories.The day allowed to eat 1 - 1.5 kg of vegetables.

Diet petals 6: Menu Diet petals 6: Menu

third day on the chicken breasts .In order not to stir up an appetite, cook chicken breasts without salt.The day can eat 500 grams.meat.Boil chicken broth, chop the meat into it, add the greens.The meat can be baked with garlic and basil.

Diet petals 6: Menu Diet petals 6: Menu

fourth day on cereals .200 gr.dry cereals - day norma.S morning you can cook buckwheat , and in the evening rice.Save slimy gruel, they envelop the stomach.You can click the seeds and drinking home brew without sugar.For the full effect of pre-germinate the wheat and eat the green shoots on the 4th day.

Diet petals 6: Menu Diet petals 6: Menu

fourth day curd .The day allowed to eat 500 grams.cottage cheese, as well as to drink milk.Make a paste of salted cottage cheese and herbs.

Diet petals 6: Menu Diet petals 6: Menu

sixth day on fruits .There are diets on grapefruit, orange, but monodiet 6 petals not limit your imagination.1.5 kg of fruit may even go bananas and grapes.Prepare fruit salad, fresh juices, smoothies, bake apples with cinnamon.

Diet petals 6: Menu Diet petals 6: Menu

the seventh day Some nutritionists advise a celebration of the stomach and relieve their nerves, that is, eat ice cream, a chocolate bar, but it is fraught with failures and weight gain.Therefore it is better to finish the diet day on the water and green tea .Try to keep that day fell on a day off, so you do not have to go anywhere, because to think that day will be bad head may ache, and even nauseated.It toxins do not want to leave without a fight.

Diet petals 6: Menu

During a diet, do not try to eat less than prescribed by Swedish nutritionist.It is important not only lose weight but also to maintain their health.And do not forget about the liquid, because it does not dry diet . Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day.

Exit 6 petals diet

If you ate the whole week by the rules, then you need gradually move to the familiar food .But it is better if you review your eating habits, will not return to the old diet, and go to a health food.To keep the weight within and continue its decline would allow the rejection of fried, fatty, and other harmful products .

Diet 6 petals reviews

Everyone on a diet by the rules state the weight loss per week for at least 2 kg.Best result - minus 5 kg per week.While diet decreases the volume of the stomach, decreased appetite.To sustain a 6-day diet is not difficult.

Diet 6 petals: reviews

to lift the mood of Internet users practice advice Anna Johansson. On the refrigerator door attached big bright flower with six petals .Each petal is painted on a mono-diet day.At the end of the day you weigh, you write on a piece of weight lost per day, tear off the paper and send in a basket.

Anna Johansson tried to minimize the burden of diet and she succeeded.Sport and healthy nutrition - the key to a slim figure, and how to start a diet decide for yourself!

Especially for - Elena

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