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Jan Kraynova thin

audience learned actress Jan Kraynov for starring in the TV series "Doctor's Diary."Despite the fact that Jan was only 26 years old, she looked infantile, adult and appetizing young lady.And when viewers saw Jan in "Big difference", they were surprised.From chubby blonde Jana turned into a spectacular slender young girl.What is the secret of metamorphosis?

Jan Kraynova thin

As Ian Kraynova stouter?

viewers know and love Ian crumpets, but few people know, to get the lead role in the TV series "Doctor's Diary" actress had to get fat by 8 kg per month .But before the film weight was 58kg Jana Krainova that was more than proportional to its height is 175 cm. But the actress, model parameters were not like the director of the series, and then Jan had to go to extreme measures.

director put tough conditions, but Ian could not abandon, its track record was only two roles in the movie, so the extra weight of standing. Jan Kraynova stouter because sports nutrition , in your diet actress included sweets, high-calorie

foods, pasta, fat yoghurts.Extra weight can not but rejoice, but the fun of shooting process, the love of the audience is more than compensated for all.In addition to the extra kilograms, rounded forms attached face makeup.

Jan Kraynova thin

As Ian Kraynova lost weight?

Despite the fact that delicious form least loved by men than modeling, Ian still decided to lose weight after filming the series, and went back to his old form. Lose helped vacation with his family in Jurmala .Ian is originally from Riga, houses and walls of warm, actress walked through the woods, along the seashore, molded snowmen, bathed in parental love and care.Many have gone on from such a "correction", but also a thin Kraynova, gaining mental and physical strength.But not only parental affection helped Yana recover in Jurmala lives first love actress.With lover Ian met in Riga in a drama school, and gradually developed into friendship into love.

keep yourself in good shape Yana Krainova helps sport and healthy eating.

Jan Kraynova thin

Devoted viewers like actress in any form, although it must be noted that on the set of "big difference" thinner actress looked great.But the most interesting thing is that for the second season of Jan again had podnabrat, but that does not make for the sake of his beloved work.Jana is just beginning to swim in the love of fans, because this is her first starring role.

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Ian understands all the women who are suffering because of the extra kilos, because the main character of the series ordinary woman with problems in his personal life and complexes.The actress is trying to say that no complexes can not drive a bright personality in the corner , always need to find the strength to deal with any complexes and life tests .Jan knows what he says, because right after high school, she moved to Riga to Moscow.And while it is perfectly possible to pave the way to success, popularity and slim figure.And you will!

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