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How thin Oksana Duckweed

last spring on the controversial project "Dom-2" came pretty blond girl Oksana Duckweed.It was marked by the arrival of right that Oksana was the thousandth participant of the project.Duckweed from the start has been set for a long part in the show, so different and attracts the attention attracted to the person.First, the participant wanted to stand hysterical character and constant quarrels and scandals with other project participants.But today, as she assures Oksana, the project has changed the very nature of it for the better.But viewers are attracted not so much the project changed nature of much prettier appearance and figure Oksana Duckweed.

How thin Oksana Duckweed.

Oksana Duckweed How thin?

Oksana concluded that some emotions does not go far, and decided to surprise all the viewers to change the image and lose weight.Oksana Duckweed to the project and at the beginning of his stay in the "House 2" was a girl appetizing, excess weight gave her years, making awkward.Although Duckweed justified in the press and assure

d viewers that blame the camera, it gives it a TV screen 6 extra kilos, but in fact it is slender and beautiful.But apparently, it had to prove their harmony Oksana real facts actions.

Cinderella restart with Oksana Duckweed

starting point to the decision to change the image has become part of Oksana in the project "Cinderella Reloaded".It was clear to his goal to find a project with the help of love, and yet beautiful shape and appearance to increase the chances of finding a handsome prince.By the way, Oksana was married to the project.But the former husband of Oksana duckweed could live with her only two years.It is the project of "Cinderella reset" Oksana was able to lose weight and prettier.But the audience a little to see the result, they need to know how thin Oksana Duckweed.

Diet Oksana Duckweed

interest in reincarnation Oksana grew up with the reduction of its weight. participant described her miracle diet in the magazine "Dom-2".

Oksana Duckweed thin

Diet Oksana duckweed:

menu for breakfast and Oksana uses proteins and carbohydrates.Oat or buckwheat preparing milk without salt and sugar.The second part is the breakfast omelet without salt and seasoning with herbs.To wash down the whole thing is not very useful Duckweed bitter coffee.

dines Oksana vegetable soup with boiled chicken breast.It is excluded from your diet all flour and the result on the face.

not leave himself without Oksana fruit snack.Eat an apple or grapefruit diet.

Dinner has boiled chicken, yogurt and drinks.

can say that Oksana Duckweed balanced diet includes vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.But strict diets participant of "House 2" is not necessary, because with growth 172 cm, weight Oksana duckweed is 58 kg.

All the efforts have helped the audience to compare looked like Oksana Duckweed before and after weight loss.Spectators were satisfied.

Oksana Duckweed thin

Oksana Duckweed increased breast

But one diet change of image was not limited.Duckweed Oksana decided to go under the surgeon's knife to enhance her chest.It should be noted that the breasts participants reality show was really small.Project management refers to a bad practice, but Oksana decided that even if it is excluded from the project, it will still increase his chest.Perhaps Oksana did not pursue good purposes, but simply continued to stick to their line, attracting the attention of viewers.And she again failed.No job after Forestry Academy, from which she graduated Oksana Duckweed could not bring her much popularity as it has received, as a member of "House 2".The slender figure and a new image closer Oksana to meet a handsome prince.It should be noted that it is for this put a lot of effort.

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