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Yogurt diet for 7 days: features and menus

need to address the issue of rapid weight loss one stands almost in front of each of the fair sex.I would like to lose and kilograms, the body too much and try to do no harm.The emergence of new diets - a natural process.Not all of them are worthy of attention, but the yogurt, perhaps, really interesting.

yogurt diet: effects on the body

yogurt itself is a product of milk processing, specifically fermented by the addition thereto of lactic acid bacteria.Their role is to fill the intestinal microflora useful, carrying out debugging work of digestion, elimination of toxins.In the case where the composition of the product no longer includes yogurt is indeed useful.

final result achieved by its constant use, is celebrated not only in relation to the gastrointestinal tract, but also to the state of the skin.In addition, there is a positive effect on the skeletal system.Weight reduction obtained while following the principles of yogurt diet, is due to the acceleration of metabolic processes, removal of

toxins and waste, and reduce overall caloric intake.

yoghurt diet for weight loss: the choice of the base product

Yogurt diet for weight loss

should learn to understand in a variety of lactic acid food products.The need to extend the shelf life contributed to the introduction of the preservatives, changes in taste and color - colors and flavors.About that, how much sugar put into the cups painted with bright berries and fruits, it is better to keep silent.Of course, such a "yogurt" for any weight loss system is not suitable.Its use will differ little from a simple sugar absorption.

The first point that needs attention, it is not the fat content of the product, and the proportion of lactic acid bacteria.This should compulsorily be indicated on the label and the figures have not less than 107 CFU / g.The second point - the lack of sugar and any flavorings.Supplement natural yoghurt with fresh fruit will be much more useful, and in many delicious.None of dried peach slices with fresh not compare.

fat content of the product can reach 1.5%.If there are no options in the window, you can use 4%, or any other. Minimum value.And, of course, always want to know the shelf life.Stale yogurt will reduce all efforts to nothing, harming digestion.

yoghurt diet for weight loss: the composition of the diet

Although the technique is called yogurt, the product is not the only component of the daily menu.Moreover, there are even some varieties of the diet of varying degrees of hardness.The most common, and a favorite among women is the one that is focused exactly on the week.In terms of healthy eating, he balanced on proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

From supply eliminates all cereals, including oatmeal and buckwheat, is not allowed the use of bread and other bakery products, pasta and noodles.The proportion of fruit and vegetables on the menu yoghurt diet is quite high.They were allowed to eat up to 400 grams.per day.At the same time, of course, there are some exceptions.Since the ban imposed on melons and bananas, melons and grapes.Naturally dried food do not go.This requirement is due to a decent share of sugar and high-calorie.It does not eat beets and carrots.

meat and fish group is limited to low-fat varieties.It can be like a rabbit and chicken, or others. Variant - fish and seafood.With the latter particularly closely monitor the percentage of fat does not make sense.Total daily volume - 150 gr.

No restrictions on herbs, herbal teas and herbal teas.Among the drinks can be used if desired, and mineral water.But with the juices should be careful.Valid only fresh.The volume can not exceed 0.4 a day.

yoghurt diet for 7 days: the menu and recommendations

yogurt every day will be used in an amount of 500 g.The volume is divided into several stages.Ideally - 4-5, but not for all this regime is real.It is important to determine for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

Yogurt diet for weight loss

In addition, there is one unchanging part yoghurt diet - for 30 any meal is to drink 200 ml.warm tea or simply boiled water.The total daily calorie menu - 1100 kcal, slightly below the norm.If your diet with a difference of more than 20%, required daily gradually lowering it, not just cut to the specified numbers.

  • For the first breakfast fit mug of herbal tea.In fact, it works almost the same as the coffee, but use more, and calories - much less.You can eat and an apple.It will stimulate and digestion, and will allow later to eat normally.
  • Brunch been tighter: serving of yogurt in the amount of 200 grams.complemented by fruits.Well here peaches or cherries.But interfering with citrus yogurt undesirable.
  • ideal choice for lunch would be a vegetable soup, a light vegetable salad with dressing from the same yogurt.After a couple of hours to satisfy hunger recommended 1 tbsp.fresh, but necessarily dilute juice with water.You can replace it with one orange.
  • For dinner advised to cook fish or meat, salad and supplementing them with yogurt.The last component can be transferred to a late dinner, if the dream is anticipated only after midnight.

finished product is allowed only for a couple or by cooking.This not only save the vitamins in vegetables and meat, but do not add extra calories dish.

yogurt diet: reviews and results

According promises creators yoghurt diet for a week really lose 5 adverse health effects.In addition, the skin should be cleaned up properly to make the intestines.

relatively lost kg.You can argue, but that the volume is adjusted, no doubt.Women were deprived of normal weight 2-3 a short period of 7 days.More significant losses would lead to an internal malfunction that eventually would return to normal weight.It is interesting and important: plumbs occurred not only due to the liquid, but also due to the burning of body fat due to low-energy, but a tangible reduction in caloric intake.

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yoghurt diet - a great way to improve the condition of the skin, gastrointestinal tract and get rid of excess weight.However, it will not work in the presence of lactase deficiency and peptic ulcer and gastritis gastrointestinal tract.Also, it must not be exceeded deadlines.If there is a need for a more up to date, for a new cycle is allowed after 60 days.

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