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Rose Syabitova thin

Country Rose learned Syabitova thanks to the popular television show "Let's get married."Today, Rose is the number one matchmaker.But interest in his personality rose Raifovna constantly stirs scandals, sensations, in a word is valid under the laws of show business, to which the main countries matchmaker himself reckons.

Rose Syabitova thin

Syabitova Rose could not be accused of lack of taste, co-host on the TV screen always looked great, despite his age and parameters.But recently, viewers watched as Rose prettier eyes.What is the reason for such a change of image for the better?

Rose Syabitova How thin?

In an interview with Rosa told me that she stouter after beginning work in the program "Let's get married."Piled popularity has increased revenues presenter, and with the increase in the standard of living has become more and Rose more.Plus constant daylight shooting, there was no time during the day, had to hard to eat in the evening.

According Raifovna Rose, her long time stable weight was 45 kg.But when the sca

les showed 75 kg, Rose sounded the alarm.Record yourself in aging babishchy she did not want the children grew up and had to establish privacy.Especially that Rosa has high demands, she likes pretty, young sports men and with the same dimensions of them could only dream.Then the matchmaker and set to work on the example shown all over the country, you need to do to you to a queue of a beautiful and young men.

first Rosa does not have the time or the willpower to diet, and she agreed to liposakiyu.But as a way of life she could not change, the lost weight back to its original place in just a few months.Then Rose started to plan B.

the west are very popular projects, known as magazine or TV show with popular stars nutritionists offer weight loss.Such projects immediately attracted the attention of the public, it is a good advertisement for the media and nutritionists to stars the opportunity to get expert help free of charge, and for the audience - an incentive to change for the better.

This project launched Andrey Malakhov in his journal "StarHit."

Weight Loss and change the image of surprised spectators, but many require confirmation, that it is not a visual illusion.Then the magazine posted grown thin Photo Roses Syabitova in a swimsuit.This is quite justified, because the scandals and sensationalism only heated public interest in her person.Plus Rose increased its chest.

grown thin Photo Roses Syabitova

scandalous matchmaker lose weight under the watchful eye of Queen Marguerite, that many other stars.In addition to the action of Rosa Julia participated Kuvarzina - Nastya from the series "Voronin" Olya Gadzhienko of "House 2" and Margarita Suhankina.Rose did not become a winner, but to win a trip to Cyprus.

Rose Syabitova thin

Diet Roses Syabitova

nutritionist has developed a comprehensive system for weight loss Roses Raifovna.Supply eliminates sweet, salty, flour, fat and harmful .Intensive training can be selected at will, Rose became involved dancing.He inspired her to class Evgeny Papunaishvili.After that losing weight painless process should be fun.Also during the week practiced fasting days on chocolate.This type of discharge power rose chosen for themselves.Pete matchmaker fractional often two protein replaced two days of carbohydrate.

Lose weight, according to Rose, it was not easy.Often he had to listen to the disturbance of the daughter, because Rose ate only a couple of dishes.But later it helped presenter not to be tempted at the sight of culinary excess, and she began to cook their own one, and another daughter.

Rose From weight loss programs concluded that only diet combined with physical activity can lead to a positive result .You also need to enjoy the process of weight loss, if you do not catch a wave, the case will not go well.Dance fitness uplifting the country's main matchmaker.

Today Rose weighs 60 kg and still wants to get rid of 5 kg.

Rose Syabitova increased breast

Slimming prompted Rose to breast augmentation.She thought she should continue to improve their figure.Colleagues reacted positively to the changes in the figures, since Rose actually prettier.But Rose is not going to stop, now she wants to increase the buttocks.But while it is only the desire, because after such an operation can not be seated more than a month.So today, Rose is engaged in fitness.

Rose Syabitova thin

Raifovna Rose also plans to make a facelift, do veins on the legs.His example

rose shows all the women that are beautiful never too late, and that even in 50 years you can start a new life.

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