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Easy weight loss diet: menu

Light diet for pohudeniyapodrazumevaet lack of permanent hunger and weight reduction at the same time .In this case light diet should be prolonged.

Easy weight loss diet

One option to select light diety- diet those foods that your body receives a bang, but at the same time they must be useful and dietary.Of course, here we are not talking about chocolate, sweets, and it may be thought to eat a couple of chocolate bars a day and relax.

For the case when the girl to lose more than 10 kg of fish and has helped boiled potatoes.It is with these products her body endured deprivation is much easier.

easy diet for weight loss involves a systematic approach and determination.For example easily clears overweight loving girl or woman who wants to prove to the world, and most importantly to him, it can be more beautiful, better and more desirable.

But if you do not love, choose their products without consulting a nutritionist to you is not possible, then you have to rely on the light, but the duration of the diet.

Tips for Beginners easy weight loss diets

  • If you are up to a point not to limit themselves in power, one day to go to diet food does not come out.Refuse from harmful products gradually.For example, give the first week of the late dinner, the second of the pastry, then from fried potatoes, smoked meat and fatty foods.Write up a plan based on the fact with which it will be easier to part with that and start.
  • Drink fluids, especially green tea.Loss kilograms by dry diet is ineffective in the future, so drink a liquid that does not disrupt the metabolism.
  • Start doing the exercises, go Callanetics or other sport.This will help to lose weight by exercise.
  • breakfast in the morning.Healthy-calorie breakfast - a guarantee that you will not think a long time about food and unhealthy snacks.
  • Include your life fasting days.This can be a one-day fasting days on fruits or dairy products.

Once you reduce your appetite and the amount of the stomach can pass on a healthy sustainable food diet.

Easy weight loss diet

Menu easy weight loss diet


Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, bread and cheese, banana, green tea.

snack can be an apple or drink a cup of yogurt (this applies to any of the days).

Lunch: boiled egg, vegetable salad and tea.

Dinner: ½ pack of cottage cheese with berries, a glass of milk.


breakfast: buckwheat porridge with milk, bread and cheese, orange and tea.

Lunch: vegetable salad, boiled meat or liver juice.

Dinner: vegetable soup, yogurt.


Breakfast: muesli, rye bread with paste of avocado, banana, green tea.

Lunch: boiled fish, rice, juice.

Dinner: stewed cabbage with squid and tea.


Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, 2 toast, orange or grapefruit, green tea.

Lunch: boiled chicken, boiled potato, cucumber, yogurt.

Dinner: ½ packs of cheese, fermented baked milk.


fasting day on apples.


Breakfast: fruit salad with yogurt and cereal, green tea.

Lunch: soup with meat and vegetables, milk shake.

Dinner: Sushi rolls or mineral water.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato juice.

Lunch: rice and meat or seafood, vegetable salad, green tea.

Dinner: cottage cheese with fruit, yogurt.

Keeping this diet you can lose weight easily and keep weight permanently.

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