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Diet Brusnikina.

nutritionist with 30 years of experience in the field of weight loss and fitness, Alexander Brusnikina, can work wonders!With the help of her diet is easy to obtain a slender figure.

Diet Dr. Brusnikina: causes of excess weight

Dr. Brusnikina sure to lose weight at any age, even if you would have 45.

Most women on the results of surveys carried out by Alexandra Brusnikina primarily dream of perfectly flat tummy.

- There is an explanation, - says the doctor.- After the abdomen - is a visual center of the body, and not just the visual.It was in the abdominal area are all vital organs.

Diet Brusnikina

about the beauty of a slender woman in front of the owner, even flabby stomach and can not speak.As for the men, and their weight is of great importance.The fat man - not a symbol of prosperity, even if it takes an entrepreneur or executive position.Loose skin and excess kilograms - is at least ugly.Fit man always wins, t. To. Him more willing to choose a woman.And it's nice.But there is something much more import

ant.Most importantly, getting rid of excess weight, you take back your health.

That is why all holders of excess weight so desperately struggling with it - they want to feel the ease and confidence.They want to breathe in the full sense of the word.

According to the author of diet, weight gain contribute to such factors as

accelerating pace of life, food that does not bear good, but provides a lot of calories, bad ecology and frequent nervous shock.

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Power System Dr. Brusnikina

Known to many dietician Alexandra Brusnikina spent a lot of time to draw up their own methods of weight loss.Unified system did not work, for every person it is made strictly individual.It depends on many factors: age, number of kilograms of excess weight, your desire to lose weight and firm decision.

Still, generally speaking, the doctor system based on food, where everything is balanced: proteins, carbohydrates, fats. introduced into the diet such foods, you can easily lose weight, that is,adipose tissue, but muscle mass remains unchanged.This does not cause any health damage, the body feels great.

The power supply system of the doctor Brusnikina

  • Due to individual diets, drawn up by a doctor, you can fold up to 7 kg per week, and the main thing is that the withdrawal of excess fat and not muscle mass.Why do it?Once the reduced calorie intake, the body begins, thanks to its muscle fibers quickly replenish.Therefore, the system nutritionist and based on the fact that the intake of protein in any case has not diminished.Lean sea fish, chicken breast, cottage cheese diet - a diet that contains in its composition protein in large quantities.
  • also should pay attention to carbohydrates.If the daily intake of carbohydrates will be less than 100 g, followed by the inevitable violation of the endocrine system.
  • doctor Brusnikina power supply system works only in conjunction with physical activity , so the force required for training, in any case should not be reduced.Ideal - is 100-150 grams of carbohydrates daily.Preference given to bread and pasta, because they contain so-called "slow" carbohydrates.

What else should I pay attention?

sleep.Surely, he must be strong and full.During a good night's sleep restores the entire system in the body.The systematic lack of sleep fat burning stops and the muscles do not grow and develop small.

Just very important exception of stressful situations.The power supply system doctor Brusnikina and stress - the two things are absolutely incompatible.Bad mood, emotions and fatigue adversely affect fat burning.Just beeing actively helps fight obesity.

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To dream of a slim figure and flat stomach embodied, use a balanced diet doctor Brusnikina.It can become your lifestyle, t. To. Is built on proper nutrition, a harmonious combination of protein and carbohydrates in the diet, healthy sleep and physical activity feasible!

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