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How to lose weight in your hand?

Soon it will be summer, the girls will wear open lightweight tunics and shirts.To look elegant and attractive must be brought in the form of the body, in Vol. H. And hands.For maximum effect, you need to deal with right now.

How to lose weight in the shoulders and arms with the help of dumbbells?

In order to lose weight in the shoulders and arms, need training.They will take about 10 minutes per day.

How to lose weight in your hand?

  • Take a standing position.Your back should be flat.Legs slightly bent at the knees and put them on the shoulder-width apart.Hands expand his hands to the side, take a dumbbell and start alternately bend your elbows to 30 times.If you do not want to build muscle - dumbbells weighing 1.5 kg would be sufficient.Dr.exercise for weight loss in the hands and do with dumbbells.
  • arms to the side.The palms have to look down.30 just raise your hands away from you to shoulder level.As with the previous exercise, it may be incorporated in any complex.
  • arms bend at the elbow and follow the extensor movements.Ex
    tensor both elbows and raise them to shoulder level.Do 30 times.
  • Bend your elbows so that his fists were looking up.Extensor hands, raising them up with dumbbells.
  • Take both hands behind his back with his leg.Back leg or place, stand on one.Repeat 20 times.Carry out first with one foot and then with others.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.Lower body about 80 degrees.Raised to shoulder level hand straight.Repeat 20 times.
  • Align the load at the same time on his hands and feet.Put Feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees.Lifts on the feet and at the same time raise your hands to the level of the person.
  • raises his arms to shoulder level, bend them at the elbows.Alternately, join hands in front of his face and lift, straighten them over the head.Repeat 20 times.
  • Follow sharp attacks hands forward, holding a dumbbell in them.This exercise simulates hitting boxer.

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Exercise Hand Slimming

How to lose weight in your hand?

Making elegance hands help light exercise.They can be practiced at home.You do not need a lot of time, but is important to regularly.They are aimed at muscles of the arms, plus a well strengthen the chest.

Sit on one thigh and put his hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width.Point fingers forward and start to push-ups.If you place the fingers in the hand, you will not only swing arm muscles, and chest muscles.Do push-ups with pointed fingers at each other hands.Then he put his hands next to a thumbs touching each other, and the other fingers are pointing forward.This strengthens the triceps push-ups.

Repeat each exercise 10 times.Then take the other thigh and repeat push-ups.This is to ensure the load is distributed evenly on your hands.

If you can not be wrung out 10 times, do as many sets as work.Do not overload.Start with at least 3 times.Each day increase the number of push-ups on the 1.

Bend your elbows, they must be located in front of the chest.Sharply pull the arms back to 2 accounts, thus reducing shovels, then straighten your arms and just springy to 2 accounts take them back, shoulders without lift.

Bend your elbows, they must be located in front of the chest.Brushes collect in the jaws, one hand is over the other. Tighten the muscles in your hands fast pace make oncoming traffic, changing the position of the hands, the focus is on compression.

effective exercise for weight loss of hands: Video

Every girl wants to fix a figure for the summer.You must begin to engage in advance.Many people try to make a flat stomach, elastic hips, shapely legs, but they forget about their hands.This is a serious mistake.Hands should be paid no less time to exercise.Only harmoniously worked all muscle groups, you will achieve the desired result - athletic and toned body.

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