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Collection motivation for weight loss: how to facilitate the process?

Proper strong motivation - half the battle. Especially this statement true in weight loss.

strategic motive is different for each person to find it, you need to understand the causes of obesity.Analyze your lifestyle can be alone or in consultation with a specialist.

Motivation growing like a snowball, the loss of every extra kilogram improves health, appearance, internal feeling. The more reasons the better the result , achieving that, one begins to enjoy the process.The greater the satisfaction, the harder it is to turn off the intended path.

Camye common reasons for losing weight

  1. desire to please, to be loved, to receive compliments.
  2. become more successful in their professional activities.
  3. improve their own health, the health of the nation.
  4. to dress in the clothes that please.
  5. achieve maximum beauty that lies in the body of nature.
  6. get rid of complexes.
  7. Learn to love and respect yourself.
  8. Find a man and keep him.

Collection motivation for weight loss: how to facilitate the process?

All these reasons suggest lifestyle change forever , otherwise return to the previous weight is inevitable.

Consider a phased process to motivate yourself to lose weight

1. The first step is to set small goals , stems from the purpose motive.If it seems that the small target is insignificant for such an ambitious project as the ideal weight, remember how many years you begin to change the lives globally Monday.Consider how many years this approach to weight loss did not give any results, then the schedule with small goals for the year will seem quite acceptable.

When little has been achieved, increasing your self-confidence, each next goal becomes more significant, high.

2. Do not cause yourself any sharp discomfort, it is able to spoil everything. saying: "Slow and steady wins - on going" perfectly reflects the reality of the process of losing weight.

Your main objective of the 46th clothing size for this today you should not eat after 6 pm, and should do 30 minutes of exercise.Start planning for such a book.

If you motivate yourself to achieve the health, start with a healthy diet, phasing out harmful products, in time you will learn to enjoy tea without sugar and fat-free yogurt.

Collection motivation for weight loss: how to facilitate the process?

3. Achieving the goal will contribute to changes in appearance , lifestyle, change your hairstyle, make-up.It's okay to take as an example of successful people, you can repeat the elements of their identity, it will not affect your personality, do not waste time on reinventing the wheel.Do not forget that should improve not only the body but the soul, the mind, go to exhibitions, read books.

4. formulating local tactical goals for each day, not forget global strategic motives .The correct direction will help to achieve a result and keep it.Weight loss is not just a short-term motivation itself to fulfill certain rules, but a lifestyle change.Of course, from the pleasure of food is difficult to give up once and for all, but a slim figure and health is worth it.

Do not think that you will achieve your goal, and strive to fulfill the dream you will not to anything outside itself perfection does not exist.Lift your target motif in the rank of a dream, the dream will turn into a way of life, achieving results at the same level, you can raise the bar and so on to infinity.

Life is too short to constantly wait for something, you need to act!

We sincerely wish you success!

Especially for - Elena