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What is the best exercise for weight loss?

On a beautiful slim figure every woman dreams of.To achieve this will help diet, various procedures and, of course, training on simulators.Which one is better - try to understand.

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What is the best exercise for weight loss?

All simulators can be divided into 2 types: cardio and strength.If you need to strengthen your muscles, choose power, need cardio for weight loss .These include exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, rowing, elliptical trainers.

Choosing a model, pay attention to the efficiency criteria.

The more muscles involved treadmill, the more calories you burn, and therefore lessons will be very effective.

Deep active breathing during exercise indicates a good saturation of oxygen, which makes it easier to burn excess fat.

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

Stepper - the popular home exercise machine, it is compact, inexpensive and very easy to use.It simulates walking up the steps, allowing you to lose weight step by step.Stepper is sometimes equipped with a step counter, pulse and load regulation.

Work on it easily, 20 minutes a d

ay, and soon you will see the first result.But when doing it operates only a small percentage of muscles, and breathing is not too deep.Thus, stepper - not the most effective exercise for weight loss.

Bike - universal for weight loss and maintenance of different forms.It can strengthen the legs and buttocks, as well as to improve the endurance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.Training on a stationary bike give a much more serious load than the stepper.But if you buy it, you know that during training you sit, and then the burning of calories will not go so effectively.

This simulator is perfect for those who do not like heavy loads.But it is not suitable for people who have a weak spine.Classes are best done in 2 hours after a meal.

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

simulator "rowing" .In recent years he has become increasingly popular.During the training sessions are utilized almost all the muscle groups, ventilated the lungs, it is an active process of burning excess fat.Movements that mimic rowing, allow you to stretch muscles, improve flexibility of the vertebrae, so this simulator is very useful for people suffering from osteochondrosis.

Treadmill - effective exercise for weight loss.During training, the maximum number of muscles involved, the breathing becomes deep.The treadmill allows you to do a variety of exercises, changing their intensity.The effectiveness of the simulator treadmill compared to the stepper and an exercise bike is much higher, but the lesson it is not suited for the lazy.To lose weight, you have to work hard.

The most effective exercise for weight loss

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

Ideal simulator suitable for all you find.Everyone has their own individual problems with excess weight.For each muscle group - their techniques.What exactly - you best tell the coach in the fitness center.It will help you not only choose the best exercise for weight loss, but also to create a balanced diet, choose a suitable exercise.

elliptical trainer for weight loss

elliptical trainer - a very effective form of exercise equipment for dropping excess weight.It is the favorite of many a simulator - it does not work on a monotone, time flies much faster than when running.During training actively burns calories and strengthens good respiratory and cardiovascular systems, muscles of the legs and buttocks.The effectiveness of such simulators is comparable to the efficiency of cross-country tracks, but still they are a little inferior to them.But deal with them much easier and most importantly - safer for the joints of the feet.

exercises at the gym to lose weight: video

Specialist in Physical Culture and Sports Sergey Siwiec tell what exercises on simulators are most effective for beginners.

Whichever your trainer to lose weight, try to train as much as possible on a regular basis and monitor power.Before purchasing sports equipment, consult with a trainer in the fitness club.It will help you to choose the best option will prompt the necessary exercise.

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