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7 psychological steps to weight loss

Most people start a new life on Monday, but how long this new life and what the outcome will depend on the proper attitude .Therefore it is necessary to elaborate on the stage, which precedes a grueling diet and exercise.

How to believe in themselves and start the weight loss?

So we present to you 7 psychological steps!

Step 1.

struggle with being overweight, lack of a positive result helps to ensure that the woman is in a constant state of stress.And it was stress is a common cause of overeating .A man who decides to change his habitual life, you just need to learn to relax , revise views on many issues.Do not judge yourself severely, a positive attitude, no panic and bustle - a great help for getting rid of the extra kilos .Learn to give your body a rest.There is a wonderful expression: "The more you sleep, the less violations."In the dream, you can even lose weight.Do not think that nervous exhaustion can lead to something good.

Outcome: learn to relax.

Step 2.

is believed that excess weight - a protective reaction of the organism.But from what protects your body need to find out before you get in the way of weight loss. Understand yourself , people do not like to dig in itself, but time goes on and should recognize their weakness, pride and sacrifice, if the situation requires, to see a specialist who will help find the true causes of discontent and a reluctance to take the path of correction.Most people like to feel sorry for yourself, and harmony does not give such an opportunity.Other extra weight eliminates the attention of men, which for some reason they are afraid.

Bottom line: look at yourself.

Step 3.

Before losing weight, it is important to articulate the goal , and it is only at first glance, an easy task.Imagine what you want to achieve weight loss, which you can see yourself.The main thing is not to overdo it and to give a full report to the expectations .Even if you leave extra weight, natural constitution will not change.Not everyone under a thick layer of fat, as a joke, small waist, beautiful breasts and firm thighs.You have to understand that the goal is to become Angelina Jolie after weight loss is not feasible, but become slim itself - is real.Think of the incredible transformation in the program "Fashionable sentence" a harmony for a stunning species is not enough.In the process of losing weight and change her hair style.All this will bring you closer to the ultimate goal: the beauty in reflecting windows, which throw admiring glances.Introduction of yourself beautiful - sweet pill to fight against obesity.

Outcome: clearly specify the target.

Step 4.

soul and the body needs to be cleansed .During the time that you spent on the absorption of dishes, lying on the sofa, your body zahryas, intoxicated, and from all that you have it to spare.Every cell in your body needs to be cleansed.Never too late to start, recall the sensational story of weight loss 60-year-old Hollywood actress Kirtsi Ellie.Insist on purification and activity.

Outcome: mental cleansing of the body.

Step 5.

Imagination - the main thing in the process of losing weight.Do not disconnect during waking hours for a minute, this concentration itself will contribute to spend extra kilograms .You're at war with excess weight - think of this as a reality.I stopped currently control, fell in battle.

Outcome: self-control.

Step 6.

prepare for the change is not so easy, say, the hour of X, a person lost weight, but it may happen that it will be uncomfortable in a new body, he will not know how to dress is now,former joys of life under the ban, and get new it has not yet learned. Prepare yourself for change in advance .Select a new wardrobe, albeit only virtual, not necessarily spend a lot on a slim figure all sit well.Enroll in a driving school, change the interior in my room to work (as an option). In a healthy body healthy mind must be .Start losing weight only impetus to global variables, their presence will make the process of changing life exciting.When the live, if not now.Engage in what has long dreamed of, the more you are occupied, the less there is a desire to eat.

Outcome: preparing for change.

Step 7.

Do not be afraid of their desires. Positive attitude helps to cope with temptations , do as in the movie "I am the most charming and attractive" or saying "At catcher and the beast running."If you believe that the lack of privacy associated only with excess weight, look in the mirror.Maybe you do not like the man, because he does not smile, not all satisfied, constantly grumbling.Meanwhile, life goes.Tune positive , knowingly spirit and harmony are one and the same root.Smile in the mornings and evenings to extol yourself, dream, when you please yourself, you overlook the surrounding.

Result: positive emotions.

Especially for - Elena

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