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Lose excess weight - speed up the metabolism!

Fighting obesity is closely related to the rate of metabolism.That's why losing weight more productive, based on knowledge of the processes occurring in our body.

How to lose weight?

Overweight - one of the risk factors for serious diseases .It must be combated.It's hard, long and often does not bring the desired results.

Anyone who has tried knows that throw extra weight is not easy, but it is much more difficult then to maintain the weight at the right level.

Lose excess weight - speed up the metabolism!

number of obese people is increasing.In most cases, the reasons for this - lack of exercise, poor diet (sprawling network of fast food, food - on the run).We often we go to the car than go on foot, usually occupied by sedentary work, our holiday - the computer.

Overweight stored when we consume more calories than we burn them in the process of life.The extra calories are converted to fat and accumulate.Fat deposits distort our figure.A set of extra weight increases with age.

The best way to lose weight - change of eating habits and m

aintaining an active lifestyle.

weight maintenance in optimal framework will help you feel better, reduce the risk of many diseases, metabolic disorders.

Overweight - it negative consequences:

  1. high cholesterol and the risk of blood clots, as well as the development of heart disease;
  2. high blood pressure;
  3. joint problems;
  4. high risk of developing diabetes, etc.

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Accelerate metabolism: how to achieve this?

Metabolism - metabolism is flowing from start of nutrient in the body until the moment when the final product released into the environment.

your weight, which, in particular, include and fat reserves, made up of the balance between consumption and waste of energy.We consume energy when we eat food that contains calories - units of energy.Energy consumption - the number of calories the body expends on the life and work.

If we consume more energy than they expend, then the surplus is stored as fat reserves.If we spend more energy than it consumes, while the body burns fat, that is, turns them back into energy.Thus we lose fat and, consequently, weight. Energy consumption over a certain period of time is called the metabolic rate.

rate at which the body burns calories varies according to age, sex, weight, fitness level, intensity workouts, meals, as well as genetic and others. Factors.

Overweight people argue that a slow metabolism - the reason that they can not lose weight quickly.It's not just refuted in studies.People with a high body mass burns more calories, t. To. Metabolism is directly related to body weight and muscle mass.Large people burn more calories than thin.People with obesity problem usually lies in the fact that they simply do not realize the amount of food eaten for 1 day.Conclusion: almost all of us wrongly believe the number of calories.

Overweight: weight loss in different ways

can successfully lose weight through exercise, visit bath, jogging on the street or simulator use regular drinks such as green coffee, etc.

Lose excess weight - speed up the metabolism!

To understand whether you need to lose weight, you need to know your weight.It is calculated by the formula:

weight = current weight (kg) - an ideal weight (kg)

Formula ideal weight is:

ideal weight = height (cm) - 110.

If you need to lose 1kg per day, it's real.Will special training.

decide to start with time.The procedure must take place at least two hours before bedtime and after 1.5 hour after ingestion.You will need a few bags and duct tape.

Wrap packages problem areas.Secure the polyethylene tape that he was pressed tightly to the body.Above you can put a regular tracksuit.Next should perform a simple exercise - jogging.

to. Air bags do not pass, there is a "greenhouse effect", in which the body loses 3 times more fluid than with simple jogging.Conclusion: The time you spend little, and the result is excellent.Run

need about 40 minutes, but not to wear.Take care of your body!

full people jogging alone is not enough, they need more and diet.Desirable counseling dietitian.

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beautiful figure without the extra kilos - is the result of coordinated work of the whole organism.Acceleration of metabolic processes entail a rapid disposal of excess weight.To do this, you must observe a correct diet, exercise, watch your caloric intake.

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I think that is an integral part in losing weightit is proper diet and medication Lida maximum, because he has many of my colleagues at work, and I in particular, managed to lose 11 kg.without any harm to the body.
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