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Wrap Slimming hulahup: reviews

Many of the women, sooner or later ask themselves: how can you lose weight.Today, there are plenty of recipes, diets and sports activities that help to do it.But the resulting effect of them is different and not all methods are suitable to all equally.

quite popular method - a use wrap slimming hulahup .Exercising needed to cope with excess weight and keep your figure in shape, but how effective hulahup hoop, can be found only in a review, those who have tried to lose weight with the help of .

Wrap Slimming hulahup: reviews

Massage hoop hulahup slimming: reviews

  • Ludmila: "I do not know the difference between a hoop hulahup from ordinary metal, but with the help of weighted hoop could ubratzhivot and grease the sides.All of your friends for a quick effect are metal hoops if it is the same that hulahup, the effect is definitely there. "
  • Olesya: "I tried to lose weight with the help of hulahupa.But how long could not use it, it is very heavy.It was painful.A friend was pleased, could make the waist, how long have wanted.But
    they need to use the time. "
  • Victoria: "The main thing that was a quick result, you do not keep your feet shoulder-width apart and together.Uncomfortable, of course, but the result is obvious, very quickly. "
  • Masha: "cooler hulahup a month, the result is, but it is heavy and aching hips.And so very much. "
  • Xenia: "Of course, no effect will be from hulahupa if there is beyond measure and not a diet.Tested on personal experience.To avoid boring twist it, turn on your favorite music, movies or TV series.Also, for the best effect you need to do abdominal exercises. "
  • Elena: "I decided to buy hulahup.The first day was very painful.On the second day even worse.But a week passed and bruises and pain, was used.The result - just super.Especially hulahup help when needed quick results.For 2 weeks, you can achieve a great effect. "
  • Oksana: "Wrap Slimming hulahup - a very good thing.The only "but" if you throw it to turn, it again appears on the sides of the fat, so you need to constantly twist. "
  • Christina: "I decided to get rid of fat via hulahupa.At first it was a little painful, but then even pleasant.I heard that it could harm the internal organs, but that's not true, because the muscles close them, and not so hard twist to cause serious injury to themselves.So I twist myself and others advise. "
  • Maria: "I use a hoop for weight loss for a long time.He's in special balls.I twist it every 10 minutes, and the result is seen after 2 weeks.A friend uses ordinary sand and said that no result, although twists for six months. "

Wrap Slimming hulahup: reviews

  • Pauline: "I bought hulahup, weighing 1.6 kg.I was told that for a beginner - a lot.But I'm not upset, but now will not have to change it to a more heavy.It included energetic music and steep for 15 minutes.It turned out only intermittently, because the hoop fell almost every minute.Without habits are hard to turn at once for a long time.I tried at the same time to strain the press.After 1.5 hours, and to the sides of the abdomen was not touched.And in the morning formed with bruises bruises.Now I do not know, try to turn on the waist with a scarf or better to abandon hulahupa general.My skin is very sensitive. "
  • Alla: "Read about the omission of the kidney due to severe hulahupa hoops and consulted with a trainer.She said that if torsion strain during the obliques and the press, no omission would not .Bruises disappear with time, as the body gets used.Maybe even check with your doctor, and then you never know what happens. "
  • Natasha: "I have from the hoop nothing hurts.After the first time it was just unpleasant.Just a very boring to stand and twist, not budging.Somehow I held for 10 minutes with music or TV. "
  • Anastasia: "I believe that a hoop is not effective for weight loss.I use it only as a warm-up.As for damage to internal organs, I do not know.When a person works with a hoop, he strains the muscles differently and spinning hoop hulahup will not.When muscles are stretched, internal organs nothing to fear. "
  • Ilona: "bought a hulahup, twist it for 20 minutes, the next day there were bruises.A week later, they passed now steeper without particular problems.But in order to achieve a noticeable effect, you need to swing the press and stick to the diet. "

Wrap Slimming hulahup: reviews

Hoop hulahup: negative feedback

  • Irina: "Wrap twist a month for 20 min., But the result is not very good, only 1 cm left sides."
  • Olga: "I love hulahup, but twist it periodically.When I started there were bruises twist.Spin has not ceased, and on the waist tied stole.But after repulsed lower back vertebrae, even the press could not swing, could not lie on his back.I'm not upset, but another occupation slimming decided to find yourself.Still too painful. "
  • Emine: "I do not like hulahup.She practiced it before, to lose weight, but no results.And in fitness magazines it has not found, only the sides of it hurt.I conclude - it does not suit me. "
  • Faith: "I bought myself a special weighted hoop.Steep it for 10 minutes, and then the bruises did not descend for 2 weeks. Nothing against hulahupa just had to start with a light .But the twist will no longer be unpleasant, because of weak muscles from hulahupa can occur drooping buds, even if it's not true. "
  • Alain: "cool every day for 2 months.No effect, only the sides bruised, but still hurt terribly.I decided by slimming wrap refuse. "

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order to avoid any health problems, consult your doctor about the possibilities in your particular case of slimming wrap hulahup !

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