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How to choose hulahup slimming?

In pursuit of harmony women go to any victim, torturing themselves in gyms.And you can reach the waist without leaving home buying hulahup. How not to get lost in a variety of range and choose when buying hulahup right?

How to choose hulahup slimming?

hulahup How to choose?

on the market of products for health and beauty you can find a wide selection of wraps for weight loss.Among the great diversity are 6 types.

Neutral hulahup

usual hoop iron or plastic, not filled in.This is the first hoops that were in production.These wraps are recommended for initial training, so as not to create an increased load on the spine and waist and adapt to stress.The weight of the wrap is less than 1 kg.

Folding hulahup

Folding hulahup similar to conventional.The main difference from conventional - that hulahup can be folded twice or even four times.Such an option for those who want to save space in the apartment.In some models, you can adjust the weight, if you reduce the number of sections hulahupa.Fewer parts involved in the constr

uction of the hoop, reduce its weight and load on the problem areas.This simulator is very convenient for transportation.With a diameter of just better defined as a decrease in diameter will affect compliance hulahupa growth.

Weighted hulahup slimming

weighted hoop is suitable for those who do not fit the usual hoops, and requires a simulator heavier.Weight weighted hoop is from 1.5 to 2.5 kg.It helps to adjust the waist and hips area, providing a higher load.

Hulahup with massaging elements

as massaging elements used small suction cups that stick, and then come off from the skin in the process of how you twist the hoop.These hoops are used to reduce waist and massage the abdomen and thighs.

How to choose hulahup slimming?

addition hulahupov with suction cups, there hulahupy with plastic and rubber balls.Hoops with elements exert mechanical action on the problem areas, accelerate the process of destruction of fat.

better to choose rubber balls, they are soft and safe, actively helps to disperse the fat and strengthen muscle tissue, also have a positive impact on the functioning of internal organs and improve skin tone (just have to survive the bruising on the body in the first training), strengthen the spine and bonetissue, improves circulation and overall health.

particularly good hulahup with massaging elements in the fight against cellulite .If the massage elements can be removed and mount, you can adjust the degree of the load.

Hulahup magnetic elements

most effective believe hoop with magnetic elements. magnetic beads improve blood flow, supply the skin with oxygen.The main biological effect of the magnetic field is considered awakening electromotive force in the blood and lymph.In the course of this interaction in the body appear weak currents that improve the flow of metabolic processes.

Hulahup with built-in calorie counter

calorie counter gives information about the number of turns and calories. Smart hoop with integrated meter is powered by two batteries.With regular sessions, during which gradually increases, such know-how will play a secondary role.More important will be how often you turn the hulahup, and burn calories per workout.A good result can give only regular exercise, not a class a couple of times a month.

already commercially available cheap flexible hoops Flexihoop , when rotating, they stretch and contract, leading to an intense and quality massage hips, waist and buttocks.Excess fat is burned more quickly and cellulite disappear.Additional features such hulahupa includes performing stretching exercises.

Hulahup: how to choose a weight?

Hoops chosen not only according to the weight, but also on physical fitness.Beginners recommended to start training, starting with the small weight of 1 kg. heavier hulahup more intensive training .Without proper training, you risk to get bruises and bruises when the hoop is harder to 2 kg.

How to choose hulahup slimming?

For children suit easiest plastic wrap weighing no more than 0.8 kg.

If you are a beginner hulahupom workouts, the weight should not exceed 1.6-2 kg.Women and men who have experience training with massage hulahupom average weight of not less than six months, you can choose hoops weighing 2.5-3 kg.

For beginners recommended for training to take care of tight clothes, which helps protect the body from bruising .The best option would be the purchase of neoprene termopoyasov to help protect the waist and enhance the slimming effect.

Operating principle hulahupa slimming

simple exercises with hulahupom help "make the waist," because effects on the muscles.If you turn the hulahup 15-20 minutes a day, you get:

  • reduce body weight by means of active training;
  • strengthen the muscles of the calf;
  • strengthen the muscles in the thighs, there is a reduction "ears";
  • reduce the size of the waist;
  • tighten the stomach;
  • strengthen the back and buy a good posture;
  • get rid of fat from the arms and hands;
  • develop flexibility and plasticity throughout the body.

Hulahupy any kind of help in losing weight .But it is worth remembering that they are not suitable for everyone.Focus on training with hulahupom should pay for those who wish to obtain the highest effect in the struggle for harmony and those who want to get a smooth and elastic skin.

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big plus hulahupov a beneficial effect on the internal organs and body as a whole.Selecting hulahupov now the most diverse.You will need to choose what is needed hulahup and, accordingly, to purchase a particular instance.Successful purchases!

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