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Callanetics for beginners

sport's hot, and hard to find a person who would never try to engage in any kind of physical activity.And to have a slim and toned body is not necessary to raise the enormous weight and do at the gym, you can select another more "easy" kind of sports activity.

Today callanetics considered one of the most popular occupations for women , who do not want to exhaust yourself up a sweat and sit on a rigid diet.

Callanetics for beginners

worth noting that callanetics called in honor of women - MD - Callan Pinckney, which has developed a set of exercises that affect all the joints and muscles in the human body.In such a program can deal with absolutely anyone, regardless of their age and weight.

What good callanetics?

  • Callanetics gives women an opportunity to engage on an interesting, coherent and clear exercise of improving the system.From the lessons of this system the female body becomes stronger and more attractive appearance.Develop flexibility and mobility, the muscles become more flexible, which undoubtedly affects th
    e sexuality of women.
  • Another advantage Callanetics - no traumatic movements, compared with training in the gym.As a result of regular exercise Callanetics woman can boast not only a slender, smart forms, but also graceful gait, posture perfect, excellent health, improved metabolism and decrease in total body weight due to the destruction of internal fat.

Callanetics for beginners

  • Initially, it will be enough only 2 sessions Callanetics a week at least 40 minutes and no more than an hour. Callan Pinckney claimed that 1 hour such training on the amount of calories burned is equal to 7 hours of work in the gym and 24 hours of aerobic classes.Is it true, is difficult to judge, can only be a practical way to check.
  • Such exercises are very useful for business women who are constantly "on the move" and often can not attend classes.It is also a great alternative for those who can not afford to buy a subscription to a fitness club, as Callanetics can be practiced at home.
  • However, despite all its advantages, callanetics has a number of contraindications: recovery period after any surgery, recent births by caesarean section, blurred vision, asthma, expansion of hemorrhoids, chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels - such asheart attacks, hypertension, stroke, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system - sciatica, low back pain.

Callanetics for beginners: exercises

not forget that at the beginning of each session to do stretching.At least 5 minut.Rastyazhka in callanetics no different from stretching during any workout.

Callanetics for beginners: exercises

  1. first exercise develops flexibility of the neck muscles and relaxes her.Standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on his belt.Take a turn of the head to the left, do not rush.Return to the starting position.In each side, repeat the exercise 5 times.
  2. This exercise is aimed at the muscles of the neck and the shoulder joint, and back muscles.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart place, hands on his belt.Knees slightly bent, move your hips up and forward to fix it.Then slowly begin to lower the chin down, then to the right shoulder.Try to take it as far as possible, and then lift up.Now the same, but the reverse movement - lower jaw down to the shoulder to the chest and to the starting position.Make exercise 5 times each side.
  3. This exercise is for the oblique abdominal muscles, back muscles and upper body.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart place.Bend your knees slightly, the right hand is raised up, and the left is on his hip.Pull the right arm as high as possible, while not raising arm.The pelvis is slightly slide up and down, without lowering his hand.The knees bend, lean forward, and not bending hands, send it to the left side, turning the torso.Again move the pelvis up and down, get up to the starting position.Repeat on the other side.Do this exercise slowly 25 times.
  4. Exercise for the calf muscles of the neck, back and inner thigh.Stand facing a chair in front of him and put the right foot.Both legs keep upright.Start slowly pull your hands up, feel like stretch your back, then gently bend the leg.Hands continues to pull ahead.Make gradual slope to the foot, counting to 25. Change the position and do the same thing, but on the other hand.Repeat 10-12 times on each leg.
  5. exercises for the legs, buttocks and abdomen.On his knees, his legs bend under him and sit on your heels.Pull straight hands up, connect and stretch.Lift your pelvis slightly forward and upward, then do a circular motion in the opposite direction and one 20 times.
  6. This exercise is designed for pectoral muscles, hips and back.Sit on your knees, legs bend under him, hands lean back.Taz slide forward and lift it up as high as possible.Make up and down movement with an average amplitude of 20 times.
  7. Exercise for the thighs, calves and feet.Take the person to a chair, legs pull and push of the foot to foot.Straighten your back and rounded shoulders.Squeeze the legs as much as possible.Buttocks in this strain.Repeat 25 times at a slow pace.

Callanetics is based on yoga positions , and its secret lies in the fact that when a person sits down in the classroom for him unusual poses, allowing the muscles stretch and train.Do not expect immediate results, but if you do not be lazy and will continue to exercise a few months, you will surely see as standing at attention and postroynela your body, and then be able to go to have a more sophisticated level.

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