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Step aerobics at home

beautiful posture, healthy, feel great - all these will give you a step aerobics. It develops endurance.And for the people who work at a computer all day, step aerobics - just a godsend.

Step aerobics can be practiced in the morning instead of the normal charge, or in the evening to relieve fatigue.

What is step aerobics?

founder of the steppe was bodybuilding champion Gina Miller.

Step aerobics at home

Step aerobics (in translation step means "step") - is moving exercises that are performed on a special platform.Exercises on a step platform - a combination of some elements of oriental gymnastics, dance moves, as well as the simple raising and lowering the arms and legs to the music.

This is a great option for those who want to look younger and get rid of superfluous kilograms (an average of one session burns 400 calories), to strengthen the muscles of the body (muscles of the thighs, buttocks, calf).It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.Important in Step aerobics - a systematic and precise in

the exercise.

Before class, prepare yourself with a bottle of water.2-3 hours after school meal banned.As for the form for a class, then fit sweatpants, shorts, leggings, T-shirt is better to take from a natural fabric, put shoes on his feet (moccasins).The first lesson will show what you will be comfortable in training.

Pros step aerobics

Step aerobics has many advantages.

Step Aerobics: pros

  1. minimal cost , if you can not buy in a store platform, it is possible to replace the conventional low stool, as long as it was not a slippery material.
  2. At home, you need to practice quite a bit of space , suitable even a balcony.
  3. Time classes of 3 hours per week .

step aerobics at home

Here are some simple exercises that are ideal for performing at home :

All movements are performed to rhythmic music.

simple step.Warm

  • Stand up straight, slightly lift the chin, straighten shoulders.
  • arms half-bent, dropped along the body.Feet shoulder width apart.We start to walk on the ground.We are trying to move was springy.As for step raise a hand.If you started to do the exercise with the left leg, right arm should be lifted to meet her.Always try to keep your posture.
  • perform 5-7 minutes.
  • This exercise is designed to strengthen the calf muscles and thighs.Through this exercise, your gait becomes easier.
  • complicate exercise can be within a broad sports gum.Put it on the hips and gradually descends.Now to do the simple steps you need to put a lot more effort.
  • Remember, the lower you omitted gum, the greater the load on the legs.

Step aerobics: exercise

Side step

The second exercise is the use of ladders, step.

  • Start it on the floor.First, we do ladders springy steps, and then increase the rate.Then go to the "easy" ladders steps.They are slower.Try to do the exercise to the music.
  • By the time this exercise will take 3-5 minutes.

Steps "tie-»

It steps without the bench.

  • start with springy step ladders, then make two sliding, and lifts the heel to buttocks.
  • continue to warm up the muscles of the legs.Tightens the knee to the chest every 2-3 Extra-step.
  • then take the starting position and look at the first exercise, where we used a simple step.Make two steps, then a big step towards the first left and then the following four steps - right foot.
  • time can be increased from 5 to 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that you will not soon everything will turn out, but do not worry, a little training, and everything will turn out, the body itself will remember the movement ( all classes in step aerobics - coordination , and she of all people unique,so the rhythm of sessions depends on you).

step aerobics with bench (platform) at home

There are a number of exercises with a bench.You can get face-to-bench, sideways, left, right or behind.

simple exercise

  • Stand in front of the bench, put his hands on his waist.Takes two steps to the bench, then one step on the bench.We jump forward off the bench and begin the exercise on the other side.
  • not need to immediately walk at a rapid pace, it is best to gradually increase it.
  • complicate the movement, increasing the height of the bench or slightly quickening pace of implementation.To facilitate the exercise, pick a variety of music, from the slower rhythm to fast.By steps front of the bench can be added dance moves.And remember, step - a positive, rather than exhausting exercise.

Step aerobics: exercise Step aerobics: exercise

fun exercise - jumping off the bench

  • Stand sideways to the bench.Then do one step away from the bench, then make a jump in the same direction.Change the sequence.
  • very important: that the load on the muscles was greater during a jump in the direction you need to sit down a little.This exercise improves coordination and agility.
  • hands are at the waist.Only perform the steps.And they need to do as quickly as possible, on what you can do.
  • Perform 3-5 minutes.

Technique "transition »

  • This exercise is very simple, you just move from the starting position, standing in front of the bench, in a similar - for her.Execution speed depends on your physical fitness.
  • the transition to the bench can be put as one foot and both.It is also possible to combine the transition to a show of hands or by turning to lunge forward then left, then the right foot.

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Do not be afraid to come up with something of their own, step aerobics - it is a sport in which there is a place and ingenuity, and experimentation. Just do not make jerky, jerky movements, learn to listen to your body.Just so you can manage it, and the result will not disappoint you!

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