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Coffee wrap slimming at home

Now any self-respecting girl watching them and knows many ways to maintain its beauty.And this does not necessarily go to the salon, you can take care of themselves, and in the home.For example, to keep your body in great shape, and keep the skin supple, you can make coffee wrap. This is a great tool contains caffeine, which helps fight cellulite and promotes weight loss.

Of course, coffee is not inside the wrapping take, and is used for external application.Though coffee drink is very refreshing and delicious, it should be consumed in moderation, as in contrast to wrap it can not rid you of cellulite, but instead add it.

for wrapping coffee at home you need from one to several hours, during which time you will not only clean their skin and be fed with nutrients, but also to relax, rest and pobudet alone with his thoughts.

Classic coffee body wrap at home

This recipe is notable for its simplicity, however, this does not make it less effective.To make this coffee wraps you need: 100 g of natural ground coffee, hot water and a little film for wrapping.

Coffee wrap slimming at home

  • Pour coffee into a small container and fill it with boiling water until mushy type.Wait until the mixture has cooled slightly, but will still be still hot, and quickly apply it to problem areas of the body.Quickly wrap film.The mixture may be applied as separate parts and the entire body for prophylaxis.
  • Once you wrap film, you will need to lie down and cover yourself with a warm blanket that will keep the heat for about an hour.Now, it's time to relax and think about something pleasant, you can read a good book or watch a favorite movie.
  • After lying so for an hour and a half, rinse with a mixture of warm water and apply a skin moisturizer.Immediately after coffee wraps You will notice that the skin became softer, supple and silky.

Good coffee body wrap cellulite

  • This wrap is distinguished by its ease of preparation.Prepare 1 hour. L.with a slide body cream that you like best.Add the cream caffeine 4 ampoules and ointments Kapsikam the size of a small pea.Be careful with this ointment, as if it is added too much, you can get a local skin irritation.Caffeine ampoules and ointment Kapsikam can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • prepare the masses put on your skin light massage and then carefully wrapped up with cling film.Top for a more thorough heating can be put on anti-cellulite shorts or warm pants.In this state, you will need to be about three hours.You can engage in any business, but neither eat nor drink during this wrap you can not.When the time runs out procedure can be washed off and apply a moisturizing body wrap or a nourishing cream.
  • This procedure is very effective in that the active substance through kapsikamu caffeine penetrate deep inside and have a beneficial effect on the skin.Such wrapping coffee at home is better to pursue a course of about 1-2 times a week for two months, and the effect is not long to wait.

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Coffee and clay body wrap at home

  1. Cosmetic clay has long been famous for its remarkable effects on the skin, and if it is combined with coffee, you can achieve a great effect!To this mixed together in equal proportions of coffee and clay, then dilute with boiling water until a homogeneous dough.
  2. mixture evenly over the skin, then wrap the foil and take cover with a blanket on top.Enjoy the pleasant feelings of coffee and clay wraps for two to three hours.After the course of such wraps the skin becomes more smooth, soft and supple, and wrap helps get rid of cellulite is not worse than many salon procedures .

Coffee and clay body wrap at home

Coffee and lemon wrap at home

  1. If the coffee mix with lemon oil, then mix with the help tired, sluggish and dull skin. particularly effectively carry coffee and lemon wrap winter or spring, when the skin is deficient in vitamins and nutrients.Well it helps this mixture and dehydration, over-dried or overcooling.
  2. way, lemon oil can be done at home.For the basics, take olive oil - 10 drops and mix it with lemon juice - 4 drops lemon oil is then uniformly mix with coffee.Wrap the foil and lie down so a few hours, then rinse with warm water.

Honey and coffee body wrap at home

  • Coffee blends with many products, so you can safely experiment with coffee wraps.Coffee can be mixed with honey, clay, various essential oils, algae, dairy products and even with red pepper.
  • in what proportions to mix these ingredients?As the basis of a 50-150 grams of coffee, and, for example, essential oils should take 5 drops, red pepper, and honey cosmetic clay, which is added after brewing, taken 1 tbsp.spoon.
  • What should I do during the honey or other coffee wraps?Same as in the previous methods.Mix the ingredients and let it cool down a little weight, and apply it to the body, roll up in plastic wrap, sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on a bed, covered with a rug or blanket.

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Any coffee wrap has limitations - are diseases of the skin, varicose veins, intolerance coffee, SARS, hypertension, thrombosis, and various infectious diseases.But if you are healthy, you can fearlessly use the coffee packs as cellulite treatment, to prevent it, and just for firming the skin.

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