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Can I recover from the apple?

One sentence reads: "You want to eat - eat an apple, the apple does not want - do not want to eat."Indeed, these fruits are at losing weight one of the most popular components of the diet.However, there is a perception that apples can recover and ...

composition and properties of apples

this a storehouse of concentrated fruit beneficial to the human body substances .For example, the fruit is rich in vitamins B, C, E and F. Furthermore, in apples many trace elements: boron, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, potassium, sulfur, iodine, sodium, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, fluoride, etc..They contain organic acids, t. To. Tartaric, malic, citric and chlorogenic.Apples are also a lot of sugar, fiber and pectin.

Can I recover from the apple?

known that these fruits have a positive effect on digestion, improves kidney and improve immunity.To. Apples a lot of juice, they are an indispensable tool in replenishing fluids in the body.Different varieties of delicious fruits lower cholesterol levels, prevent the formation of uric acid and a

re the prevention of anemia.Scientists recommend eating apples to eat for gout, anemia, beriberi and dysentery.Bright juicy fruits, like bananas, are excellent antidepressants and charge the body with energy.

apples Calorie

apples in the diet are allowed in almost any quantity.The only damage they can cause in the diet - increase appetite.It should be noted that these fruits - low-calorie product .They are virtually no fat .

Nevertheless, eat only apples are not worth it.This food will be an ordeal for your stomach, because these fruits high content of acid.The optimum amount of 2-3 apples per day.

corrects any apples?

Apples are not only extremely useful but low-calorie product.They do not contain harmful cholesterol - another big plus.In addition, the fiber, which in the fruit is very much a positive effect on the digestive system, helping to cleanse the body.

All indications are that the apple - an indispensable product for slimming .Yet, there are two reasons for apples may increase your weight.About them mentioned above.The first reason: apples increase appetite.Therefore, eating a fruit, think of the consequences.And remember, that in no case can not eat only apples!

second reason: the misuse of these fruits.You should not eat a lot of apples.Limit 2-3 a day.Remember that fruit contains sugar, which in large quantities can affect your weight.Rely on the rule that any, even the most useful food is good in moderation.

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difference between green and red apples

Corrects any apples?

you ever wondered why many diets are referred to it green apples?In fact, the differences between green, red and yellow fruit is still there.For dieters green apples preferred because they contain less sugar than red or yellow.In addition, no green fruit natural dye, which can cause allergic reactions.Thus, green apple fruit can be called universal.If you are afraid to get better apples, although it is practically not possible, choose the green fruit.

Can I recover from apples: reviews

  • Alex: Recently, Japanese scientists have shown that regular use of apples to prevent obesity.Clinical trials have shown that even three apples eaten during the day, reducing blood lipids by 20 percent.Check for yourself, always include these fruits in the diet diet.
  • Eugene: From apples to recover does not.Quite the contrary.They contribute to the natural purification of the body.
  • Alina: It is impossible to recover from apples.In the end, did you not eat too many of them!Weight gain can only be if the apples tight snack lunch.

stout apples is almost impossible, most importantly, they need to have in moderation.Remember the old English proverb: "An apple a day - will be healthy."Do not forget to eat every day at least one juicy fruit - it will be the basis of your healthy diet!

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January 24, 2015 01:01
Yes, apples are unlikely to get well, but to make it easy to heartburn.Especially those who have high acidity.
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