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Can I recover from the grapes?

known that the grape has many useful properties.Some of its components are helping women in the maintenance of health and beauty.Valuable quality of the berries are known to people since ancient times.However, there is a perception that the fans enjoy grapes risk better.But is it?Are those who care about the figure should not eat berries for food?

Grapes: composition and properties

Can I recover from the grapes?

The composition of the fruit grapes includes many useful for the human body substances.So in this berry contains: organic acids, fiber, various trace elements, enzymes, ascorbic acid, sugar, and of course vitamins.Especially many grapes vitamins, besides them it includes vitamins K, C, F, A and E. Among the minerals contained in berries can distinguish calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, selenium, zinc and sodium.Of the organic acids are present: malic acid, oxalic acid, citric and tartaric.100g of grapes contains: proteins - 0.2 g fat - 0.1 g, carbohydrate - 16.2 g water - '80

  • The composition of grapes can be concluded that it is indeed unique.For example, berry useful in asthma.Included in the grape antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, thereby allowing him to block vessels.This product reduces the risk of heart attacks due to the increase in blood levels of nitric oxide.Furthermore, the use of berries in food will help you in the treatment of kidney disease.
  • some mineral properties have grape juice.For example, it can cope with migraine.To do this, it is recommended to drink in the morning, without diluting with water.If the juice obtained from green grapes, it can make up for the lack of iron in the body, thus removing or prevent fatigue and its member antioxidants will add you energy and vivacity.
  • grapes also can be used as a laxative, providing a tonic effect on the stomach and intestines.It is believed that the grape purple tones able to have an impact on the prevention of breast cancer.
  • However, the use of grapes has some contraindications.We'll have to give it up for people suffering from diabetes, obesity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, and diarrhea.

Calorie and use in cooking grapes

In cooking, the grapes are widely used.Most often it is a component of desserts, pastries and salads, as well as used to decorate cakes.A common ingredient found in dishes dried grapes - raisins.Because berries are produced and beverages, such as fruit drinks and juices.The most famous product is the wine from grapes.For this drink using special crop varieties that meet certain requirements.

Calorie berries on average 63 kcal / 100 g There is a myth that the grapes that are lighter in color and more calories than dark.In fact, their calorie content is about the same level.So I do not think that buying a dark grapes, you do less harm to the figure.

recovering any of the grapes?

Corrects any of the grapes?

Despite all the useful qualities of the grapes, many are willing to give up its use because of the assumption that it causes weight gain.

American doctors performed an experiment, in which found that green grapes, on the contrary, leads to weight loss.The same goes for the juice of this fruit.To conduct the study were selected 100 people who are overweight.The subjects were divided into 4 groups.People were asked to eat as usual and every day to walk for half an hour.As a result, a few months later, all subjects lost weight.Most consumers weight dropped neat grape juice, less than all lost weight, those who eat grapes tried.It can be concluded that the use of this berry promotes weight loss.There are even special grape diet, aimed at the removal from the body of toxins.Since the grapes enough calories, they can quickly eat, and thus to suppress the feeling of hunger to eat quite a bit.It turns out that you can recover from grapes only in the case of eating it in large quantities or with others. Products that contribute to the accumulation of excess kilos.

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from grapes can be better, becauseit is enough calories.However, if you eat the berries as part of a sensible diet, in moderation, weight gain does not threaten you.On the contrary, the grapes give your body a lot of useful substances, and therefore the beauty, energy and health.

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