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Lasagna in the oven: Italian food recipes and test for it

Italian long been thoroughly taken its place in the hearts of people around the world: Pizza - a dish that has no special requirements for its formulation;paste - hearty, tasty and fast;Lasagna - nutritious and exquisite.The simplicity of these meals allow them to cook every day, and loyalty to the Italian modification of their recipes - always to create something new.Same lasagna in the oven hardly get bored if you constantly change its content, leaving only the constant dough.

pasta for lasagna: how to make your own hands?

Proper Italian lasagna always begins with its subtle but very flexible sheets.Of course, they can be purchased at the store, but, first, it is quite expensive - there are a lot of good sheets, secondly, it is not always possible to find such a rarity - they represented only in large hypermarkets.Yes, and cook pasta for lasagna with their hands quite difficult and not for a long time: direct your participation takes only 10 min., And the ingredients, as well as in other types o

f Italian test, only 5 - flour, oil, salt, water and eggs.

Pasta for lasagna: how to make your own hands?


  1. Wheat flour - 300 g
  2. Olive oil - Article 1.5.l.
  3. chicken eggs (yolks) 1.- 3 pieces.
  4. cold water - 50 ml
  5. Salt - a pinch


  • sifted flour hill, at the top created a shallow crater, which is poured olive oil and pour salt.The eggs are broken above the separator, the proteins can be disposed of immediately, you need to put the yolks to the same, in the flour.All the ingredients are mixed by hand.
  • Water is added last, tablespoons, and its amount can be varied at your discretion.We need to get smooth dough which does not stick to your hands and be easily rolled.Knead Italian chefs recommend it for exactly 10 minutes.Properly taken on the proportions of the ingredients do not give him time for it to become tough.If the dough has turned rough, you can add a little more water.
  • Ready soft lump is placed in a plastic bag or foil to prevent any access of air to it, and put them in a place devoid of drafts.The refrigerator should not send the dough because it will harden and will succumb to bad rolling.It is better to put it in a cold oven or a microwave oven, do not forget to close the door.But the main thing - knead the dough just before cooking lasagna, not in store: it can not be frozen - by these actions, it will lose its taste and softness.Therefore, after 30 min.after the moment of placing the dough into a film it must be divided into 6-8 parts (depending on the size of future lasagna) and continue to work with it.

cheese lasagna in the oven: a recipe with photo

Traditional Italian lasagna does not have a rich filling: the beauty of the dishes combined thin unleavened dough, a few kinds of cheese, béchamel sauce and broth.No meat, no vegetables in it usually is not, although some cooks use a small number of fried mince, add to the dish satiety.Yet, the key to delicious, classic lasagna - the right temperature and the sauce.Him and should be prepared before the start to be unrolled and cut sheets.

Cheese lasagna in the oven

Cheese lasagna in the oven: a recipe with a photo


  1. selected milk - 450 ml
  2. wheat or whole-wheat flour - 70 g
  3. Butter or margarine - 50 g
  4. Salt - a pinch;
  5. Seasonings - 1 tsp


  • butter melted in a water bath, it is poured slowly sifted flour.It is stirred until complete dissolution, waiting time when the mass becomes smooth.Then, the cup is removed from the plate, and its contents are cooled slightly.
  • DR. Capacity on the plate heated milk.After zakipaniyaego connected to the oil-flour mixture and pour back the salt and seasonings.The sauce should be boil down to simmer under the lid so that it thickens slightly, which takes 8-10 minutes.After
  • when bechamel sauce for lasagna brought to readiness, it is removed from the stove, and all the attention is given to the main part of the dish - sheets and filling.Classical lasagna need 3-4 kinds of cheese, tomato paste, which is easy to do on your own by adjusting the taste, to fill the egg, broth and seasonings.For satiety - minced meat in a small amount.



  1. sheets for lasagna - 8 pcs.
  2. Farsh- 300 g
  3. Eggs kurinye- 1 pc.
  4. cheese "Ricotta" - 200 g
  5. cheese "Parmesan" - 160 g
  6. Cheese "Gorgonzola" - 80 g
  7. Tomato paste - 100 ml
  8. Onions - 1 pc.
  9. meat broth - 210 ml
  10. Garlic - 2-3 cloves


  • for lasagne, divided into 8 parts, rolled in a thin (1-2 mm) rectangles of equal size form thatYou'll stack them.They need to be expanded on parchment and cover with a damp towel until the rest of the ingredients will be prepared so that they do not zavetrilis.
  • All 3 kinds of cheese are passed through the grater, combine with chopped garlic cloves, mix and set aside for 10-15 the side.If you want, in addition to these varieties of cheese you can use any vending.
  • On a hot skillet fried chopped onion, and after 1-2 minutes.there is laid ground beef.The fire is reduced to low, the pan is filled with water so that it covered half the stuffing, cover with a lid and her.On finishing stuffing until half spent 30-40 minutes.When the water evaporates, the pan add the tomato paste and minced tantalized 8-10 minutes.
  • sheet for lasagna is located at the bottom of the form in which it is baked.Over it spreads ½ of the whipped egg crumbles a little cheese mix and covered with a layer of a new leaf.It has to distribute bechamel sauce and again a small amount of grated cheese.Between 3 and layer 4, and between 5 and 6, is introduced mincemeat, and the sheets are coated necessarily sauce.In the remaining period up to and including layer 8 a cheese and bechamel sauce.Lasagna filled with remnants of the eggs, pour cheese and pour into a form you need to broth, and then tighten it with foil.
  • Baked lasagna in the oven at 185 degrees if you work convection, and 200 degrees - without her.The foil keeps 20 min., After which it must be removed, and continue baking lasagna for another 15min.After this mode is activated, "Grill" or if it is not, you just need to leave work only top heating element of the oven and wait until surface appears golden crust lasagna.

Lasagna with mushrooms and chicken: a recipe

Mushroom Lasagna with meat owes its appearance certainly is not Italy, where such content - a rarity.However, she fell in love with a number of countries, no less original recipe, and the degree of satiety was higher than, for example, cheese or egg lasagna.Fans can take a sharp taste smoked chicken and mushrooms are selected entirely at your discretion.

Lasagna with mushrooms and chicken


  1. sheets for lasagna - 6 pieces.
  2. bechamel sauce - 500 ml
  3. Fresh mushrooms - 250 g
  4. Onions - 1 pc.
  5. Chicken - 400 g
  6. Tomatoes - 3-4 pieces.
  7. cheese "Parmesan" - 250 g
  8. chicken egg - 1 pc.
  9. Seasonings and spices - to taste


  • recipe dough and sauce is traditional, so it is not necessary to repeat again.Highlights chicken lasagna - Boil in unsalted water purification and washed meat until cooked (40-50 min. At medium power), parse it for fibers and cut into bars of 2-3 cm long.
  • chopped onion and chopped mushrooms fried in butter under the lid closed over medium heat for 15-20 min., Then added to them passed through a grater tomato and spices.Another 10-15 minutes.mixture should then make it soft.
  • in baking dish laid out all the ingredients in the following order: a sheet of lasagne spread boiled meat and the sauce is poured on top of it - vegetable mixture, then all covered with new leaf and repeated.When the sheets over, the last to pour the beaten egg and pour coarsely grated cheese.For a more attractive appearance can be put on a few records cheese mushrooms or tomatoes.
  • Bake lasagna with mushrooms and chicken should also be under the foil at 175 degrees for 30 min., Then remove the foil, put the dish above the level, temperature, and add in Ovens.Remove from the oven when the surface browns.Serve the lasagne is required after cutting into portions and added to the plate halves of cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and others. Herbs.

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Delicate, fragrant lasagna - a dish quite innocent as can be seen from the presentedabove recipe, but always different, by allowing it to fit in any kind of food from the refrigerator.Treat yourself and home gourmet Italian cuisine, and maybe it will become frequent visitors dishes on your table.