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Philadelphia roll home.

commendable desire to develop, thanks to favorable changes that occur in life.For example, restaurant meals prices are quite high due to the qualification of chefs who have successfully trained for their entire lives.Many practical applications of their skills enables feel confident their knowledge, to be able to experiment in an accessible area.

Philadelphia roll home.

Sushi Bar offers a choice of delicious sushi made of rice and seafood.So what to do?Going to public school or try yourself to do?Solved!Cooking at home Philadelphia roll !!!These are uramaki sushi roll and are one of the most popular in Russia.What is necessary to create a Japanese motifs at home?Of course, the desire to do it and the necessary products.

Products for cooking rolls Philadelphia


  1. rice - 240 g;
  2. nori seaweed - 1 sheet;
  3. salmon - 120 g;
  4. Philadelphia cheese - 70 g;
  5. cucumber - 1-2 pcs .;
  6. avocado - 1-2 pcs .;
  7. wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce discretion.


  • Rice, of course, boiled separately.
  • All other ingredients used in its raw form.
  • cucumber and avocado cut into thin strips.
  • This roll is created by cooking techniques uramaki (inside-out rolls).

To make it easier to understand the principle of formation of the land, should be viewed a video that describes in detail the basis of the technology.

Cooking Philadelphia roll home.Video

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Successful experiments you and bon appetit!