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Preparing sushi at home

In recent years, increasingly began to open up a variety of restaurants and bars offering oriental food.Sushi bars beckon with their signs, offering exclusive meals in a beautiful design.But not everyone has the opportunity to visit these places because of the high cost of care.In case it is worth trying because the preparation of sushi and rolls at home on their own.Perhaps the first time may not turn out very nicely, but delicious!

Preparing sushi at home

Where to begin?If possible, it is better to pass a master class on sushi.As a rule, practical training includes the basics of using technology tools, nuanced explanation of cooking rice in the home, the rules of cutting the fish, depending on the type of land.However, even outside these lessons can reach a height of culinary skill.On the Internet there are a number of video tutorials that offer a detailed explanation of all the stages of the process.After standing right skills beautiful land will be created quickly and easily.

shapes and colors of a beautiful Japanese

dishes can be varied.But you must understand that this culture has no concept of "table service".Rather, it is the prerogative of the Slavic peoples.Yes, it is possible to select colors in one cup of soup bowls, plates, chopsticks, sauce boats, coasters osibori.For yaposnkoy dishes traditionally executed in ceramic, porcelain or wood.Using paint and is usually resistant coating protects against cracking and cracks of the material.On if your taste colorful food products from plastic, you can completely stop and this version.

very important attribute when creating a true sushi at home is the presence of a bamboo mat (Makis) made specifically for the formation of dense rolls.In fact, Macy's is a set of wooden round sticks interconnected.Billets land laid out on a bamboo mat, and then begin to form the desired type of dishes: nigiri, maki, chirashi sushi, Oshi-sushi, or sushi mixed.

mysterious culture of Japan is based on the worship of the sun, the dragon, the power of fire.Most of the recipes of Japanese cuisine based on rice and seafood, because of geographical features of the country.

basic products to sushi house

Cooking sushi yourself at home

  1. Rice is the basis of the land, it requires special characteristics for good adhesion.It is advisable to choose a short and rounded grains.When cooking rice takes 5 parts by 8 parts of water.Experienced cooks can change these settings according to the type of rice.
  2. Soy sauce is very affordable ingredient adds flavor quality seafood.
  3. Rice vinegar differs slightly sweet flavor.Using ordinary vinegar tends to clog quite delicate flavor of sushi.It is recommended not to save on buying it.
  4. refers to Wasabi Japanese horseradish can be represented in the final, and powder form.Powder preferable becauseIt does not include preservatives.The former Soviet Union is most common Seiyo wasabi.There Sawa wasabi, but because of its high cost distributed only in Japan.
  5. Nori (special seaweed) is a dark crisp sheets (poppies are the foundation) and is sold in small bags of 5-10 pieces.A darker color has more pronounced flavor.
  6. Gary, he - pickled ginger, refreshing good mouth, neutralizes the taste of food to be able to appreciate the high quality of each piece of food preparation.
  7. filling may be seafood with vegetables.

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As they say, the main thing - to start!And only then will add to its wealth of information for the preparation of the various nuances of great sushi at home .

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