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Beef with potatoes in the oven: the best recipes

Potato and meat dishes rightfully occupy a special place in the kitchens of most nations of the world, because they - a pledge of fullness throughout the day.Regardless of whether the meat in French with cheese that has absolutely Russian roots, and country-style meat, baked in the pot-bellied pot - any of the dishes would be appropriate and in the everyday table and on the holiday.And if it is to cook in the oven, the fat content of the product is reduced, which makes possible a harmless dish.

Meat in French with potatoes in the oven: a recipe with photo

most attractive and festive way to cook potato and meat casserole in the oven - to make meat in French.Contrary to its name, the dish is its appearance is obliged to Russian man, a favorite of Catherine II, Count Orlov.For the French, in general, does not tend to combine the mushrooms, meat, potatoes and onions, as well as the use of veal as a main component.The only purely French component here - bechamel sauce, which was subsequently replaced

by a normal mayonnaise, and indeed the formulation significantly easier.Out mushrooms, veal set to replace beef or pork, often twisted into mincemeat.The taste is not affected - beef meat in French with potatoes in the oven turns out no worse than veal.Technology cooking range and below will be considered several options, but the main is the time of filing: dish cut portions and shifted so that the layers are not destroyed.

Meat in French with potatoes in the oven: a recipe with a photo


  1. Beef tenderloin - 700g
  2. young Potatoes - 5-6 pcs.
  3. Soft cheese - 180 g
  4. mayonnaise or cream - 220 g
  5. bulb onion - 1 pc.
  6. Salt - a pinch
  7. Spices - to taste


  • Potatoes are cleaned and washed under running water, then it must be cut into slices 2-3 mm thick.Blocked with cold water and allowed to stand for 30-40 min., To pull excess starch.Some cooks are advised to drop into the water 1-2 tsplemon juice.
  • Beef cut middle-sized pieces and passed twice through a meat grinder, to get a very soft stuffing.It requires obmyat hands prosolit flavor and seasoning, if necessary.
  • bulb onion rings shred 1/3 of its length shredded and 1-2 min.fried on the hot vegetable oil, then fried onion must be entered in the ground beef.The rest of the onion rings remain intact.
  • When the specified time has elapsed, potato plates are pressed in a paper towel and coated with mayonnaise (120 ml), and slightly prosalivayutsya.Cheese rubbed finely and set aside aside.
  • The glass mold with low flanges ingredients laid layers: a first distributed at the bottom ground beef, which was triturated under mayonnaise (50 mL) in a recessed onion rings, and the top overlapping each other stacked plate potato creating imitation fish scales.Potatoes need to cover the remnants of mayonnaise and carefully sprinkle with grated cheese.
  • to meat in French was good-baked and cheese crust is not burned, it is recommended to tighten the form of foil.The bowl is cleaned in a hot (175 degrees) oven, which is 40 minutes.When you need to remove the foil, and allow the dish to reach readiness already open.The total time for baking products is 60-80 min., Depending on the meat and potatoes, as well as the power of the oven.Serve the meat in French advised with fresh herbs.

Beef with potatoes in the pot in the oven: a recipe with photo

even more generous version of potato casserole meat - beef with potatoes in the pot.Due to the fact that in addition to these products are often present, and others. Vegetables, it turns nutritious and varied dinner.The fact that every pot - individual portions makes it possible to do several different combinations of ingredients to please everyone.The pot and the meat and vegetables are obtained softer, but do not lose light crust that occurs in contact with the walls.By and large, this dish - a kind of "relative" pizza or salad, as you can add almost anything.Mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots - all the ingredients are allowed, so the following recipe, you can change on your own, do not forget to comply with a common technology.

Beef with potatoes in the pot in the oven: a recipe with a photo


  1. beef (sirloin) - 600 g
  2. Potatoes - 4-5 pcs.
  3. Carrots - 2 pcs.
  4. Onions - 2 pcs.
  5. apple tart - 2 pcs.
  6. Prunes - 100g
  7. Cheese - 120 g
  8. sour cream or cream - 90 ml.
  9. flour - 3 tablespoons


  • Potatoes cut semicircular plates and sinks in cold water for 30 min., In others. Bowl with the same cold water laid beef.Her soaking - a necessary step if the meat was bought in the store and go through the stages of freezing.At the same time the boiling water poured prunes, apples are cleaned.
  • Onion shred into small pieces and passed through a carrot grater small side.In a large thick pan is heated butter in which to fry for 2-3 minutes.carrots and onions.If you wish, you can throw to 1 tablespoonflour, and extend the cooking time up to 4 minutes.
  • potatoes dumped in a colander, prosalivaetsya and coated with cream.Beef cut in small cubes (up to 3 cm in length) along the fiber is connected to the potatoes, rubbed with spices.It is recommended to give the product time to absorb these supplements: just 10-15 minutes.
  • Each ceramic pot laid out an equal amount of meat and potatoes, carrot and onion zazharki and steamed prunes and chopped apples.Top crumbles a little grated cheese, cover with a lid and pots.The joints need to score with a mixture of flour and water that does not evaporate during baking the moisture - otherwise the dish may turn out dryish.
  • pots are placed in a cold oven and then exposed to temperatures of 170 degrees when activated convection or 195 degrees - in its absence.From the moment warms broiler, measured 50-60 min .: This time is often enough to not only vegetables, but meat is completely propeklos.Also, if you wish, you can top up pre-every pot of 50-70 ml of water to obtain the output goryachuyupodlivu.

Beef with potatoes in the oven up his sleeve: the recipe

Lavra the easiest method of preparing potato and meat casseroles in the oven given all the chefs recipes involving the use of a special sleeve for baking.In addition, it also makes the dish is very useful, because extra fat it does not need - even lean meats get soft and juicy.In most cases, potatoes with meat in the sleeve are not crisp because more stew than baked.And in this - a positive thing for the hostesses, who are afraid to uneven cooking or drying food.

Beef with potatoes in the oven up his sleeve: the recipe


  1. Potatoes - 6 pieces.
  2. Beef - 600 g
  3. White mushrooms - 300 g
  4. Onions - 1 pc.
  5. Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
  6. Spices - to taste


  • If fresh mushrooms are taken, they are sufficient to sustain 20 cold water and cut into slices.If they are frozen, they should be flushed with running water and leave to complete defrost colander.
  • Potatoes is divided into quarters, prosalivaetsya and rubbed pepper.Beef cut into small cubes, salted and also delayed by 5-10 minutes.During this time you need to cut strips of bell peppers and chop the onion.
  • vegetables laid out in the bottom layer of the sleeve, the meat is placed over them.If you want, you can add fresh herbs, then tie or fasten the sleeve to make it a small hole for ventilation, and positioned at the middle level of the oven.
  • at 200 degrees beef with potatoes in the sleeve will prepare about 60-90 minutes.It should be noted that no less tender meat is obtained, if it is wrapped in foil: it is just like a plastic sleeve retains heat and moisture.

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finished dish should be served with fresh cream and dried black bread and pickles in a separate piala.On a hot beef with potatoes, remove from the oven, you can sprinkle grated cheese mixed with garlic passed through the press.