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Cake putty for men: Recipes and Ideas for Decorating

Today, mastic cake has become particularly popular.This dessert can not only decorate the feast, but also to become an unforgettable surprise.As a rule, many prefer to buy ready-made cakes from the mastic in a candy store.Of course, this dessert can be prepared independently, but this would require the possession of at least basic cooking skills and artistic talent.It is not enough just to bake a cake, it is also necessary to beautifully decorate.

Putting just a little effort, every woman can easily learn how to create true culinary masterpieces of their own home, using a simple set of products, which is practically in the refrigerator.

mastic Cake: cooking steps

is believed that the major sweet tooth are just women, but it is not.Many men like to indulge yourself a sweet dessert.If the soon to be an anniversary or a close on February 23 to please the hero for the day can be a delicious cake prepared by the following recipe.


  1. Gel dyes
  2. Fresh strawberries - about 240 grams
  3. Black bitter chocolate - about 190 g (1 bar)
  4. Salt fine - 1 pinch
  5. eggs - 6 pcs.
  6. baking powder to the test - 0.75-1 h. Liter.
  7. Sugar Vanilla - 0.75-1 Art.l.
  8. milk powder - 280-310 g
  9. Powdered sugar - 640-650 g
  10. Sugar - 180-190 g
  11. Flour - 180-190 g
  12. condensed milk - 1 b.
  13. Cottage - 480-250 g


  • first take pre-chilled eggs and gently separate the yolks and whites.
  • yolks in a bowl of small add sugar (approximately 100 g), and using a mixer, beat thoroughly until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • in a container of proteins add a pinch of salt and stir.During whipping, gradually, in small portions add sugar (100 g).
  • Once the proteins become quite a solid foam, you need to mix them with beaten egg yolk.
  • Take the flour together with baking powder and sifted through a fine sieve.Then the flour in small portions enter into the egg mixture and gently stir - you need to make sure that the flour is formed lumps.
  • in a prepared mold for baking, spread the dough, all neatly aligned to the cake was flat.
  • in a preheated 190 degree oven bake the cake for 20 minutes, periodically checking its availability.
  • In a deep tank mix milk with powdered sugar (about 300 g).
  • is well mixed dry ingredients, then add the condensed milk and knead with a spoon - should get a mass of uniform consistency.
  • then continue to knead the mixture hands about 4-6 minutes.
  • passed on to a cutting board, then knead for 3-4 minutes.
  • Then roll into a ball, we shift into a plastic bag or cling film are wrapped, leave for half an hour on the table (it is not necessary to place the cold).
  • Curd embroider with the remaining powdered sugar - must be received by the mass of uniform consistency.
  • Take chocolate and ground into a fine grater.
  • my strawberries, remove tails and cut into thin slices.
  • By this time is ready cake that must cool slightly.Cut into 2 equal halves cake.
  • curd cream coat with the lower part of sponge cake on top sprinkle chocolate chips and strawberry spread.
  • top placing second half of cake and smeared curd cream.
  • Take paste, roll out flat seam, then we lay them gently on top of the cake and leveled.
  • On paper do pattern collar man's shirt, tie and cuffs.Applied to the mastic and cut the necessary elements.
  • Ready cake decorate these items.If desired, can be made from mastic buttons or color bars (used gel food coloring).

cake decoration for men: especially

Making a cake for a man: a bottle

Making a cake for a man: hat

Making a cake for a man: the wheel

To decorate cakes, most recently, increasingly used not cream, and mastic, which can be purchased ready-made at the store orprepare yourself at home.For this purpose, powdered sugar mixed with the various components.The most important thing to use only high-quality ingredients, otherwise the mastic will be bad unroll.

Today there are several varieties of mastic cake.Can be used for dyeing edible gel dyes and adding vanilla, cocoa or other additional components can be adjusted taste.

As a basis for the mastic will always be used fine sugar, powdered sugar or marshmallows (only soft), and the coupling element is taken to gelatin, but is also suitable glucose.Taking into account what kind of jewelry to choose the kind of cake you need to select and paste.

  • Mastic honey.To make this type of mastic used honey.As a result, the product will be softer, more elastic than sugar.This type is much easier to make figures and other decorative parts of different shapes.Mastic will not crumble or fall apart.
  • Mastic gelatin.This species can still be called pastillage.For the basis of a gelatin.Because of its adding mastic will solidify quickly becomes very strong, elastic.When using this type can be made small, and complex elements.For example, if in the decoration of the cake will be used small leaves, flowers, and various items of clothing and other decorative items.
  • Mastic milk.This species is one of the most popular.To get this type of mastic used condensed milk.It can be used to cover the cake and molding a variety of parts.
  • Mastic marzipan.This species has a soft consistency, so it is suitable for rolling into thin layers, the thickness of which may be a few mm.This sealant is perfect for decorative toppings, perfectly covering the surface not only cakes but also pies.
  • Industrial mastic.The main feature of this type of mastic is that cook it yourself at home just will not work, since formation occurs only in production.The advantages of this type of mastic include the fact that it is universal and can be used to manufacture a variety of confectionery decorations, figurines, processing by a cake.As for the external indicators and taste industrial mastic almost has no difference from home.
  • Mastic flower.This sealant is ideal for sophisticated, we can say jewelry.Most often used for this type of flower formation.It can be used to cut thin sheets, as well as other small parts and jewelry.The advantages of the decorative elements of the mastic flower include the fact that they look natural and do not lose their shape and original appearance.

Cake Ideas for Men: What to choose?

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Making a cake for a man

cake decorating can be a variety of figures, which make it easy to mastic.If the volume to be used decoration, we must remember that attach them almost before the recommended serving of dessert, as being in the refrigerator, because of the high humidity they can just fall in.

can arrange dessert with the interests of the man leaning on his hobby, occupation, hobbies, etc.Experienced bakers can display items, feature stories, people, animals, the main thing that was kept clear stylistic mood.

For example, for business men and business, a perfect gift would be a cake in the shape of a gentleman diplomat dessert in a shirt and tie.If a man is interested in fishing, it is worth thinking about the cake, fish, football fans will be delighted by the sweet ball autographed by your favorite players.

Someone may like cakes and decorated in a classical themes.An excellent choice would be a cake-car or a glass of beer.If a man is interested in photographs, you can order a dessert in the form of the camera.Militiamen like a cake in the shape of a pistol, and the dentist as a big smiling tooth.

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Cakes mastic - real works of art!It is surprising, but you can make yourself at home.To do this, stock up on necessary confectionery materials and draw on your creative thinking and help your creativity.