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Beef Goulash in Multivarki: recipes and cooking characteristics

Meat dishes - the basis of any menu without them does not do any celebratory or everyday table.Among these food occupies a special place goulash recipe is there each family.Fragrant, hearty meat with gravy and vegetable zazharki, ideal for all side dishes, and the technology of its preparation will not cause problems even for beginners in cooking.Especially, if cooking goulash in Multivarki.


stew beef Multivarki: recipe with photo

traditional recipe belongs to the Hungarian goulash kitchen, where this dish is referred to the thick meat soups, preparing to open fire.Since the preparation was carried out in field conditions, the maximum available components are chosen, and process is simplified as much as possible.Thus, goulash - the lightest in the category of cooking meat.In addition to the classic recipe of meat it requires flour for breading, tomato paste as a base sauce, and onions and carrots, which will give the meat flavor.Modified recipes may include any vegetables and various seasoning

s and ingredients to create different from traditional sauces.For example, sour cream sauce as a main component to the goulash.

most preferred meat for this dish is the beef, as she prepares for a relatively short time, and has a lower fat content compared with pork or lamb.Girls who are watching their figures, as well as persons who are prohibited from heavy meat can safely replace beef with chicken meat - a goulash taste will not be harmed.If you stick to the classic recipe, look devoid of veins and bones beef tenderloin - it is easier to work with.

Beef Goulash in Multivarki: recipe with a photo


  1. beef - 0.7 kg
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 1 pc.
  4. Tomatoes - 2 pcs.
  5. Salt, pepper, sugar - to taste
  6. flour, tomato paste - 2 tablespoons.l.
  7. Vegetable oil


  • meat for goulash cut pieces of medium size, so that it could steamed, but did not fall to the fibers in the cooking process, which takes about 2 hours. Carrots rubbed on a coarse grater side, bulbcut into thin half-rings.Fry in oil it is possible both through Multivarki selecting mode "Frying" and setting the timer for 4-5 min., And a hot frying pan wherein require only 1-2 minutes.with constant stirring.If you are working directly with Multivarki, oil onion, add the minimum number that it all took it on the bow.Following is laid beef, which should prepare the emitted in their own fat.It is also subject to the regime "Hot" time - 30-40 minutes: you have to wait to stop the meat stand the blood.
  • until beef reaches readiness, tomato paste you can do: tomatoes washed and pour over boiling water, then removed them from the skin.Little pan is heated, it lays tomatoes, which immediately need to mash with a spoon.And under the lid at a power lower than the average they are parched for 10-15 min.When the mass becomes more uniform, added sugar and salt, the power decreases to a minimum, and the paste is prepared until the moment when she did not acquire the desired thickness.
  • Now Multivarki mode "Roasting" is replaced by a regime of "quenching", in a bowl with the onion to the meat goes in advance grated carrots, prepared tomato paste and flour.Be sure to also topped water, the amount of which depends on the desired consistency of the gravy future: the standard volume for this recipe - 2 multi-v., Of which part of the boil.Stew meat is for 1-1.5 hours, you need to be guided by the degree of stiffness - young beef is fit to eat faster.5-7 min.until ready to pour into the bowl Multivarki pepper pots.Thereafter, beef goulash can be served to the table.

Goulash of beef with sauce: recipe Multivarki

addition to the traditional recipe of beef goulash, of course, there are more advanced options.For example, those where the technology has been preparing gravy.They also deserve attention, especially since they do not have too much difficulty in the performance.In particular, a delicious stew of beef with cream sauce is perfect for a hearty lunch or a celebratory dinner.

Goulash of beef with sauce: recipe Multivarki


  1. beef - 0.7 kg
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 2 pcs.
  4. Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
  5. Flour - 3 tbsp.l.
  6. tomato paste - 2 tbsp.l.
  7. Sour cream - 200 ml
  8. Garlic - 2 cloves
  9. salt and spices - to taste


  • pepper and onion rings are cut and chopped into quarters to get the most pieces.Carrots recommended chop on a grater, but you can cut it into slices.The meat is cut into cubes along the fiber length of 3-4 cm, after which it is required to roll in wheat flour, creating a full-dense layer around each piece.Then it is put in a bowl Multivarki, which has been abandoned butter.Primary mode - "Baking": it will be milder "Hot" better proparivaya meat inside.Timer is exposed for 30 minutes.
  • When the time needed to report to the vegetable bowl and continue to work on the "baking" for 15 minutes.Then comes the final stage: multivarku filled with sour cream, poured spices and dish on mode "Quenching" is held for a further 70-90 minutes.Served with sour cream sauce stew carnations and rye bread croutons.Garnish here perform buckwheat or rice.If it is necessary to change the thickness gravy, is added during the preparation of a certain amount of flour or water.

Beef Stroganoff in Multivarki: Features a

Beef Stroganoff in Multivarki: features cooking

On a set of components from Russian Hungarian goulash stroganoff is not much different: it is also based on beef tenderloin, flavored with tomato paste no spices.Garnish for the "meat Stroganoff" - roasted potatoes and fresh sliced ​​tomatoes.In addition, the sauce for this dish is always prepared on the basis of sour cream.

According to the traditional recipe, using 0.5 kg of beef tenderloin, which before cutting bounces sure that the meat turned out tender and gave the juice.Cutting it into pieces requires against fibers maintaining a thickness of 5 mm.The length of the bars is arbitrary, but is considered to be the most optimal of 5-7 cm. The onions and carrots are shredded slices and laid out on the bottom of the bowl Multivarki dense layer: it is important that even after roasting subsequently transferred him to the meat touches the bottom.Fry in butter recommended, in the "Bake" for 3 minutes.By classical techniques of frying time should not exceed 5 minutes, regardless of where it occurs - in Multivarki or pan.

Thereafter already prepared beef wedges through the stage obvalivaniya in flour and laid on top of the vegetable zazharki: here they have under the conditions of "Hot" to acquire a golden color for 10-15 minutes.Turn the meat is possible and necessary, but it is undesirable to give him to touch the bottom of the bowl.As soon as a light crust on the meat, it is filled with sour cream and tomato paste, connected in the proportion of 3: 1.When a given amount of cream ingredients taken 250 ml of tomato paste - 80 ml.The water in the bowl or add as stroganoff assumes thick gravy.Further processing of the meat produced on mode "Quenching", for 1 hour. If desired, the time is increased for 20-30 min.

only seasoning, which, according to the traditional recipe, you can use - a black pepper in peas.And, of course, does not exclude salt.Some technologies allow preparation befstroganova pour sour cream 1 tablespoonMadeira or other fortified wine.Serve with roast beef Stroganoff be a large amount of vegetable oil potatoes (permitted option french fries), as well as in tandem with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

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Hungarian goulash or beef stroganoff Russian - you decide.Each of the dishes is easily prepared, especially in the presence Multivarki, and has a high nutritional value, combined with a pleasant taste.Recipes you can safely modify for themselves, changing part of the vegetable or meat on your own.