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Delicate salad of squid

Squids are marine products, and therefore are an invaluable source of many useful substances.Besides, seafood has a pleasant taste, ideally combined with many ingredients.For the squid salad can be boiled whole carcass or cut into strips and boil, add to the dish or raw.The method of treatment with a variety of sauces can dramatically change the sound of taste.It is recommended to use spices in moderation (or do without them) to keep the taste of seafood.

Crab salad with squid has a simple recipe and easy to prepare.A delicate flavor dishes, ideal for the holiday table menu will please even the gourmet.

Delicate salad of squid

Ingredients for salad with squid:

  1. fresh squids - 500 g;
  2. egg - 4-5 pcs .;
  3. crab sticks - 240 g;
  4. ham - 300 g;
  5. fresh parsley - 1 bunch;
  6. mayonnaise - to taste;
  7. salt and pepper as desired.

How to prepare a salad with squid

  • Squid must be cleaned, rinsed, put in a saucepan and pour over the top with cold water.Pan put on a big fire (after boiling tie), boil for about 3 minutes.Cooked squid p
    ut in a colander, went to all the excess liquid.Cool and cut into thin strips 3-5 cm (can be longer).
  • Crab sticks and eggs are cut into small cubes (or strips).Ham cut into strips.Chopped parsley.All the ingredients are carefully blended to preserve the integrity of the eggs on top and salted pepper to taste.Then you can refill with mayonnaise.

dish goes well with mashed potatoes, tomato salad and other seafood.

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